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Amazon Simple Email Service
When the email-sending volume is beyond your expectation and patience, you need a simple but dedicated tech-based emailing service that opens up many ways to generate leads for you. Amazon Simple email service is an updated email marketing tool which thinks about two things at a time and that too in an efficient manner – email campaigns and customer sales. If you only want to focus on your email sendings as it is bulk in size, Amazon SES doesn’t let you only do that, but it also helps you reach out to customers through secured email verification at the lowest pricing range. Now, discussing features and products, there are too many options that you can choose from as per your need and can only pay for what you want. 
Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) offers a reliable and scalable platform for businesses to send bulk and transactional emails. With SES, users can effortlessly send notifications, newsletters, marketing emails, and other types of communications to their customers.

Top Features
  • Email infrastructure: you often find it complex from building installation and setting the IP address to protect business validation. Amazon SES is easier than other tricky email marketing tools to configure email campaigns such as SES console which works on 150 amazon web services and most of them are free to use to track customer usage, data authentication, monthly disposal, bounce rate and health, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP aids you connect with users across the world with more engaging content to increase conversion, Elastic Compute Cloud of amazon caters more than 500 options from where you can choose things like networking, upgraded processor, the operating system according to your business demands and the AWS cloud is one of the safest price platforms along with high performing computation and reliable applications, API documentation is also quite accessible by using command line interface of AWS to get through a wise email campaign program.
  • Inbox influence: Email sending is not the end of your email marketing process, you also need to keep a lookout for achieved email marketing strategy whether your email reaches out to the main inbox or gets stuck in the spam box. Amazon SES has served virtual deliverability manager or VDM which ignites automation. Amazon Simple Email Service includes three features such as insights which aid you with email insight incorporating deliverability performance, secondly, the recommended changes in configuration help to improve the process along with verified installations like Sender Policy Framework, Domain Keys Identified Mail and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance after email reviewing or customer feedback. The Amazon Simple Email Service automation optimizes the pattern of email sending and makes needed implementation for nurturing business leads.
  • IP address implementation: Amazon SES enables dedicated IP address authentication to configure email campaigns through SES consoles for different customer usage cases such as cloud migration, backup and reset, operations, storage, database migration and so on. Standard IP address is set manually for unchangeable leases and this option is ideal for persistent customers for their predictable pattern of email marketing. Another one is managed dedicated IP address which is operated automatically to analyze the cost and consumption of potential customers who have the unpredictable email-sending pattern, so no one has to manually scale the IP pools. You can also own multiple IP addresses through Owned IP address feature of amazon SES to let you migrate easily from other email senders and influence ongoing investment flow.
  • Analytics and optimization: Amazon SES allows you to track the performance of your email promotion which tunes up your email marketing strategy. This email marketing service collects information such as sends, number of clicks, frequency of landing page usage, bounce rate, complaints, deliveries and refusals once the process gets started. Amazon SES console helps to reduce bounce rate by building own-account authorization. It is also backed up with a dashboard which detects problems that can slow down the email delivery process by optimizing the matrics of loops and complaints. For that matter, Amazon CloudWatch can also be carried out to protect the emailer’s reputation by setting an alarm when the bounce rates touch a certain limit.
  • Mailbox testing: Amazon SES with its mailbox simulator service checks some factors about your email applications including bounce, complaints and account loops. It can aid you to get defined statistics of mailboxes and simulate rigid bounces, profitable deliveries and auto-reply messages to thrive in your eCommerce branding.
  • Integration: Integration is a major part of email marketing because to enhance the business sphere an eCommerce brand needs to collaborate with other platforms. Likewise, Amazon SES has integrated with HURON, GE Aerospace, Goldman Sachs etc. With the assistance of minimal setup Amazon Simple Email Service Integration decreases formation time for dashboard optimization and machine learning process along with developing activities by amazon protected connector. Amazon web service integration includes API authentication consisting of API creation, deploying and control, texting service and workflows.
Why Amazon SES ?
Advanced email campaigns: unlike any other email marketing software, Amazon SES has activated several applications to propel business efficiently. For an instance, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud service or EC2 helps the entire software system to become accessible and reliable to customers with a 99% commitment rate. You can make conversions through its migration assistance and cost-effective optimization program. 


