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About Tawk.To
Tawk.To is a live chat software designed to help businesses communicate with clients and website visitors to deliver customer support. Key features include canned responses, offline forms, website visitor tracking, customizable branding, file sharing, screen sharing, and chat history.

Teams using tawk. to can answer questions via the dashboard, monitor website traffic and proactively initiate a chat with website visitors and application users. The multilingual platform offers geographical IP tracking, aliases, message filtering, and domain restriction. It lets organizations customize widgets and emails to communicate with website visitors and establish brand visibility with clients.

Tawk. to provide group messaging, sentiment tracking, tags, custom tabs, attention bubbles, visitor information, desktop notifications, scheduling emojis, and agent alerts. Mobile applications for Android and iOS devices are also offered, allowing users to remotely manage business activities.

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Tawk.To features
  • Chat pages:- if you don’t have a website or want your live chat tool to have its page, it provides chat pages that you may utilize. This functionality would benefit small businesses that do not yet have websites but wish to provide live chat help to their clients.
  • Notifications:- create unique notifications to notify your agents when a visitor begins a conversation. set up email alerts for chat alerts ticket alerts, missed conversations, and chat transcripts, as well as chat transcripts.
  • Ticket system:- Businesses use a ticketing system to gather, track, and handle consumer concerns. During offline hours, tawk.to has to built-in ticketing system that allows agents to accept tickets via the knowledge base and the chat widget. The ticketing system on tawk.to is efficient, though a little old in look.
Tawk.To software for small business
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 Digital advertising, for example, is very expensive and can require a lot of technical knowledge. Content isn’t and doesn’t.

Free trial of Twak.to software
The best thing about tawk is that it’s completely free, both the software (chat and knowledgebase) are too good to be free. Also adding the widget to your website is quite easy, even for a beginner.
The company hasn’t revealed the price officially.
How to install Twak. to software?
There are a couple of ways to add a tawk.to widget to your WordPress site.

Installing a tawk.to widget using the WordPress plugin.

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel.

In the left menu, select Plugins- Add new

  • In the upper-right of the Add Plugins page, search for tawk.to live chat
  • Select tawk.to live chat by tawkto in the results and click the install now button.

Then, click the blue button to activate.

  • Find Tawk.to live chat in the list of plugins and click settings 
  • Note-  you can also access this page by selecting settings-> tawk.to in the WordPress dashboard Menu.
  • Login to your account by entering the email and password for your tawk.to account. Then, select the property and widget to intend to use for your website and click use the selected widget.

The widget will now appear on all pages of your WordPress site!

Using the embed code instead of the plugin.

  • To find the embed code for the widget, log in to your tawk.to account. 

If you have multiple properties, check to make sure you’re viewing the correct one. Moreover, the current property name is in the upper-left menu to select a new property from the list.

  • Select Administration -> channels -> chat widget.

Then, click the </> widget code to copy it to your clipboard.

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel.

In the left menu, select Appearance-> Theme File Editor.

In the upper right, select the current theme in the drop-down menu (the active theme is usually selected by default).

on the Theme files, select the Theme footer.

 In the text area to the left, add the twak.to visit the embed code right above the closing tag.

 Then, click update file under the text window.

 your tawk.to widget will now appear on every page of your site.


Tawk.To offers an API that facilitates integration with various third-party applications, such as WordPress, Joomla!, Magneto, OpenCart, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, and more. The vendors provide support via documentation, FAQs, and online helpdesk.

Affordable Tawk.To software for startups
Tawk.to is a free live chat tool with one of the most attractive pricing models on the market. It offers unlimited messaging, ticketing, and agent seats and includes iOS, Android windows, and Mac OSX apps for free. They are also expanding into CRM, chat payments, and phone support.

Tawk. to is an affordable feature-rich live chat software ideal for small businesses and startups. The 100% free pricing structure makes it accessible to companies of all sizes while the customizable chat widget inserts a seamless user experience.

Tawk.To Reviews
A customer reviewed that for her tawk is the most effective live chat program at the moment. This software has helped her a lot with her e-commerce page because she has been able to respond faster to her customers, it has also helped her solve problems or answer questions they have, so that the customer feels completely satisfied and well served and intern to make sales, plus it is super easy to use. Another customer reviewed that for a startup with small funds, it was difficult to afford expensive chat systems on our website but this was one thing we needed as customers wanted to talk to a human when they got to our site. Tawk.to solve this so efficiently. Not only did they provide this service for free (yes there is a paid tier also and one where they provide you with CC agents). Their chat widget is extremely easy to install, supports WordPress and is customizable. To top it all they even provide an Android app which is used when I’m traveling to talk to visitors on my website. Another customer reviewed the tawk.to the dashboard requires a separate login. In some cases it’s it would be better if it used the website content management dashboard. The tawk.to the dashboard can be challenging for new chat agents.
Add a Review to This Software
tawk.to is a great, free live chat software that manages to surpass many paid solutions out there. It was designed with a contemporary style and an easy-to-use interface. This tool aids you in finding an efficient solution to bridge the communication gap. Tawk.to comes with an infinite number of agents and group capabilities that allow your firm to keep track of visitor traffic. It was designed with a contemporary style and The feature set is limited but it offers everything you need, so you won’t feel that you don’t have enough tools at any point. while you need to pay to remove the tawk.to branding is not extremely visible. overall tawk.to is a great solution and U won’t regret getting it.
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