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Olark is an online live chat application developed for helping website owners conveniently interact with their visitors. It adds a chat box to your website where you could answer your customers’ questions in real-time. As customer interaction does stand a chance in this advanced technology world, the applications like Olark could make a positive deviation in your sales and reputation.
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Olark features
  • Olark could make a positive deviation in your sales and reputation
  • It also provides users with data and metrics on chat volume and agent activity, as well as detailed transcripts of every conversation that takes place.
  • As a standalone platform, Olark makes it easy to integrate with other CRM platforms to store customer data and make future interactions more customized.
  • This live chat software allows users to offer instant, proactive support to website visitors. This live chat solution helps its users capture leads, understand customer pain points, personalize support conversations, and generate more sales.
Olark live Chat software for small businesses
Olark’s main strength lies in its detailed, searchable chat transcripts, which offer helpful insights into a company’s conversation with a visitor. All of Olark’s plans come with the same features. The company offers a discount for longer-term contracts. Small businesses use Olark live chat to:

  • Custom pre-chat forms:- Jump-start conversation by gathering context before a chat begins.


  • Triggered messages:- Automatically send a suggestion or special offer at the perfect moment.


  • Offline messaging:- Not free to chat? Let customers leave a message, and follow up via email.

Best Olark live Chat software for e-commerce
61% of shoppers say they’re likely to purchase a live chat.

  • Start conversations automatically: Sales is a number game. With Olark, you can send automated messages to all visitors who match certain criteria, so you are always inviting visitors to engage with chat as they are considering a purchase.


  • Personalize every conversation: Olark live chat gives you detailed, real-time information about the person you are chatting with, including quick links to transcripts of any previous chats they’ve had, so you can tailor the conversation precisely to their needs. With out-of-the-box customization capabilities, you can easily match the live chat window with your website’s visual aesthetics.


  • See which page they’re on.


  • Quickly pull up past conversations.

The price is not available on the official website.
Free trial of Olark live Chat software
You can add Olark to as many domains and subdomains as you want, and manage chats across all domains from one account- there is no price increase for installing Olark on more than one domain. All accounts start on a free 14-day trial. At the end of your trial, you have the option to downgrade to a free account. If you use Olark’s free plan, you can have up to 20 monthly chats. After your 20th chat your chat box will be set to offline mode. During your trial you have you will have access to all of Olark’s basic features, including canned responses, automation, and reporting. You can add as many agents as you want during your trial, so your whole team can experience Olark-simply remove any agents who won’t be using Olark regularly before your trial ends.

What counts as a chat?

  • one-way interactions don’t count toward your chat limit: for example., a visitor initiates a chat, but none of your chat agents respond, or you try to chat with the visitor, but they don’t respond.


  • Chats with the same visitor are counted separately if: the first chat ends the visitor ends (the chat or leaves the page, or the agent uses the end command or closes the chat tab) and more than 5 minutes pass before the next chat starts.


  • Chats with the same visitor are counted as one chat if: the chat is continuous (neither party ends or closes the chat), or if not continuous chats are separated by less than 5 minutes.


  • Offline emails do not count toward your chat limit.


Olark makes it easy to integrate with other CRM platforms to store customer data and make future interactions more customized. This live chat software allows users to offer instant, proactive support to website visitors. This live chat solution helps its users capture leads, understand customer pain points, personalize support conversations, and generate more sales.

Olark Live chat software for customer support
79% of customers say that they prefer live chat over email or phone. chat is fast, simple, and convenient- it allows customers to get questions answered while they work for browse, and without waiting hours for a response.

  • Resolve issues faster- real-time chat allows your team to resolve support requests in a quick conversation instead of a drawn-out email exchange. Some Olark users have seen resolution times drop from hours to minutes and with automated messages and can responses, you can answer common questions in seconds.


  • Collect feedback from every chat- Olark’s post-chat survey invites customers to rate their experience, so you can quickly see how happy they are with customer service.

Olark Reviews
Customers have positive reviews regarding this, some said the Olark tool is very intuitive and easy to use, and user-friendly software. There are some very handy features such as finding out who your visitors are and where they are looking, very easy to integrate with Shopify, big commerce, zendex, Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc. They have been using the Olark tool with different organizations for nearly many years. Also, Olark is the best live chat software specially designed for all types of an organization as well Olark tech team is very knowledgeable they always ready to help. They highly recommend Olark for its ticketing system. Another customer review is that it has efficiently created more sales opportunities by letting its representatives connect with customers directly during their web visits to their website. Another customer complaint that the biggest complaint they have about Olark is that it frequently goes down while in use and they are unable to type a message to a customer, and when cookies are disabled chat not working.
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Olark is an interactive chat software designed to attract traffic to your website. It has features that allow you to make money on the fly while chatting with potential customers browsing around your site. Olark has shifted its focus to include Facebook Messenger, Slack, and WhatsApp apps within the last couple of years. It’s a great way to stay on top of customer feedback, but it’s also a perfect way to develop a more human touch with customers when you need it the most. Even though Olark provides real-time reporting, the analytics options are nowhere near as comprehensive as some businesses would like. However, Olark’s real-time visitor tracking, available templates, CRM and other third-party platform integration, targeted chat option, customizable design, and quick setup options are more than enough to get an SMB started with providing quality customer service. The platform’s customizable and intuitive chat interface, along with the plethora of features available, make it a decent web-based solution for sales and customer service teams. Certainly a product worth considering.
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