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What is Email marketing?
The new era of digital marketing has set a benchmark with several eCommerce platforms to reach your business at the peak of the industry. Email marketing is one of the ways to initiate trading through effective email campaigns and lead generation. And it’s almost impossible to manually monitor every business lead without the help of AI. Now email marketing software has made the path accessible for your customers and shared valuable information and schemes regarding business. Benchmark likewise spread its empire with incredible service of email marketing automation throughout the internet. To grab more customer attractions and drive more sales, Benchmark email marketing includes services like creative emailing campaigns, automation, viewers monetization, an understandable landing page, comprehensible templates and many more depending on audience activities. 

Top Features of Benchmark
To thrive in business in a serious way everyone initially should have to focus on crafting efficiencies, comprehensible outreach, tracking email activities, and audience segmentation etc. Benchmark has improvised itself to get connected with the audience with better inbox communication and provides you exceptional features to upgrade the way of your email communication. Let’s have look at them below. 


  1. Smart campaign techs: Benchmark aids you with smarter editing features reducing harder resources. Smart sending tool saves your time and will send email newsletters to engaged customers and non-engaged contacts as well at a true time to hold back your reputation from getting wasted in business. Additionally, The Drag and Drop builder allows you to place blocks and pictures in email wherever you want. Secondly, the HTML editor will fully help you customise your email with a live preview from its efficient code editor. You can also use the RSS email feature to inbox ready-to-send emails to customers automatically after updating the blog.


  1. Innovative Templates: If you know who is your audience but have failed to thrill them with your innovative business products then this time you need to work on creative templates which grab viewers’ attention to straight jump to your landing page. Benchmark with its pre-built email marketing templates assures you to show confidence. From choosing beautiful colour schemes, and adding desirable images and text to formatting images and text size, everything will be under the construction of Benchmark template crafting. Even without any struggle with photoshop, you can simply edit photos by adjusting size, colours, fonts and stickers. 


  1. Audience integration: To nurture leads and efficiently save manual effort, integration with various platforms is quite necessary to associate with the entire world despite being anywhere. Benchmark assimilates with several apps & plugins such as WordPress, Shopify, Google sheet, Zapier and so on to track down customer lists, meet more subscribers with customized product blocks, enable pricing buttons, create email sketches and merge with 1500 onwards services like google docs, Facebook, Gmail etc following consumer engagement. 


  1. A/B testing: Email marketing strategy with a powerful A/B testing feature usually optimize page traffic for revenue growth. Benchmark with this feature verifies every data-protected lineup from the subject line to the forward time by assuring some email elements like CTA language, email sending time and date, email copy, text preview, email format etc to safely reach the audience and make the best result out of it. 


  1. Email Automation: Benchmark’s professional email automation works depending on subscribers’ activeness. Here you can customize your automation design or go ahead with Benchmark easy-to-go templates for enhancing customers’ behaviours towards your trade. If an audience shows interest then triggered emails or automated email templates help you get attached to customers till they step forward to the next. Benchmark email automation strategy precisely aids you in converting leads to potential customers. 


  1. Audience segmentation: segmentation finds out the promising customer base and the lead preferences including customer location, age, performance, requirements, deadline and many other factors. Benchmark unlike other email marketing tools helps you ascertain what an individual customer wants to maintain an everlasting relationship not only by focusing on their pattern of purchasing, lead forward and interaction. 


  1. Landing page: The landing page should be like an introduction- the knowledge and service in short. Benchmark allows you to urge customer reaction immediately through embedded forms in the landing page which insert email contacts in the list and template layouts for increasing conversion. The landing page of Benchmark email automation has a provision to link directly with email campaigns and customer journeys in a consistent and effective manner. 

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a comprehensive email marketing platform that enables businesses to create, automate, and track their email campaigns and help businesses to engage with their target audience .

Why Benchmark?
When someone gets an email inbox and opens up the form, it should be comprehensible and trustworthy to build a productive relationship with consumers. The painless features and designs of Benchmark provide the best solution for even newcomers too. Now let’s dig deeper into it to get convinced with more firmness. 


 Elementary features: Benchmark email automation brings up various uncomplicated features like a free monthly plan, A/B testing, lead generation, landing page, segmentation and so on which can help ignite customer growth as well as emerging brand visibility. 


24/7 customer support: Benchmark always welcomes you to get connected with its praisable customer executives whenever you face any problems operating email campaigns. If you are committed to your business then they are committed to your difficulties running marketing.  


Marge other services and tools: To dedicatedly support your enterprise with delicate protection, Benchmark has partnered with various services like Google, Rackspace, Zendesk, litmus, Intelsecurity etc and integrated with numerous tools such as Zapier, WordPress, Paypal, Shopify, Zoho and many more by gathering email marketing instruments to make stronger and committed email subscribers base.  


