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What is Mango CRM?

To manage all the work leads and sales intelligence efficiently, every organization needs to rely on a centralized database that helps them grow effortlessly. Mango CRM is an ideal data-driven software that aids brands in business expansion by providing them with all the required benefits, from starting managing contacts to bringing the team and customers together on the same page. 

Mango CRM Features

  • Contact management: Contact management with Mango CRM is to bring some important things together on one page, be it leads or clients. Adding contacts beyond the limit and sorting out the necessary leads from the list is now way too simple because mango CRM comes with its efficient searching feature which enables tags to organize lists and reduce the stress of making various lists for client management. This function of mango CRM comes with a 360-degree outcome of contacts engagement so the features including to-do’s, billing, and billing can perform according to that. To-dos help to control project management including tasks and assignments by aligning them in the interface, likewise, the Billing feature of it helps you get the payments by providing services to contacts. Notes are used to define the customers’ specific needs so the team can accordingly work on that. 
  • Project management: If this is clear to you what you have to do and what not, then nothing like it. Mango CRM helps you with that efficient tool for which you will never miss out on any sales calls and can manage entire projects with ease. Through this feature, you can bring all the tasks that you have to work on in the future into one place and monitor which contact should be your topmost priority.  Through the project management feature, the sales team can keep track of the contacts and be organized with the support of scheduled tasks, meetings, reminders, and more. 
  • Team collaboration: Mango CRM helps you collaborate with your sales team and other applications with its in-built features, from adding members to deleting them based on making necessary changes. Ango CRM lets you add services or products that you make to the list so it can give a 360-degree view of the whole business operation.  If you can get an overview of how many people are working for you or who are you working for, then everything will be crystal clear and you can get on board with deploying other features. 
  • Customization: Customization is required everywhere, be it in making customers happy or creating contacts and teams. Mango CRM lets you access personalized configuration so the prospects and teams can use features according to their preferences and help in business growth enhancement. Custom features allow you to edit templates and other designs without the hassle of coding by using personalized editors. Personalized SEO settings of Mango CRM help your customers to choose you and define every single step across all the web platforms how you work and what are the processes. 
  • Report and analytics: Mango CRM with its data-backed insight helps your brand to assess the customers’ data including their engagement, order values, and buying frequency. A powerful set of metrics will provide you with essential information about what you get from the accumulated data and what you should do to make a noticeable change in the workflow. This report will show you the mistakes and the risks of your business flow so you can work on that with other efficient tools. 
  • Automation: MangoCRM login lets your team connect to the prospects effectively through advanced automation. For instance, when someone visits your page and tries to know about your service and leaves without buying, the automation feature helps you directly reach out to that particular customer through inboxing or email automation in the form of triggers and reminders. Email marketing automation provides effortless techniques that help you improve the circle of your business operation. 
  • Communication: Mango CRM focuses on communication strategy as it helps you connect with more and more contacts within less time and make a bigger business environment. Deploying messages to the contact list quickly can be performed through this feature as well as the team can enhance communication by declaring company-related announcements which can be saved in the CSV platform to use in other applications. 

Why Should We Pick It?

Mango CRM is one of the most user-friendly platforms one can ever go through. Hence, there must be some solid reasons why recognized companies choose it for the greater purpose of business. 

  • Straightforward contact management: Contact management with Mango CRM is quite easy and straightforward but underneath it, this feature has no extra charge for using advanced tools and doesn’t provide annual contracts. The whole thing seems transparent to managing team members, and contacts including clients, customers, and prospects. To enhance lead generation, Mango CRM helps you focus only on customers and make your whole business customer-centric which in the future helps you build standard products and provide efficient services. 
  • Intuitive interface: The way mango CRM software helps you to bring your team, contacts, prospects, and buyers on the same page, it also comes up with all features in one place so that the user can easily access them whenever they need. Providing intelligible features and connecting to the users seamlessly, everything would be possible with Mango CRM effectively. 
  • Comprehensible features: Mango CRM provides multiple efficient features that help you enhance company progress within less time, whether it is to eliminate manual work processes or to collaborate with the prospects and their needs closely. Team management features of mango CRM help you connect sales teams, clients, and customers, whereas the client portal helps to collect essential information about customers including how they make payments, their accounts, and other details. On the other hand, MangoCRM integration aids you to merge with your favorite software across the globe through MangoCRM API documentation and it doesn’t need any third-party tools to expand your business.

Mango CRM
Mango CRM

Mango CRM provides comprehensible features such as client management, task manager, client portal, automation, customisable branding, integration and more along with focusing on sales funnel to track sales engagement and the possibility of closed deals.

Who it is for?

To emerge your business operation, you first need to understand what your business expects and where it can fit well. If you throw the ball against the wall by fitting your business in every industry, there would not be any possible outcome you achieve from there. Mango CRM usually fits in small businesses including yoga sectors, entrepreneurs,  freelancing, and more. For instance, Mango helps personal trainers and mompreneurs in enhancing contact management and using billing tools. Small businesses like Mango CRM because it provides robust project management through which small startups can efficiently fine-tune their business algorithms. Real estate firms adopted Mango CRM to grow their business effortlessly. From helping real estate agents to closing deals, Mango CRM is the topmost priority of realtors. Despite that, Mango CRM is utilized in businesses such as healthcare organizations, finance companies, the automobile industry, and educational sectors along with serving remote workers and sales teams with multiple standard features. 

Mango CRM Pricing

Mango CRM provides you with a 15-day free trial in which you can get attached to functionalities well and for better use, you can subscribe to the premium plan to upgrade the brand’s objectives. Mango CRM’s subscription starts at $9 per month which comes with numerous features and services such as unlimited contact facilities, custom field and tags, project management, lead scoring, inventory control, team collaboration, personalized branding, 24/7 customer service, client portal, and many more. 
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Mango CRM Alternatives

  • Zoho CRM: it serves online brands with sales data reports, tracking sales team intelligence, and other services which help them perform on creating robust customer relationships. Features comprise slack integration, real-time data recording, workflow automation, task management, pipeline review, and many more but its user interface is not as simple as Mango CRM. 
  • Copper: When Copper CRM comes with all the remarkable attributes to increase your sales productivity more efficiently, whereas Mango CRM arrives as a customizable project management tool where you can work on multiple things as you prefer in less time and on a lower budget. 
  • Pipedrive: It is mostly famous for prioritizing the hoy leads and pipeline review along with serving automated email workflow but as Mango CRM competitors, it has lacked in providing 24/7 customer service.


Features Mango Zoho Copper Pipedrive
Pricing $9/monthy $14/Monthly $29/Monthly $12.50/Monthly
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support 24/7 live-chat support, phone Chat, email, and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes N/A Yes
Configuration Simple, flexible, and advanced Tricky and confusing Intuitive and simple Simple but basic

Mango CRM Review

  • Intuitive functionalities
  • Customization solutions
  • Amicable customer support
  • Overall recommendation


Mango CRM provides comprehensible features such as client management, task manager, client portal, automation, customizable branding, integration, and more along with focusing on the sales funnel to track sales engagement and the possibility of closed deals. Its institute features help you configure features seamlessly to create a good relationship with customers. 24/7 customer support stays at your back to upgrade you with advanced reports and analytics. Despite that, custom automation, calendar view, dashboard, billing payment, announcement and notification, interaction and customer management, contact data metrics, personalized email tracking, and other functionalities of Mango CRM are served to increase business growth.

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