 Cloud computing: IT farms are now inclining to cloud computing which is executed for services like keeping track of information, data restore, backup, trash email recovery, software development, email sendings and many more. Amazon Email Marketing tool has introduced cost-efficient and agile cloud computation to enhance email sending frequency for deploying e-marketing. 


Customer support: Without professional and amiable customer assistance, email marketing programs will go in vain. To accelerate business deliverables, you primarily want efficient customer support which fixes your lack in email marketing operation and directs you to the right path with effective solutions and guidance. If a brand requires skills and upholds expertise, Amazon Simple Email Service tool also enables its customer experts to get in touch with the company to build a constructive infrastructure for email campaigns. 


Flexible pricing range: Amazon Simple Email Service pricing is quite acceptable due to its flexible pricing range. Its AWS price calculator helps you customize your plan to get on board of email marketing service. You can go ahead with its transparent subscription plans to update your buyers by promoting automated emails or triggered emails. Its pay-as-you-need service enables you to select a certain plan according to a specific range of your customers, even on short notice you can send bulk emails with the affordable pricing design. 


Bulk emails capacity: Every other email marketing tool has restricted subscription plans which have limited email campaigns capacity whereas Amazon Simple Email Service has come up with bulk emails function which helps you configure huge numbers of emails at a time from sending to large groups and small customer chains to communicate with them by providing services like email messaging, notifications and declarations. 

How to use ?

  1. Log in or sign in to AWS management console 
  2. Click on the SES email-sending service  
  3. Create user name and password by building SMTP credentials 
  4. Verify your new email ID link
  5. In the ‘verify a new email address’’ dialog box enter the new email address where you want to send emails and then click on Verify this email address 
  6.  You will get a confirmation message from Amazon SES 
  7. Now install the application of Amazon SES 

Amazon Simple Email Service pricing
25.97 / month
  • Free Tier
  • Pricing plan 1
  • Pricing plan 2
  • Pricing plan 3

Pricing plan 1: Its basic plan starts at $25.97 through which you can send 250000 messages per month , Pricing plan 2: For large businesses, Amazon SES provides mature, unique and secured services such as dedicated IPs authentication. This plan is of price $304 which allows you to send 2000000 emails , Pricing plan 3: This plan helps you use about 30 dedicated IP addresses for superior speed and campaign reputation to send 80000000 emails per month.

Amazon Simple Email Service Alternatives
  • Mailchimp: this email marketing tool helps you with the free plan, creative and user-friendly templates and AI-powered features to make your email campaign easy whereas Amazon SES also provides a free-tier plan but upgraded features are not available there.
  • Elastic Email: better configuration, more comprehensible designs and intuitive features make it a worthy alternative to Amazon Simple Email Service. Its cost-effective email marketing and backup delivery service backed-up with SMTP and API are more acceptable.
  • Sendinblue: Intelligible email promotion, understandable features and a straightforward interface are the main things to thrive your business digitally with Sendinblue. End-to-end encrypted email marketing of it has quite an easy setup and with Amazon SES one thing is common – transactional messages.
  • Mailgun: Its powerful and impressive API documentation helps you send, promote, monitor and receive emails smoothly. This email marketing software enhances conversion rate and it is mainly for developers’ use.

Features  Amazon Simple Email service  Mailgun Sendinblue  Mailchimps  Elastic Email
Pricing  $25.97/month $35/month Free monthly plan  Free monthly plan $60/month 
Automation  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Integration  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Customer support  AWS support, AWS IQ, AWS training, email, Chat and phone support  Email, live chat and phone support  Email, live chat and phone Email, chat and phone  Email. Chat and phone 
Segmentation  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Templates  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 

Amazon Simple Email Service reviews
  • Up-to-date features
  • Flexible price range
  • Customer support
  • Recommendation
Email marketing software now brings too many things packed up in one box to propel your digital brand effortlessly. Amazon Simple Email Service tool has likewise come with various features with comprehensible designs and user-friendly marketing tools that aid to take your business to the peak of the eCommerce industry. Encoragebale pricing range with amiable customer support helps you get through all hindrances. For different marketing needs, it has cropped up with different products which are easier to use and make the bulk email-sending process painless. Now you need to figure out which email marketing software will help you more with the eligible business factors. 

Amazon Simple Email Service Alternates Software
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