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What is Twingate
If you securely want to transfer data or communicate with another internet protocol address (IP) located server, VPN helps to build an encrypted tunnel between the entire process. To say it more straightforwardly, it is a virtual connection that broads the private network utilising a public network. Suppose, you operate from India but you have multiple work channels over other countries, but to institute the connection in a traditional way would be less secure and too expensive. VPN sorts out the problems efficiently by filtering the IP addresses to make your virtual activities unfindable. Now, Twingate VPN has made it easier with its comprehensible features and mode of encryption. Twingate without impacting latency focuses on providing secure access, from delineating resources to allocating them to authorised users and finally making connections from anywhere around the globe. It helps to replace the old VPNs that are unable to control the technology with “work remotely from anywhere” by making the lives more simple of IT professionals, Developer teams and end users.    
Who it's for?
Twingate has been acknowledged by all kinds of startups and individuals because of its easy-to-use pricing plans and transparent features. Individuals and small team owners use it for reliable and advanced security features like device control, automation, analytics and many more. Likewise, big group runners use this for major integrations, API documentation and many other standard features.  
Why should we pick it?
  • Straightforward features: From development to controlling every feature is beyond belief. The zero access model is the most important part of Twingate which helps you deploy with connectors in the easiest way and without any stress of cyber attack you can seamlessly integrate with other software as well as users. It enables SaaS companies to get effortless access control of the end device as well as to enhance the remote working provision and freelance-based workforce.
  • Fair pricing: Its free-tier plan has been acceptable to the users to evaluate the activities and products, unlike other next-gen VPNs. Whoever is new to the terminology can also go forward with Twingate’s basic plan which is affordable so you can better get connected with the functionality. As you update the subscription plan, you get attached to more advanced features to secure your network access.
  • Simple configuration: configuration can only be easy to understand if the features are well introduced. Now, Twingate has made it easy for everyone to configure public infrastructure accumulating cloud resources that used to be impossible once with the old version of VPN. DNS service and other internal resources are very easy to control access rules. Everything you need has been disclosed upfront to you, from functionality, and documentation to access configuration.
  • Fast network: Unlike other VPNs, it doesn’t create any disruption in workflow. Its fast-growing performance is truly praisable even while connecting to numerous isolated network points. Innovative features are the most secure tunnels to control remote infrastructure persistently. If traditional VPNs took all your time, Twingate’s reliable resources help you establish network access with public databases in a shorter time, and save your time and effort accordingly.
  • Customer support: commendable customer service is one of the reasons you should go ahead with Twingate to keep your private and public traffic separate. Though its setup is easier than other VPN services sometimes customer support is also needed and Twingate’s customer assistance crew is at its best. No matter when you need support, the client-helping team is always there for you with solid documentation online.
Twingate VPN Features
Twingate helps users to access cloud VPCs, office networks and other private network sources from public networks like their personal computers or mobiles by providing efficient VPN replacement. Now, it’s time to look at its features. 

  • Fast Smart Routing Network 

This feature allows private resources to access from the application method to the network level which prevents inventive movements through its modern security control. This medium amalgamates technologies like NAT Universal, private proxies and split subways to provide you with fast-performance traffic that is connected to the private network for reaching out to inline resources, for an instance, Twingate Split-tunneling assists corporate traffic to flow consistently so users can remain connected while making a zoom call. 

Zero trust security Method: this feature will help you make connections between other networks like servers, and the cloud in the most secure way by replacing all cases of private networks with Public Internet protocol addresses which naturally reduces threats. Starting from identification by verifying user identity to access authorization by mapping attributes like location, time and others, this Zero trust access at twingate tracks the overall network by tuning up the policies providing consent and analytics.  

  • Multi-device application

Anyone can be allowed to use the VPN from multiple devices because of its simple setup technology and seamless database access. Without hampering the sensible information, it maintains a safe and secure bridge between databases and users by resolving the issue of multiple access changes. For an instance, if you are with multiple usages of VPNs, then Twingate would be the safest option for you to get rid of the hassle of removing and adding IP addresses in whitelisting multiple times when the infrastructure team’s IPs are changing. Twingate permits unified access to corporate resources in the case of third-party apps access restriction by IPs or CASB deployment at the same time. 

