Blended Learning Solutions with Edmentum for Educators

What is Edmentum?
Edmentum is an educational technology company that specialises in providing solutions to support teaching and learning in K-12 schools. The company offers a wide range of online programs and tools designed to enhance student achievement, empower educators, and improve overall educational outcomes. Edmentum’s solutions are aligned with curriculum standards, tailored to individual learner needs, and foster student engagement and growth.
How does Edmentum work?
Edmentum works by providing educators with a suite of tools and resources to deliver personalised instruction, track student progress, and facilitate effective communication. Here’s an overview of how Edmentum works:


Curriculum Alignment: Edmentum aligns its solutions with national and state curriculum standards, ensuring that the content and assessments provided are relevant and rigorous. Educators can choose from a variety of courses and programs to align with their specific curriculum requirements.


Personalised Learning Paths: Edmentum enables educators to create personalised learning paths for students. This involves assessing each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning goals and tailoring the instruction accordingly. With Edmentum’s tools, educators can assign targeted content, adaptive assessments, and individualised learning activities to meet the unique needs of each student.


Online Instruction and Practice: Edmentum provides interactive online lessons and practice activities that supplement classroom instruction. These resources engage students through multimedia elements, interactive exercises, and real-world applications. Students can access these resources from anywhere, at any time, allowing for flexibility in their learning experience.


Assessment and Data Analytics: Edmentum’s assessment tools enable educators to evaluate student performance and track progress. The platform provides immediate feedback on assessments, allowing students to understand their strengths and areas that need improvement. Educators can access detailed data analytics and reports to gain insights into student learning patterns and make data-driven instructional decisions.


Communication and Collaboration: Edmentum facilitates communication and collaboration between educators and students. The platform includes features such as messaging, discussion boards, and virtual classrooms, enabling seamless interaction and fostering a sense of community among learners. Educators can provide timely feedback, answer questions, and offer support to students through these communication channels.

Why Choose Edmentum?
  • Comprehensive Courseware: Edmentum provides comprehensive courseware across various subject areas, aligned with national and state standards. The courseware includes interactive lessons, multimedia resources, practice activities, and assessments.
  • Assessment and Test Prep: Edmentum offers assessment tools and resources that help educators evaluate student understanding, track progress, and prepare for standardised tests. These tools include pre-built assessments, customisable assessments, and test prep materials.
  • Individualised Learning Paths: Edmentum enables educators to create individualised learning paths for students based on their specific needs and goals. The platform offers adaptive assessments and content recommendations to guide personalised instruction.
  • Virtual Labs and Simulations: Edmentum provides virtual labs and simulations that allow students to engage in hands-on, interactive learning experiences. These resources help students apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, fostering deeper understanding.
  • Intervention and Remediation: Edmentum includes intervention programs designed to support students who may require additional help in specific areas. These programs provide targeted instruction, practice, and support to help students catch up and master essential concepts.
  • Progress Monitoring and Reporting: Edmentum's progress monitoring tools allow educators to track student progress and performance. The platform generates detailed reports and analytics, enabling educators to make data-driven instructional decisions and communicate student progress to parents and administrators.
Teaching Strategies Facilitated by Edmentum
Edmentum supports a variety of teaching strategies that promote student engagement and achievement. Educators can leverage the platform to implement the following strategies:


Differentiated Instruction: Edmentum’s adaptive learning capabilities allow educators to differentiate instruction based on individual student needs. They can assign specific content, activities, and assessments to address each student’s strengths and weaknesses.


Flipped Classroom: Edmentum’s online resources and interactive lessons can be used to facilitate the flipped classroom model. Students can access instructional content online before class, allowing for more interactive and collaborative activities during class time.


Project-Based Learning: Edmentum provides resources and tools to support project-based learning initiatives. Students can use the platform to access research materials, collaborate on projects, and submit their work for feedback and assessment.


Competency-Based Learning: Edmentum’s adaptive learning technology aligns with the principles of competency-based learning. Educators can use the platform to track students’ mastery of specific competencies and provide targeted instruction based on their individual progress.

Classroom Technology and Edmentum
Edmentum’s online programs and resources leverage classroom technology to enhance the learning experience. Here’s how classroom technology interacts with Edmentum:


Learning Management System (LMS) Integration: Edmentum integrates with learning management systems, allowing educators to seamlessly incorporate the platform into their existing technology infrastructure. This integration streamlines access to resources, simplifies data management, and ensures a cohesive learning environment.


Mobile Compatibility: Edmentum’s resources and platforms are designed to be compatible with mobile devices, providing students with flexibility and convenience in accessing content and completing assignments. Mobile compatibility enables learning to extend beyond the classroom, allowing students to engage in learning anytime and anywhere.


Interactive Whiteboards and Displays: Edmentum’s interactive lessons and multimedia resources can be effectively utilised through interactive whiteboards and displays. Educators can engage students by presenting content on large screens, enabling collaborative activities, and encouraging active participation.


Communication and Collaboration Tools: Edmentum’s communication and collaboration features facilitate interaction between educators and students. These tools can be accessed through various classroom technologies, such as laptops, tablets, or desktop computers, enabling seamless communication and fostering collaboration among learners.

Edmentum offers a comprehensive suite of educational technology solutions designed to support blended learning and enhance the teaching and learning experience. Its features and functionalities enable educators to personalise instruction, track student progress, and foster engagement. By leveraging Edmentum’s resources, educators can create dynamic learning environments that cater to diverse student needs and promote student achievement.


Blended learning, supported by Edmentum, empowers educators to leverage online and digital tools to augment traditional classroom instruction. This approach allows for flexibility, personalised learning paths, and data-driven instruction. As technology continues to evolve, Edmentum remains at the forefront, providing educators with the tools they need to transform education and prepare students for success in the 21st century.

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