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The success of any organisation, a tiny enterprise, depends on delivering excellent customer care in today’s cutthroat business environment. An organisation’s capacity to respond to customer questions and handle problems can significantly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. A complete customer service solution geared towards small enterprises, LiveAgent provides a wealth of features and functions to improve customer service. This article will help you examine the features that make LiveAgent software the top option for small business owners, including its advantages, costs, client feedback, installation procedure, and AI capabilities.
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LiveAgent features
  • For organisations to analyse their performance and find areas for development, understanding customer support metrics is essential. LiveAgent provides extensive reporting and analytics capabilities that deliver insightful data on support ticket trends, agent performance, response times, and customer satisfaction scores. By analysing this data, businesses may make data-driven decisions to improve customer experiences and support procedures.
  • LiveAgent provides a wide choice of connectors with well-known CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and other business tools to meet the specific requirements of various enterprises and makes data interchange simple, does away with manual data entry, and guarantees a uniform picture of consumer data.
  • LiveAgent also offers customization tools that let organisations adapt the programme to their needs and branding principles.
  • LiveAgent provides a wide range of options to increase customer interaction efficiency. Support staff can quickly classify, rank, and monitor client requests via ticket management. Live chat allows immediate support and real-time conversion-boosting interaction with website users.
Buy LiveAgent Software Online
One of its most practical features is buying LiveAgent software online from the company’s official website. As a result, you will not require copious paperwork, and small business owners may effortlessly and rapidly purchase the programme. Visit the LiveAgent website, review the many options, and choose the best fit for your company’s needs. You may quickly get a user-friendly customer support tool that can transform how your company handles customer care with just a few clicks.
LiveAgent Software for Small Businesses
LiveAgent is capable primarily of meeting the requirements of small enterprises. Regardless of the size of the particular organisation, it provides a full range of capabilities that assist in streamlining customer support operations. LiveAgent offers a scalable solution that can change and expand your business, whether a startup or an established small business. LiveAgent helps small businesses to deliver excellent customer care, increase customer happiness, and spur business growth thanks to its user-friendly interface.
$49/Agent per month billed annually or $59 monthly billing. Everything in the Medium plan

  • 40 Incoming email accounts
  • 40 Outgoing email accounts
  • 3 Whatsapp accounts
  • 50 Departments
  • Multi-Knowledge base
  • Senior account manager
  • 2 Knowledge bases
  • 100 Event rules
  • Time report
  • 10 SLA levels

$69/Agent per month billed annually or $85 monthly billing. Everything in the Large Plan plan

  • Audit log
  • Everything in Large plan
  • 100 Incoming email accounts
  • 100 Outgoing email accounts
  • 6 Whatsapp accounts
  • 100 Departments
  • Branding free
  • Senior account manager
  • 200 Event rules
  • 100 SLA rules
  • 100 SLA levels
  • Custom billing setup
  • Assisted channels integrations


Pricing is crucial for small organisations when selecting customer support software. To meet a range of budgets and business sizes, LiveAgent offers several price options. Since the price is open and competitive, small firms may afford to use it. Additionally, LiveAgent’s price is very famous among the number of support agents employed rather than the volume of client contacts, allowing small businesses to offer first-rate customer service without worrying about unforeseen expenses.

Why Choose LiveAgent?
Best LiveAgent Software for Ecommerce

The LiveAgent software is a game-changer for e-commerce companies because it provides a wide range of features specially designed to satisfy the requirements of online shops. LiveAgent equips e-commerce companies to deliver first-rate customer care across various channels, from real-time chat assistance and ticket management to social media integration and knowledge base production. You can efficiently handle customer enquiries, quickly resolve problems, and improve the general buying experience for your online clients using LiveAgent.


Free Trial of LiveAgent Software 

You’ll be happy to know that LiveAgent provides a free trial if you’re still trying to determine if it’s the best match for your small business. It lets you evaluate the software’s features and capabilities via hands-on experience. During the trial, you may test the user interface, examine various functions, and determine whether LiveAgent will improve your customer support operations. Utilise the free trial to help you decide wisely and ensure LiveAgent satisfies your unique company needs.


Live Chat Capabilities 

When offering in-the-moment customer help, LiveAgent’s live chat feature is revolutionary. Businesses may provide rapid support to website visitors using the live chat function, resolving problems and answering queries in real time. Because LiveAgent’s live chat is entirely configurable, businesses may match the chat window to their brand’s aesthetic. Additionally, the programme offers helpful features like visitor monitoring, file sharing, and preset replies, allowing support employees to deliver effective and individualised service. Businesses may significantly improve customer happiness and engagement by integrating live chat into their customer service strategy.


LiveAgent, a comprehensive customer service solution tailored for small enterprises, offers a plethora of features and functionalities to elevate customer service. This article aims to delve into the features that position LiveAgent software as a top choice for small business owners, outlining its benefits, pricing, user feedback, installation process, and AI capabilities.

How to install LiveAgent?
There are a few easy steps to finish installing the LiveAgent programme. You may access the LiveAgent dashboard after buying a licence or signing up for a free trial. From there, you may set up ticketing systems, integrate channels, establish automation rules and customise your account settings. Even individuals with little technical experience may complete the installation with the help of LiveAgent’s thorough documentation and video tutorials.
LiveAgent Reviews
Customer testimonials are important when assessing any programme’s efficiency and dependability. LiveAgent users, tiny company owners, have given excellent feedback. Customers laud LiveAgent for its user-friendly design, extensive feature set, and top-notch customer service. After installing LiveAgent, users saw considerable gains in response times, customer satisfaction scores, and general efficiency. These favourable testimonials demonstrate how LiveAgent software has transformed small businesses’ customer support processes.
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A complete customer support solution called LiveAgent enables companies to offer outstanding customer service. LiveAgent provides a comprehensive solution for companies of all sizes with its multichannel support capabilities, live chat capability, knowledge base, self-service alternatives, and potent reporting tools. Businesses may improve customer satisfaction, streamline support procedures, and create enduring customer connections by implementing LiveAgent. LiveAgent guarantees companies can stay ahead of the curve as consumer expectations change by offering immediate and helpful customer care. Investing in customer support software, such as LiveAgent, is a smart move that may help any business succeed and expand in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace.
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