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What is HubSpot email marketing?
Every business needs promotion, and email marketing proves to be one of the most effective ways to promote your business directly. Today we will discuss one such amazing email marketing tool that helps you grow your business and make your digital marketing experience a lot easier. 

HubSpot free email marketing tool is a trending tool to make your life easier. But before jumping on HubSpot, we first need to understand what email marketing is. 

Email marketing is a marketing strategy where the user or the organization sends a commercial message to a group of people at once. HubSpot is an email marketing tool that allows you to manage your marketing, sales, and customer engagement.

What are HubSpot features that help with the growth of the business?
  • Automated CRM database : The main motto of email marketing with HubSpot is to manage the customer’s database and connect with them. HubSpot solves the problem of collecting customer data and tracking their profile, engagement, and relationship with the business. Customer relationship management (CRM) provides a realistic approach to the marketing and sales team to smoothen the workflow and communicate with the audience.
  • Email Analytics : At times the email a business sends to its customers needs to be revised. Still, HubSpot provides an analytical report to track audience engagement and to understand the click rate on that email. It also provides the data for the opening rate and how much time the audience spends on the same. When HubSpot email automation sends an email to a group of people, this feature tracks the results.
  • Interactive Landing Page : Landing pages decide the future of a business; the more interactive the page is, the more clients it attracts. HubSpot allows users to create SEO-based web pages, blogs, and effective landing pages with CTAs to benefit the customer.
  • List segmentation : Another valuable feature of HubSpot email marketing is list segmentation. This feature divides the context of the database according to their preferences. It creates a list of ideal customers so that similar action can be taken for similar customers with a click.
  • A/B testing :Different layouts give different results, but how do we analyze which was better? HubSpot has a version tracking analytics feature that measures how separate emails are performed in terms of layout, contents, language, and style. It helps the business to clarify which version of the email was more efficient and successful, understanding the customer’s inclination.
  • Social Media integration and management : In this world of social media engagements and marketing strategies, every business needs to upgrade itself. HubSpot email tool integrates with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, allowing users to make the most of it. The all-in-one tool helps the user to connect multiple accounts, plan, draft, schedule, publish and track engagement to understand real-time insights.
  • Dashboards : Dashboards prove to be a prominent tool in any tool or website. On HubSpot, the whole team can report in one place with the dashboard feature for reviewing and analysis.
  • Paid Ad-Tracking : Digital promotions run through ads, and it’s better to track those ads to analyze their performances. HubSpot email marketing tool helps with the management of ads to understand the algorithm, metrics, and performance of the advertisement for better clarification and understanding.
Why should we pick HubSpot?
Even when the features are clear and the question still arises, why should you pick the HubSpot email tool?

Unlike many other email marketing tools, the free version of HubSpot has amazing features to work on your marketing strategies. Even the premium version of the device has amazing deals, including the Starter, The Professional, and The Enterprise.

Who’s it for?
HubSpot works for most businesses, but as studies suggest, some of the top industries that use HubSpot CRM are,

  • Computer Software
  • IT sector
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Financial Services
  • Education Management
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare etc.

While HubSpot is a great pick for any size of business, this tool is best for small businesses. Many companies with 10-50 employees use HubSpot with higher revenue. Some companies with a size of 200–10,000 and revenue in the millions that use HubSpot are TerraCycle Inc., Insperity Inc., H&R Block, Black Friars Group, and many more. 

Since the free features are everything a small business needs, this tool becomes a perfect choice. No doubt that big brands can use the tool for their companies as well, but certain restrictions arise when even the Enterprise version only allows 10000 marketing contacts on the database.


HubSpot's software is known for its user-friendly interface, integration capabilities, and focus on inbound marketing methodology. It provides scalable solutions suitable for small businesses as well as enterprise-level organizations.

HubSpot for email marketing automation
HubSpot is a software company that proposes a range of marketing, sales, and customer service tools, containing an email marketing computerization platform i.e., HubSpot email marketing automation. The program allows consumers to form and send targeted email campaigns, track the accomplishment of their emails, and automate email sequences based on specific conduct or actions. It also offers features such as A/B testing, separation, and integrations accompanying other tools such as CRM and e-commerce platforms.
HubSpot email campaign
A HubSpot email marketing campaign is a sequence of emails that are consigned to a particular group of contacts or leads. The platform admits consumers to form and design email templates, slice their email lists, start automated email sequences, and path the efficiency of their campaigns.

Users can construct and transmit various types of email campaigns on HubSpot, such as:

Newsletters: Regularly-scheduled emails accompanying updates, promotions, and other information.

Drip campaigns: Automated email sequences that are prompted by specific actions or behaviours.

Event invitations: Emails to promote and invite contacts to occurrences.

Lead maintenance: Emails that nurture leads through the sales funnel.

Users can further A/B test their email campaigns, schedule them, and path the performance of their campaigns by supervising open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

How do I use HubSpot?
Even though the tool seems a little complicated at first, figuring it out once can make you understand that it is one of the most user-friendly tools in the market. 

The basic interface of the tool is quite easy to understand. 

  • First, the user can sign in with their email id and create an account.
  • Next, go through the available templates according to their version.
  • Edit your email with the drag-and-drop option to personalize your content. Add your logo, signature, CTA and picture. Align your content, finalise the whole thing and confirm your settings. 
  • Select your recipients from the CRM database and click send or schedule. 

HubSpot Email Marketing Pricing
50.00 / month
  • Starter plan
  • Professional plan
  • businesses and enterprises plans

Starter plan costs $50 per month. The Starter plan provides you with up to 1000 marketing contacts and includes all the features of the free version with an addition of the following feature: Starter plan costs $50 per month. The Starter plan provides you with up to 1000 marketing contacts and includes all the features of the free version with an addition of the following feature: Removal of HubSpot branding , In-app chat support. Professional plan costs $890 per month. This plan provides up to 2000 marketing contacts and includes all the features of the above plan with an addition of the following feature: For businesses and enterprises, the plans cost $890 to $3600 per month. The plan provides up to 10000 marketing contacts

HubSpot email marketing alternatives
  • Terminus ABM platform
  • Sharpspring
  • Sendinblue
  • Act-On
  • Adobe Marketo Engage
  • SALESmanago etc.
What makes HubSpot a better choice than its alternatives?

  • The user-friendly interface allows users to understand and create a better plan for their business growth. 
  • Hubspot offers a free version and competitively priced plans and offerings as opposed to the other tools in the market
  • Versatile kit of tools including Dashboards, analytics, automated workflow, live chat, meeting schedule, insights, etc.
  • It creates an SEO-optimized landing page, blogs and web page for its users. 
  • HubSpot analytics on emails, workflow, ads, performance and marketing.

HubSpot email marketing reviews
  • Trust Factor
  • Custommer Support
  • Dynamic segments
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Overall, email marketing in HubSpot makes the journey easier as it is one of the most user-friendly tools. The features of HubSpot are simple and helpful for every user to understand and create the best for their growth. It will also help businesses stand out in crowds with analytical features and unique strategies.
Alternative Software
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