Straightforward layouts: If you’re searching for accessible and customization-friendly templates at time same time, Benchmark is the right choice for you. In-built editing layouts and formatting designs are quite handy to easily perceive an idea of email marketing.


Low subscription: Free subscription plans are always close to everyone because the buffer time resolves your inner queries. Benchmark is no exception in providing a free subscription plan with basic but leading features. The other subscription plans are also budget-friendly keeping in mind the ability of every business in the market. 

How to use Benchmark Email ?
  • Sign up and set up your account: Visit the Benchmark Email website and sign up for an account. Provide the necessary information and follow the instructions to create your account. Once signed up, you'll have access to the platform's features and tools.
  • Build your email list: Start by importing your existing contact list or manually add contacts to your Benchmark Email account. You can segment your contacts into different lists based on criteria such as demographics, interests, or purchase history.
  • Design your email campaign: Benchmark Email offers various options for designing your email campaigns. You can choose from pre-designed templates, customize them using the drag-and-drop editor, or create your own templates from scratch. Customize the email content, add images, logos, and call-to-action buttons to make your emails visually appealing and engaging.
  • Track and analyze campaign performance: After your campaign is sent, monitor its performance using Benchmark Email's tracking and reporting features. Track metrics like open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and unsubscribe rates. Analyze the data to gain insights into the effectiveness of your campaign and make informed decisions for future campaigns.
Who it's for?
Benchmark’s committed customers’ data protection and reliable compliance are worthy to create, manage and sell email campaigns for all kinds of customer bases whether it’s a small enterprise or high-volume senders. Consisting of multiple advanced tools and features of Benchmark helps you to increase business growth and enhance audience engagement at scale. The profitable Benchmark email marketing users include enterprises, entrepreneurs, agencies, developers, large businesses, affiliate marketers and the list must go on. API authentication to promote email sending, data reporting and building customer email lists has helped Benchmark to make a place in everyone’s heart. 
Benchmark email pricing range
14.00 / month
  • Free plan
  • Lite plan
  • Pro plan:
  • Enterprise plan

Free sign-up: Benchmark free subscription plan offers a maximum of 3,500 emails per one month basis , Lite plan: This plan offers at $14 per month with 100 smart content credits for one month ,Pro plan starts at $22 per month and provision of 7500 emails monthly with 24/7 email, live chat ,Enterprise plan The enterprise plan comes with all plus programs and an unlimited contacts facility to be mainly useful for large companies as they can according to their need choose personalised features such as dedicated IP protection

Benchmark alternative
Benchmark vs Mailchimp: Mailchimp’s free plan has also made it a benchmark alternative consisting of features like email automation, pre-built CRM and commendable customer service but it hasn’t a user-friendly and comprehensible interface. 

Benchmark vs Sendinblue: A remarkable competitor of Benchmark, Sendinblue has come up with great quality features and a free subscription plan which make it one of the most unbeatable email marketing software but its premium plans are expensive.  

Benchmark vs GetResponse: GetResposne with its almost 99% deliverability rate, hassle-free customer service and standard features facility coming with the free plan point out some glitches of Benchmark. 

Mailerlite vs Benchmark: Another Benchmark alternative is Mailerlite which is acclaimed by bloggers, entrepreneurs, social media influencers and coaches for its straightforward signup program, understandable landing page, intuitive layouts and editors, excellent customer service and most importantly free subscription plan including all features under one roof but it lacked handy features and articles.

We’re comparing leading email marketing tools based on the start plan offered-


Features  Benchmark  Mailerlite Mailchimp  GetResponse 
Pricing  Free monthly plan Free monthly plan Free monthly plan Free monthly plan
A/B split test  No No No Yes 
Automation  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Integration  No Yes  Yes  Yes 
Customer support  Email, live chat and phone support  Email, live chat and phone Email, chat and phone  Email. Chat and phone 
Segmentation  Yes No Yes  Yes 
Templates  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 

Review Form
Benchmark email reviews
  • Worth the money
  • Clean interface
  • Comprehensible Features
  • Customer support
  • Possible Recommendation
Benchmark has come with all plus features which require no mental effort. If someone embarks on a new business and is looking for a pertinent email marketing service tool, anyone can blindly trust Benchmark email campaigns and its easy-to-go products. Whether it is affordable pricing or unimaginable features like coherent automation, personalized layouts, flexible integration and a compact landing page, Benchmark has indeed set a standard for efficiently bringing all resources together. Now it’s time to save both your money and effort to get on board with Benchmark email marketing for more business expansion and customer involvement. 

Benchmark Email Alternates Software
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MailerLite's commitment to providing a seamless, efficient, and results-driven platform makes it an invaluable asset for businesses aiming not just to survive but to thrive in the digital ecosystem. So, whether you're charting new territories or navigating familiar landscapes, MailerLite is your compass, guiding your brand toward unparalleled success in the realm of eCommerce.

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