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PlanSwift is a versatile construction estimating software developed by PlanSwift LLC. It is widely recognized in the construction industry for its advanced takeoff capabilities, precise estimating, and efficient project management tools. This software is trusted by thousands of construction professionals and businesses around the world to help them save time, reduce errors, and increase accuracy in their construction projects.
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PlanSwift features
  • Advanced Takeoff: PlanSwift offers an extensive suite of tools to perform digital takeoffs, making it easy to measure areas, lengths, and volumes directly on digital blueprints. This eliminates the need for manual calculations and reduces the chances of errors.
  • Powerful Estimating: The software allows you to create detailed and accurate estimates quickly. You can easily add labor and material costs, generate reports, and keep your project budget in check.
  • Integration: PlanSwift seamlessly integrates with popular software solutions such as QuickBooks, Sage 100 Contractor, and more. This ensures that your estimating data flows smoothly into your project management and accounting systems.
  • Custom Templates: PlanSwift allows you to create and use custom templates for your estimates, making it easy to standardize your estimating process.
  • Cloud and Desktop Versions: PlanSwift offers both cloud-based and desktop versions, allowing you to choose the one that suits your business needs.
  • Extensive Database: The software includes a comprehensive database of pre-built assemblies and materials, which can save you a significant amount of time during the estimating process.
  • Collaboration: PlanSwift enables collaboration with team members, making it easy to work on estimates and projects together.
PlanSwift alternatives
While PlanSwift is a powerful construction estimating software, it’s essential to be aware of its alternatives:

– ProEst: ProEst is another popular construction estimating software that offers advanced features and integration capabilities.


– STACK: STACK is known for its cloud-based takeoff and estimating tools, making it a suitable alternative for those who prefer a web-based solution.


– Esticom: Esticom is designed to streamline the estimating process and is often chosen by electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors.


– Sage 100 Contractor: Sage 100 Contractor provides not only estimating features but also comprehensive project management and accounting solutions.


– Bluebeam Revu: Bluebeam Revu is a versatile software that includes tools for both takeoff and project management, making it a robust alternative to PlanSwift.


Each of these alternatives comes with its own set of features and advantages, so it’s recommended to evaluate them based on your specific business needs before making a decision.

Who is PlanSwift For?
PlanSwift is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of professionals in the construction industry:

– General Contractors: PlanSwift simplifies the estimating and project management processes for general contractors, helping them bid on and manage projects more effectively.


– Subcontractors: Subcontractors can use PlanSwift to create detailed estimates and takeoffs for their specific trades, ensuring they secure profitable contracts.


– Estimators: Professionals who specialize in estimating and PlanSwift takeoff can greatly benefit from PlanSwift’s robust capabilities, which make their work more efficient and precise.


– Builders and Developers: PlanSwift helps builders and developers accurately estimate project costs, manage resources, and track project progress.


– Architects and Designers: Even architects and designers can benefit from PlanSwift by creating accurate preliminary estimates for their clients.


– Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC Specialists: Specialty contractors in fields such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC can streamline their estimating and bidding processes with PlanSwift.

Understanding PlanSwift pricing is crucial to determine how it fits into your budget. PlanSwift offers flexible pricing options, including:

PlanSwift is an annual subscription that costs $1,749.00 per year for each license. This annual subscription includes support, software updates, and two hours of training.

– Single-User Licenses: These licenses are designed for individual users and can be purchased as a one-time cost or through a monthly subscription.


– Multi-User Licenses: For businesses with multiple users, PlanSwift offers multi-user licenses, ensuring that your team can collaborate effectively.


– Cloud-Based and Desktop Versions: PlanSwift offers both cloud-based and desktop versions, each with its pricing structure, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why choose PlanSwift?
There are several compelling reasons to choose PlanSwift for your construction estimating needs:


– Time and Cost Savings: PlanSwift’s advanced takeoff and estimating features significantly reduce the time it takes to create accurate estimates. This, in turn, saves you money by streamlining your workflow.


– Error Reduction: The software minimizes human errors that can occur during manual takeoffs and calculations, resulting in more precise estimates and reduced risk of costly mistakes.


– Seamless Integration: PlanSwift integration with popular accounting and project management software, ensuring that your data flows smoothly across all stages of your projects.


– User-Friendly: The software is designed with the user in mind, making it easy for both beginners and experienced professionals to use effectively.


– Scalability: Whether you’re a small contractor or a large construction company, PlanSwift can scale to meet your needs.


– Comprehensive Support: PlanSwift offers excellent customer support, including live chat, phone PlanSwift support, and online PlanSwift tutorial.


PlanSwift is a versatile construction estimating software developed by PlanSwift LLC. It is widely recognized in the construction industry for its advanced takeoff capabilities, precise estimating, and efficient project management tools.

PlanSwift Comparison
To help you make an informed decision, let’s compare PlanSwift with one of its alternatives, ProEst:


PlanSwift vs. ProEst

– Takeoff Capabilities: PlanSwift offers advanced takeoff tools with precise measurement capabilities. ProEst also provides takeoff features but may not be as feature-rich in this aspect.


– Estimating: Both PlanSwift and ProEst excel in estimating, allowing you to create detailed estimates efficiently.


– Integration: PlanSwift offers integration with QuickBooks and other accounting software, while ProEst integrates with popular project management and accounting tools.


– Pricing: The pricing of PlanSwift may vary depending on your specific needs, while ProEst offers clear pricing plans.


– Customer Support: PlanSwift is known for its excellent customer support,


 including live chat and phone support. ProEst also offers customer support, but it may vary based on the plan you choose.


Ultimately, the choice between PlanSwift and ProEst will depend on your unique business requirements, budget, and preferences.

PlanSwift Reviews
To gain further insights into the user experience with PlanSwift, let’s take a look at some reviews from construction professionals who have used the software:


– John, a general contractor, says, “PlanSwift has been a game-changer for my business. The takeoff features are incredibly accurate, and the estimating tools are user-friendly. It has significantly reduced our estimating time and allowed us to bid on more projects.”


– Sarah, an electrical subcontractor, shares, “I’ve tried several estimating software solutions, but PlanSwift stands out. It’s particularly useful for our trade, and the integration with QuickBooks makes our financial management seamless.”


– Mark, a plumbing contractor, comments, “PlanSwift’s customer support is fantastic. Whenever we’ve had questions or needed assistance, their team has been quick to respond and resolve any issues. It’s a reliable partner for our business.”


These reviews reflect the positive experiences of professionals who have incorporated PlanSwift into their construction workflow, highlighting its ease of use, accuracy, and valuable customer support.

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PlanSwift, with its advanced takeoff capabilities, precise estimating tools, and seamless integration options, is a valuable asset for construction professionals and businesses. It streamlines the estimating process, reduces errors, and enhances project management, ultimately saving time and money.


Whether you’re a general contractor, subcontractor, estimator, builder, architect, or specialty contractor, PlanSwift offers a tailored solution to meet your needs. Its flexible pricing options and robust feature set make it a top choice in the construction estimating software landscape.

With PlanSwift’s exceptional customer support and a plethora of satisfied users, it’s clear that this software has made a significant impact on the construction industry, enhancing the way professionals approach estimating and project management. As the construction world continues to evolve, PlanSwift remains a reliable and indispensable tool for those striving for precision and efficiency in their projects. So, if you’re in the construction business and aiming to streamline your estimating process, PlanSwift is a name you should seriously consider.

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