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Wherever you belong, to embark on a new startup or being an old stager in the market, Email marketing has always been one of your go-to options to make difference with your consumer base. Mailerlite is one of the best email marketing tools to run the most effective tech-marketing strategies throughout the web affluently. Starting responsive campaigns, activating automation to legalize digital audiences through their buying frequency, Mailerlite email marketing tool is a strong eCommerce platform to gain more subscribers for efficient business growth.
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MailerLite features
  • Campaign initiatives: To capture the eCommerce market Mailerlite email automation includes progressive editing tools such as drag & drop editor to create newsletters without the struggle of coding along with its pre-built blocks design you can customise newsletters as per your preference. with the HTML excellence of Rich text editor, you can create more dynamic content by adding your individual touch. Custom HTML editor helps you code emails hassle-free.
  • Templates design: Mailerlite has aided us with its automated editors to personalize template designs such as updating the CTA button and sign-off button, formatting text size, colour and emojis and adding images and video. The coding feature comes with custom variables, snippets, automation CSS inliner and a 1-month free trial offer to engage more audience to get on board with Mailerlite automation.
  • Audience integration: according to buyers' behaviours and engagement Mailerlite email builder aids you to merge different digital platforms such as WooCommerce to insert personalized product blocks, design email campaigns and create an addon by enabling subscription on the landing page through which you can generate lead and payments from anywhere of the entire world.
  • A/B testing: after choosing your template and connecting Stripe with 30+ design blocks of Mailerlite for more service pages you need to promote the product which requires optimizing the traffic. Mailerlite permits you to direct A/B tests to review page analytics by evaluating constructive email variation for revenue increase and more accomplished results.
  • Email Automation: Based on subscriber performance and behaviours, Mailerlite makes the automated email process easy by sending triggered emails when a subscriber wants to join, completes a form, clicks a link to make a purchase or takes any further actions. Its multi-trigger automation helps you increase lead nurturing and connect with customers in an efficient way not wasting time and effort.
  • Customer segmentation: Mailerlite will help you segment a targeted email list of your engaging customers depending on some relevant criteria such as location, behaviours, age, timezone etc.
  • Pop-ups & Free signup: To grow your business effectively and speed up conversion rate, efficient Mailerlite email marketing allows you to apply popups to urge immediate action and use embedded forms to gather subscribers, additionally free sign-up feature will increase customer engagement in a more rapid way.
MailerLite alternatives
Mailerlite vs ActiveCampaign:  Suitable for long-run businesses and professional email marketing purposes, ActiveCampaign corrects the gaps of Mailerlite in tagging and surveying features with help of its efficient functions like segmentation and CRM tool creation to increase customer engagement. Alternatively, ActiveCampaign comes with no free plan. 


Mailerlite vs Convertkit: Another Mailerlite alternative is Convertkit which is well known to bloggers, coaches and successful content creators for its comprehensible landing page, painless signup process, flexible visual editors and powerful integration, but it lacks advanced CRM tools. 


Mailerlite vs Mailchimp :  Mailchimp also comes with a free basic plan which make it a perfect Mailerlite alternative and it runs the business from the oldest decades of email marketing. Trendy features with accessible email automation focus on customer behaviours, analytics, and in-built CRM but it deprives audiences of a practical and handy interface. 


Mailerlite vs Sendlane: Sendlane grows with affiliate marketers coming with no barriers for small businesses and expands its communication support by introducing the Sendlane Beacon tool to monitor email marketing performance. But, unlike Mailerlite it has no free subscription plan and premium plans are not for all small marketers. 

Who Is MailerLite For?
Mailerlite is acceptable for all sizes of consumer bases to build, control, promote and sell email campaigns such as bloggers, entrepreneurs, tutors, cinematographers, graphical illustrators, authors and IT professionals. The profitable campaign of Mailerlite email marketing tool brings up productive digital ideas and its intelligible features help to encourage business expansion. Due to its affordable subscription plan,  any charitable foundation or an individual’s growing startup that requires an economical and budget-friendly way to make connections with stakeholders through emails can implant it in their business.
  • Free sign-up

Mailerlite free plan helps you send a maximum of 12000 emails on monthly basis with 5 days of customer support including features like drag & drop editor, pop-ups, automation, landing pages and surveys but it doesn’t include any advanced features like A/B testing.

