InterServer Web Hosting: Security and Performance for E-commerce Sites

What is InterServer Hosting?
InterServer is a leading web hosting provider that has been serving customers since 1999. With over two decades of experience, InterServer has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, offering a wide range of hosting solutions, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. The company’s focus on delivering top-notch security and performance makes it an ideal choice for e-commerce websites.
E-commerce Web Hosting
E-commerce websites have unique hosting requirements compared to regular websites. They need a hosting environment that can handle high traffic, provide robust security measures, and ensure fast loading times. E-commerce web hosting takes into account these specific needs and optimises the hosting infrastructure accordingly. InterServer recognizes the importance of these factors and offers specialised hosting plans tailored for e-commerce businesses.
Web Hosting Security
Security is of utmost importance for any online business, especially for e-commerce sites dealing with sensitive customer information and financial transactions. InterServer prioritises web hosting security and employs various measures to protect your e-commerce website from potential threats.


One key security feature offered by InterServer is the free SSL certificate. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts the data transmitted between a user’s browser and your website, ensuring that sensitive information such as credit card details remain secure. The SSL certificate not only enhances security but also instils trust in your customers, as they can see the padlock icon indicating a secure connection.


InterServer also provides regular server monitoring and proactive security patches to protect against emerging threats. Their advanced firewall and intrusion detection systems help to prevent unauthorised access and attacks on your e-commerce website. Additionally, InterServer offers DDoS protection, which safeguards your site from distributed denial-of-service attacks that can disrupt its availability.

InterServer Features
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth: InterServer provides unlimited storage and bandwidth, ensuring that your e-commerce site can handle increasing amounts of data and traffic without any limitations.
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel: InterServer's hosting plans come with a user-friendly control panel that simplifies website management tasks. With just a few clicks, you can install and manage popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, or PrestaShop.
  • One-Click App Installer: InterServer offers a one-click app installer, which allows you to quickly install various e-commerce applications and plugins. This saves time and effort in setting up your online store and enables you to start selling products or services promptly.
  • Reliable Uptime: E-commerce websites need to be available 24/7 to cater to customers from different time zones. InterServer boasts an impressive uptime record, ensuring that your e-commerce site remains accessible at all times.
  • Scalability: As your e-commerce business grows, you may need to scale up your hosting resources. InterServer offers scalable hosting solutions, allowing you to easily upgrade your hosting plan to accommodate increased traffic and resource requirements.
E-commerce Performance
Apart from security, the performance of your e-commerce website plays a vital role in attracting and retaining customers. Slow-loading pages or frequent downtime can lead to a poor user experience and result in lost sales opportunities. InterServer understands the importance of performance for e-commerce sites and provides optimised hosting environments to ensure fast and reliable website performance.


InterServer utilises high-performance SSD (Solid State Drive) storage, which offers significantly faster data retrieval compared to traditional hard drives. This helps to reduce page load times and improve overall website responsiveness, resulting in a better user experience for your customers.


Furthermore, InterServer’s data centres are strategically located in various regions, allowing for better geographic distribution and reducing latency. This means that your e-commerce website can deliver content quickly to visitors, regardless of their location.


InterServer also employs caching technologies such as LiteSpeed Cache and Cloudflare integration to further enhance website performance. These technologies store frequently accessed data and deliver it quickly, reducing server load and improving page load times.

InterServer Web Hosting pricing

InterServer offers flexible pricing options for its web hosting services, providing affordability and scalability for businesses of all sizes. The company provides a range of hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Let’s explore the pricing details for each hosting type:


Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized websites that are just starting or have moderate traffic. InterServer’s shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage, bandwidth, and email accounts. Here are the pricing options:


Standard Web Hosting: This plan starts at $2.50 per month and includes all the essential features required for hosting a website, such as a free website builder, one-click app installer, and 24/7 support.


VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting offers a more powerful and customizable hosting environment suitable for websites with higher traffic and resource requirements. InterServer’s VPS hosting plans come with multiple configuration options. Here are the pricing details:


Standard VPS: The Standard VPS plans start at $6.00 per month. They include features like SSD storage, multiple CPU cores, and a choice between Linux or Windows operating systems. The pricing varies based on the chosen configuration and resource allocation.


Dedicated Servers:

Dedicated servers provide the highest level of performance and control, making them ideal for large-scale e-commerce websites with heavy traffic and resource-intensive operations. InterServer offers dedicated server plans with various hardware specifications. Here are the pricing options:


Budget Dedicated Servers: 

InterServer’s Budget Dedicated Server plans start at $50.00 per month. These servers offer powerful hardware, including Intel Xeon processors, ample storage, and high bandwidth allocations.


Custom Configurations: InterServer also provides custom dedicated server configurations tailored to specific requirements. The pricing for custom configurations varies based on the chosen hardware, software, and resource allocation. Interested customers can contact InterServer’s sales team for a personalised quote.


It’s worth noting that InterServer frequently offers promotional discounts and special offers on its hosting plans. These promotions can provide additional savings, especially for long-term commitments or new customers.


Additionally, InterServer offers a price lock guarantee, ensuring that the hosting fees you sign up for remain the same for the duration of your hosting account. This guarantee is particularly beneficial as it protects customers from unexpected price hikes.


When considering the pricing of InterServer’s web hosting services, it’s essential to weigh the features, performance, and support provided against the cost. InterServer’s reputation for reliability, security, and customer support makes it a popular choice among businesses looking for affordable and feature-rich hosting solutions.

Choosing the right web hosting provider is crucial for the security and performance of your e-commerce website. InterServer stands out as a reliable and feature-rich hosting provider that caters specifically to the needs of e-commerce businesses. With a strong emphasis on security, advanced features, and optimised performance, InterServer ensures that your e-commerce site can operate smoothly, handle high traffic, and provide a secure environment for your customers. Whether you are just starting your online store or looking to migrate from your existing hosting provider, InterServer offers a comprehensive hosting solution for your e-commerce needs.
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