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XenCALL is a leading cloud-based contact centre  software that empowers organisations to elevate their customer engagement and revolutionise their contact centre  operations. With a wide range of features, comprehensive contact centre  capabilities, smooth implementation process, demo opportunities, alternative options, reliable support services, trial options, user reviews, and integration capabilities, XenCALL stands out as a preferred choice for businesses seeking to enhance their customer interactions.
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XenCALL Features
  • Inbound and Outbound Capabilities: XenCALL supports both inbound and outbound contact centre operations, allowing organisations to handle customer interactions efficiently. Inbound features include intelligent call routing, automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), and call queuing. Outbound features include predictive dialling, preview dialling, and progressive dialling to maximise agent productivity.
  • Intelligent Call Routing: XenCALL employs intelligent call routing algorithms to ensure that customer calls are efficiently directed to the most appropriate and available agent. This reduces wait times, improves first-call resolution rates, and enhances overall customer satisfaction.
XenCALL Contact centre
XenCALL is a comprehensive contact centre  solution that caters to the unique requirements of organisations across various industries. The software provides the necessary tools and functionalities to streamline contact centre  operations, improve agent productivity, and deliver seamless customer interactions.

Outbound Contact centre : XenCALL’s outbound contact centre  capabilities enable organisations to proactively reach out to customers for sales, marketing, or service purposes. The platform offers various dialling modes, including predictive dialling, preview dialling, and progressive dialling. These features optimise agent efficiency, minimise idle time, and ensure a steady stream of outbound calls.

Blended Contact centre : XenCALL supports blended contact centre  environments where agents handle both inbound and outbound interactions. This flexibility allows organisations to balance workloads, optimise agent utilisation, and ensure a consistent level of customer service across different types of interactions.

XenCALL Implementation

Implementing a contact centre  software solution like XenCALL requires careful planning, coordination, and collaboration between the organisation and the XenCALL team. XenCALL follows a structured implementation process to ensure a smooth and successful deployment. The implementation process typically involves the following steps:

Discovery and Requirement Analysis: The XenCALL implementation team collaborates with the organisation to understand its unique requirements, existing infrastructure, and business objectives. This step involves gathering information about the contact centre  environment, integration needs, customization requirements, and desired outcomes.

System Configuration and Customisation: Based on the requirements identified during the discovery phase, the XenCALL team configures the system to align with the organisation’s needs. This includes setting up call flows, IVR menus, routing rules, agent profiles, and any necessary customizations to meet specific business processes.

XenCALL Demo

Before making a purchase decision, organisations often seek to evaluate the features and capabilities of a contact centre  solution through a demo. XenCALL offers demo opportunities to allow organisations to explore the software’s functionalities and assess its suitability for their contact centre  environment.

During a XenCALL demo, organisations can expect the following:

Overview of Features: The XenCALL team provides a comprehensive overview of the software’s features and capabilities. This includes showcasing key functionalities such as call routing, omnichannel communication, analytics, CRM integration, and automation.

Customised Demonstration: The XenCALL team tailors the demo to the organisation’s specific requirements and objectives. This may include demonstrating how XenCALL can address their unique pain points, streamline workflows, and improve customer interactions.

Q&A and Discussion: The demo provides an opportunity for organisations to ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage in discussions with the XenCALL team. This allows for a deeper understanding of how XenCALL can meet their specific needs.

Organisations interested in experiencing a XenCALL demo can reach out to the XenCALL team to schedule a personalised session. The demo enables organisations to gain practical insights into the software’s capabilities and determine its potential impact on their contact centre  operations.

XenCALL Alternatives
While XenCALL offers a robust contact centre  solution, organisations may also consider exploring alternative options in the market to evaluate which best aligns with their requirements. Some popular alternatives to XenCALL include:

Five9: Five9 is a cloud-based contact centre  software known for its scalability and omnichannel capabilities. It offers features like automatic call distribution, IVR, predictive dialer, and real-time reporting.

Genesys Cloud: Genesys Cloud is a comprehensive cloud contact centre  solution that combines voice, chat, email, and social media channels. It offers advanced routing, analytics, workforce management, and CRM integrations.

Talkdesk: Talkdesk is a cloud-based contact centre  solution with features such as intelligent routing, IVR, real-time analytics, and CRM integrations. It is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of implementation.