  • Mapping & Segmentation: 

Twingate’s mapping feature enables users to operate with DNS-encrypted attack filtering so they can safely work while sitting in any random hotel or cafeteria using their wifi. It defines individual access to resources by dynamic segmentation with its policies and custom groups. FedRAMP implementation controls various domains such as remote access, access enforcement security verification, audit and reliability, identification and installation through its smart mapping requirements. 

Automation: Automation is the process to fuel your workflow. Its comprehensible infrastructure helps you use features of VPN in the cloud through MFA code.  

  • API & Integration: 

With the help of API documentation, Twingate integrates with other authorized providers incorporating OneLogin, Okta, Google Workspace and Azure Ad. It protects programming data and then gets connected to other software by enabling the integration of various attributes like data, objects, access and logic. 


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Twingate VPN pricing
5.00 / month
  • Free plan
  • Teams
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Twingate is considered the future remote access network in the globe for not only its tight security network but also budget-friendly pricing. Let’s find whys of it. Free plan: Free plan always grabs the user's attention because of not only its price but when it covers advanced features in the free tier subscription. Twingate starter plan is for small teams and solo persons who need VPN replacement for their own use. This plan is eligible for 5 users, 1 admin and 10 virtual networks with the assistance of standard features such as client support, secure DNS, Spit tunnelling, access terms for resource level, device posture, original network analytics and many more. The free tier plan has been well recognised on access servers like android, Mac, Linux, iOS and windows , Teams : The basic monetary plan starts at $5 per month for small teams consisting of less than 100 employees and provides access to up to 100 users, 3 admins and 20 virtual infrastructures. Accumulating all basic features like automation, dynamic device posture, access authentication, DNS server, zero-trust network method and many others, Twingate’s Team plan enables access to SaaS software and provides SSO with Google Workspace , Business: Most popular plan on Twingate is Business which charges $10 per month for large startups with a team of 500 employees that require an advanced remote access network. This plan covers a limit of 500 users, 10 admins and 100 remote networks and provides device controls through MDM integration and standard admin API assistance. In this plan, integration with Okta, Jumpcloud and AzureAD would be more intelligible for efficient access verification and device management , Enterprise: The greatest plan of Twingate is customizable, hence, as per your business need you can personalize the plan and get intelligible access management and authentic auditing. For companies with massive workforces like more than 500, Twingate enterprise pricing is highly acceptable as it has no limits of criteria like users, admins and virtual access control. All you need to do is to get in touch with Twingate’s customer sales and find the most favourable pricing plan to enhance your business flow. You will be provided with all efficient features help along with API verification, invoicing, SLA & personalise MSAs.

Twingate VPN alternatives
Twingate’s impressive features and zero trust networking have been highly acknowledgeable to users but there are in the market various VPNs roaming around, but why Twingate rules the boat will be discussed below. 

Perimeter 81: This Twingate alternative has features like cloud-end encrypted security, transparent set-up, zero-trust network model, dynamic automation and advanced optimization log to help you set up a public network in VPN assistance but it slowly reaches ROI.  

OKTA: Okta for dev-op apps gives enforceable access network in the cloud as well as behind the firewall. Zero trust network model has also been introduced in Okta, but its pricing plan is expensive and the setup is a bit complex, unlike Twingate. 

NordVPN: it also helps users surf from multiple IP addresses and its data security gives unimaginable support so users can change IP addresses anytime when they need. But this expensive application cannot be affordable to individuals or small teams and the network access stability could be improved.  

Here’s comparing the leading VPN services in the market based on their start pricing with Twingate CRM for your clearer understanding. 

Features  Twinagate Okta NordVPN BetterCloud  Cisco umbrella 
Pricing  Free month plan $2/month $3.49/month Free trial  Expensive
Automation  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Integration  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Customer support  Chat and phone support  Chat and phone support  Chat and phone support  Chat and phone support  Chat and phone support 
Zero network access  Yes  Yes No Yes  No
Configuration Simple and standard  Advanced and complex  Easy but basic   Fine but basic   Complex 

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Twinagte VPN Reviews
  • Set up
  • Tight security access
  • Customer team support
  • Simple features
However, it can be stated that Twingate can be considered the safest and secure VPN as it’s very easy to install and deploy so users can stay at the ease of using a private network, data and other internal resources in the cloud. Its zero network access and split tunnelling feature will assist you to build remote access infrastructure so that employees can work from anywhere and it makes the lives better of developers and users as well. 
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