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Azure VPN gateway from Microsoft
Azure VPN gateway is a product by Microsoft Azure. A VPN Gateway that allows you to securely connect your on-premises infrastructure to an Azure virtual network.

Creating an Azure VPN Gateway is a simple process. You can follow the guide to set up and configure the gateway VPN for optimizing it for the best performance. 

By using this service, you can access Azure resources, such as virtual machines, from their on-premises network. 

Why should you use Azure VPN gateway?
Azure VPN gives you multiple advantages as a user. It allows your business/organization to augment your existing IT infrastructure. Providing secure and reliable access to cloud and on-premises applications from both internal and external networks, natively integrating into Azure workloads.

Enables secure, cross-premises connections between virtual private networks (VPNs) in Azure and on-premises network sites. Automatic failover to maintain the VPN connection’s uptime.

Your business can deploy secure, affordable, and easy-to-manage networks. Reduces the risk of attack and data stealing while accomplishing end-to-end security with multiple encryption methods and authentication protocols. 

Enables you to create and manage a secure, encrypted connection between their on-premises network and their Azure infrastructures.

Helping you to connect multiple devices in different geographic locations in the identical local area network (LAN) security. Facilitating your businesses to securely connect different networks and safeguard data sent over the internet.

Is Azure VPN for you?
There are many things that you expect when you use a VPN service. With so many factors that come into play and features, you expect from a VPN service. The cost of setup The question that you ask is whether Azure VPN gateway is the right VPN service for you. 

Azure VPN Gateway is a service that helps organizations connect their equipment and networks located in their buildings (on-premises) to Microsoft Azure’s network. Or connect Azure’s networks to other networks safely. 

If you are someone who values security, scalability, high availability, cost-effectiveness, multi-platform support, etc. from a VPN. Then the platform is definitely for you. This service is useful for all kinds of companies, big or small, and can be used by government and public organizations as well. 

Azure VPN gateway

Azure VPN Gateway is a cloud-based network gateway provided by Microsoft Azure. It enables secure connectivity between on-premises networks and Azure virtual networks or other remote networks.

What are the key features of the Azure VPN gateway?
  • Catered for your needs: Offering various authentication methods like certificate-based and RADIUS-based authentication, that enable users to secure their VPN connection according to their specific requirements.
  • Scalability: Create an Azure VPN Gateway account as it can handle large numbers of connections and can automatically scale to meet the demands of an organization's changing needs. Especially if you are a large organization with high traffic and bandwidth requirements. During periods of high traffic, their service automatically creates more VPN tunnels to handle the increased load, and during periods of low traffic, it will reduce the number of tunnels. This keeps in check that the VPN connection always has the necessary capacity to handle the organization's data transfer needs while minimizing costs.
  • High availability: Microsoft Azure VPN Gateway is built on a highly available platform, ensuring that connections are always available when needed. This solution automatically failovers in case of a failure, allowing for uninterrupted access to Azure resources. Additionally, multiple active-active VPN gateways can be created across different regions for added redundancy. Overall, Microsoft Azure VPN Gateway ensures a dependable and continuously accessible link between on-premises and Azure.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The pricing model of Azure VPN Gateway is based on the amount of data that is sent through the connection and you only pay for what you use. This means that you can adjust the VPN connection as you need it, without paying more than what you need. Also, Azure VPN Gateway provides multiple protocol options, which allow you to select the one that suits your needs and budget. Azure VPN Gateway offers different pricing plans, each with different features, which allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Their service provides an economical and flexible way to connect your on-premises infrastructure to Azure or other networks securely.
  • Hybrid scenarios: Azure VPN Gateway allows for seamless integration of on-premises resources with Azure resources, enabling hybrid scenarios such as moving workloads to the cloud or extending on-premises Active Directory to Azure. Allowing you as a user to connect their on-premises network with Azure Virtual Network and other cloud resources.
  • Multi-platform support: When VPN offers multi-platform support, it enables users to access the VPN network from a variety of devices and operating systems. This feature provides flexibility and convenience for users who need to connect to the VPN from their personal computer, mobile device, or another device. Furthermore, multi-platform support ensures that all users can access the VPN network, regardless of the device they are using. This improves productivity, security, and overall user experience. Azure VPN Gateway supports multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.
What is Azure VPN gateway pricing?
0.19 / month
  • Basic Vpn

The cost differs according to the VPN gateway type for the Basic VPN gateway the cost is $0.04/hour with a bandwidth of 100 Mbps with a maximum of 1-10 for S2S tunnels included and a maximum of 1-128 for P2S Tunnels included. For the VpnGw1 VPN gateway the cost is $0.19/hour with a bandwidth of 650 Mbps with a maximum of 1-30 for S2S tunnels ($0.015/hour per tunnel) included and a maximum of 129-250 ($0.01/hour per connection) For the VpnGw3 VPN gateway the cost is $1.25/ hour with a bandwidth of 1.25 Mbps with a maximum of 11-30 for S2S tunnels ($0.015/hour per tunnel) included and a maximum of 129-1,000 ($0.01/hour per connection) , The prices for VpnGw4 and VpnGw5 differ accordingly. You can check the whole price scheme offered by Azure VPN gateway here.

Azure VPN gateway VS Express Route
It’s okay to not know which direction you are heading in and be confused. Stuck between choosing Azure VPN vs Azure Express Route. Here are some takeaways that will help you select the one according to your requirements. 

Azure ExpressRoute

It ensures the on-premises network’s edge router is redundantly connected to the Azure infrastructure. 

ExpressRoute circuits can also be utilized for a more reliable and lower latency connection. 

Has direct access to Azure cloud services and connections to Microsoft’s global network.

The ExpressRoute allows for a change in bandwidth between 50 Mbps and 10 Gbps by dynamically scaling the bandwidth. 

Azure VPN Gateway 

With Azure VPN Gateway, you can securely connect your virtual network inside Azure with your on-premises infrastructure. VPN gateway ensures that only authorized users and devices can access the network resources. 

Provides support for Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol, IPsec protocol, and Dynamic and Static Routing for VPN connections.

Additionally, it enables the hybrid approach (connecting both on-premises and cloud resources) to avoid disruption to existing environments.

There is much higher bandwidth available (up to 10 Gbps depending on the VPN Gateway SKU).

What do Azure VPN gateway users say?
The feedback from the users of Azure VPN gateway says that it is a great tool that is easy to use and helps them stay connected to their work network while they are away from the office in a hassle-free way ensuring security and ease.

With excellent customer support at hand and prices which are very reasonable for them. The tool is easy to use and configure. They also say that it is very user-friendly and Azure VPN gateway is easy to set up. This gives Azure VPN gateway an upper hand over its competitors

Giving them great value for the price with a service that is very reliable. The users of Azure VPN gateway also like the fact that it allows them to securely connect to their Azure resources.

Review Form
The overall rating for Azure VPN gateway is 7.4 out of 10 by its users. The feedback from people using the Azure VPN gateway is positive. There are several reasons why an organization might choose to use Azure VPN Gateway. 

Azure VPN Gateway can help organizations improve security, scalability, and availability while reducing costs, enabling hybrid scenarios, and supporting multi-platforms. 

Azure VPN Gateway allows organizations to connect their on-premises resources to Azure without the need for expensive third-party VPN solutions.

Azure VPN gateway is a popular choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable VPN solution. ,

It is regarded as a great tool for connecting to Azure resources from on-premises or other Azure virtual networks. 

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