XenCALL Pricing
Pricing is a critical factor to consider when evaluating contact centre  software options, and XenCALL offers flexible pricing models to accommodate the diverse needs and budgets of organisations. The pricing of XenCALL can vary depending on several factors, including:

Number of Agents: The number of agents or users who will be utilising XenCALL affects the pricing. organisations can select the number of licences based on their specific agent requirements.

Deployment Model: XenCALL offers a cloud-based (Software-as-a-Service) deployment model, which typically involves a subscription-based pricing structure. The pricing may vary based on the chosen subscription plan and any additional features or services included.

XenCALL Support
Effective support services are crucial for organisations utilising a contact centre  solution to ensure smooth operations and timely issue resolution. XenCALL provides reliable support services to assist organisations at every stage of their journey. Key aspects of XenCALL’s support services include:

Technical Support: XenCALL offers technical support to address any technical issues or challenges that organisations may encounter while using the software. The support team assists with troubleshooting, resolving system-related issues, and providing guidance on best practices.

Training and Onboarding: XenCALL provides training and onboarding sessions to equip administrators and agents with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage the platform effectively. These training sessions help users maximise their understanding of XenCALL’s features and functionality.

Account Management: XenCALL assigns dedicated account managers to organisations, serving as a point of contact for ongoing support, account-related inquiries, and escalations. Account managers ensure that organisations receive personalised attention and have access to the necessary resources.

XenCALL’s support services aim to provide prompt assistance, empower users with knowledge, and ensure a positive experience with the software.


XenCALL Trial

To help organisations evaluate the suitability of XenCALL for their contact centre  needs, XenCALL offers trial opportunities. The trial allows organisations to experience the software’s features and functionalities firsthand and assess its potential impact on their contact centre  operations.

During a XenCALL trial, organisations can expect the following:

Access to Software: XenCALL provides access to the full version of its contact centre  software for a limited period. This allows organisations to explore and utilise the various features and capabilities of the platform.

Configuration and Customisation: organisations can configure and customise the software based on their specific requirements during the trial period. This includes setting up call flows, IVR menus, agent profiles, and integration with CRM systems or other applications.

Organisations interested in exploring XenCALL through a trial can contact the XenCALL team to discuss trial options, duration, and specific requirements. The trial period provides valuable hands-on experience, enabling organisations to make an informed decision about the suitability of XenCALL for their contact centre  operations.


XenCALL is a leading cloud-based contact center software, revolutionizing customer engagement and operations. With robust features, comprehensive capabilities, smooth implementation, demo options, alternatives, reliable support, trial availability, user reviews, and integration capabilities, XenCALL is the top choice for businesses seeking to enhance customer interactions.

XenCALL Reviews
To provide a comprehensive understanding of XenCALL’s performance and user satisfaction, it is essential to consider reviews and feedback from organisations that have implemented the software. Here are some insights gathered from XenCALL reviews:

Positive User Experiences: Many users appreciate XenCALL for its user-friendly interface, ease of use, and intuitive navigation. Users find the software easy to configure and customise according to their specific requirements. The drag-and-drop functionality and visual call flow editor are frequently praised for their simplicity and effectiveness.

Integration Capabilities: XenCALL’s ability to integrate with CRM systems, ticketing platforms, and other business applications is frequently praised. Users value the seamless data exchange and unified view of customer information, which enhances their ability to deliver personalised customer experiences.

Improvement Opportunities: Some users mention areas for improvement, such as additional customization options, expanded reporting capabilities, and enhanced mobile functionality. However, these suggestions are often outweighed by the positive experiences users have with the software.

Overall, XenCALL has garnered positive reviews from users, highlighting its user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, reliable performance, and responsive customer support. The software’s ability to integrate with other business applications is also well-regarded.

XenCALL Integration 

Integration capabilities are crucial for contact centre  solutions as they enable organisations to leverage existing systems, enhance data synchronisation, and deliver a unified customer experience. XenCALL offers robust integration options that empower organisations to seamlessly connect with various business applications and platforms.

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In conclusion, XenCALL’s integration capabilities play a significant role in enhancing contact centre  operations by providing a unified view of customer data, streamlining processes, and enabling efficient collaboration across systems. By seamlessly integrating with various business applications, XenCALL empowers organisations to deliver exceptional customer experiences and optimise their overall contact centre  performance.
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