9.00 / month
  • Growing business plan

Compiling up advanced and comprehensible features like dynamic blocks, paid newsletters, RSS campaigns, unlimited newsletter templates and auto-resend campaigns, this plan starts at $9 per month with 24/7 email support and unlimited email facility.

19.00 / month
  • Advanced plan

Advanced plan incorporates standard features like custom HTML newsletter editing, Facebook user insights, multi-trigger automation, pop-up generation, and advanced automation to start at $19 per month with 24/7 email and live chat support. This plan is best suited for large businesses and efficient entrepreneurs.

Enterprise plan:  Large organizations usually with their special need choose this plan which they can customize according to their business requirements. The main features include Dedicated IP, automated strategy consultation, personalized email marketing plan and many more with monthly unlimited email provision and 24/7 email support and live chat.
Why Choose MailerLite?
There might be various tools to work your business successfully, but the audience prefers to involve in an easy and non-complex outlook, which is why Mailerlite leads the boat. 


Understandable features: Mailerlite email automation comes with various uncomplicated as well as eye-catchy features such as free sign-up, A/B testing, API documentation, segmentation, monetising consumers and many more which help increase business growth if you want to get on board with email marketing from scratch. 


Commendable customer support: Mailerlite doesn’t let you think that their one-time service will generate leads through email campaigns without facing any troubles,  Because they know they are your back with responsive and kind customer representatives. 


Marge other tools: For a better understanding of Mailerlite automation email function to assemble marketing appliances and attain an effective result for your business, API authentication of Mailerlite integrates tools like Stripe, Zapier, WooCommerce, Shopify, WordPress and so on. 


Straightforward features: Mailerlite will make a place in your heart with aid of its intuitive template designs and comprehensible interface which easily gets stuck in your mind even if you’re a newcomer to email marketing.  


Low subscription: Mailerlite’s free sign-up feature has been introduced to assess your basic plan which starts at $10 per month to consider an individual’s budget affordability.


MailerLite's commitment to providing a seamless, efficient, and results-driven platform makes it an invaluable asset for businesses aiming not just to survive but to thrive in the digital ecosystem. So, whether you're charting new territories or navigating familiar landscapes, MailerLite is your compass, guiding your brand toward unparalleled success in the realm of eCommerce.

Mailerlite comparisons
Here we are comparing the starting plan of all the major tools:


Features  Mailerlite Mailchimps  ActiveCampaign  Sendlane  Convertkit
Pricing  Free monthly plan Free monthly plan $9/month  $83/month  Free
A/B split test  No No No No No
Automation  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Integration  Yes  Yes  Yes  No No
Customer support  Email (on business days) Email  Email & Chat 


Yes Yes
Segmentation  Yes  Yes  Yes  No Yes 
Templates  No Yes  Yes  Yes  No

MailerLite Reviews
Good pricing range – 4/5

 Easy access – 4.5/5

Features – 4/5

Customer services – 4.5/5

Possible Recommendation – 8/10

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Mailerlite has transparent features like flexible integration, advanced automation, easy signup rules, creative and customizable templates along with efficient customer support, Mailerlite free plan for one month helps to make a place in a competitive market of ruling email marketing tools. Its integration tools are more user-friendly than other platforms and it provides you buffer time with a free subscription to select well-suited plan for your business. The landing page acclimatised eCommerce integration helps to generate sales and popup action will enhance visitor engagement urge. Super-friendly optimization tools like Stripe analytics, Facebook Pixels and SEO aid to develop people’s engagement by monitoring link activities. Mailerlite overall successfully beat the competition to create, send and sell email campaigns for the potential customer base.  
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