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What is SendinBlue email marketing?
Email marketing has changed the marketing world, and businesses have been booming. Sendinblue email automation is one such tool which helps your business roar.

Over 3 lakh customers trust this all-in-one marketing platform with an amazing interface and supreme features. Sendinblue software fulfils all digital marketing needs by performing tasks like email campaigns, marketing automation, SMS, sending newsletters, and transactional emails. 

SendinBlue email marketing features
  • Email building Create a professional-looking email in no time start with a template email library or build a new design from scratch add the blocks and style you want using the intuitive drag & drop builder to match your brand perfectly.
  • Personalized content Bring your email content to life by dynamically adding text such as your contact’s name using personalization, or go even further with Sendinblue’s advanced email personalization options.
  • Segmentation With unlimited lists and contacts in Sendinblue, your creativity has no limits! Group contacts however you want and take your strategy further by choosing even smaller segments based on criteria that you choose (e.g., gender, geography, etc.)
  • Automation Finish your message and let Sendinblue handle the hard stuff. Please find the best note with A/B testing and make sure your email is sent at the perfect time with the click of a button using our machine learning-powered send time optimization.
  • A/B testing In the context of email, AB testing sends one variation of your campaign to a subset of your subscribers and a different variation to another subset of subscribers. AB testing can vary in complexity, and simple AB tests can include sending multiple subject lines to test which one generates more opens. Suppose you’re using email tools like Campaign Monitor. In that case, AB trying your campaigns is very easy. You can use the email builder to create 2 different variations of your email. It will automatically send it to 2 different subsets of your list to see which variation performs best.
  • Transactional email: All non-promotional emails go to transactional email addresses. These emails are sent when the user has created an account, when they have made an order, and when they request new passwords. Transactional email is vital to maintaining customer relationships and driving repeat business.
  • Autoresponders: An autoresponder is a tool that sends an automatic email in response to a pre-defined trigger event.
Sendinblue automation
SendinBlue offers automation features that admit users to generate automated email campaigns and workflows. Automation admits you to start a series of emails that are set off by particular conduct or occurrences, such as a subscriber signing up for a newsletter or abandoning a shopping cart.

With SendinBlue automation, you can generate automated email campaigns for lead maintenance, abandoned cart improvement, welcome series, win-back campaigns and more. These campaigns can be started by particular conduct, such as a new subscriber signs up, a purchase being made, or a specific date or time.

Why should we pick Sendinblue?
Every tool has pros and cons, and so does Sendinblue, but choosing the right tool for your business will depend entirely upon your needs, size, industry, uses and customer base. 

Some of the superior benefits of the email marketing tool, which you probably don’t want to miss are,

  • Cross-channel marketing campaigns

Wherever your customers go, your campaigns can follow them. The tool helps you design advertising campaigns with live chat, emails, CRM and SMS marketing to create custom cross-channel marketing to avoid missing a lead. 

  • User personalization

Every customer behaves differently, and thus it is important to study their reactions and work accordingly. The dynamic personalization of the tool helps the business deliver personalized content to drive more traffic without making the process time-consuming.

  • High-quality leads

 From creating forms to understanding your target audience to generating leads, Sendinblue helps the user with everything. The lead magnet will attract leads, spark their interest, and help in developing better revenues. 

  • Better conversion rates

Converting prospects to leads is no joke. It takes proper market understanding and automation to generate leads and have better conversation rates through email marketing.

  • Smooth experience 

The path feels smooth when the user and the customer feel the personalized journey experience. Custom emails engage customers and send them relevant offers to encourage them to interact with the business and deal more often.

Who’s it for?
Any user above the age of 18 who follows the terms and conditions of the tool can use it. From small companies to brand businesses, everyone can give Sendinblue a try. 

Some of the businesses which have been using Sendinblue for years are:

  • Site guru
  • Façade games
  • Secret
  • ReferralHero
  • Vidsaga and many more

Sendinblue landing page
SendinBlue offers a landing page concept tool that admits consumers to constitute and design custom landing pages for their site. A landing page is a standalone web page that is planned to convert visitors into leads or clients. It is a particular page on a site namely designed to be the destination for a particular marketing campaign.

With SendinBlue’s landing page form, consumers can devise custom pages that match the look and feel of their site, and use miscellaneous elements such as forms, figures, and videos to conceive an effective landing page. The tool further offers A/B experiments and data to help you measure the acting of your landing page, and optimize it for better results.

How do you use Sendinblue?
The Sendinblue interface is basic and easy to understand. The top menu directs you to automation, campaigns, databases, and emails. Also, provide several email templates to choose from on the side menu. 

  • Create an account on the platform and choose a plan. 
  • Complete your profile and start your journey
  • Set up your contact list
  • Create an email subscription form
  • Schedule and design email campaigns 
  • Select the list to send that email
  • Run promotions on your email. 
  • Follow up on the results and performance.


It offers a user-friendly interface with a range of features designed to help businesses connect with their audience effectively, Sendinblue provides both free and paid plans with varying features and sending limits. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, and offers integration options with popular e-commerce platforms

Sendinblue pricing
25.00 / day
  • Free plan
  • Starter Pack
  • Business Pack
  • Custom Pricing

If your customer database ranges between 100-500 people, a free plan can work best for you. the limit for the free plan is 300 emails a day along with basic features like SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, customizable templates, interactive drag-and-drop editors and transactional emails are also included , This plan only costs $25 a month. Users can send 20,000 emails per month with the added feature of advanced statistics. There are a few add-ons also available like the removal of the Sendinblue logo at nominal prices. , The premium plan only costs $65 a month. Users can send 20,000 emails along with marketing automation, list segmentation and email analytics. It offers thorough A/B testing and multi-user access with send time optimization , The unique feature of the platform is the Enterprise plan. Users can get quotes for the parts they choose and apply them to their business without sticking to a particular plan.

Sendinblue email campaign
SendinBlue is an email marketing program that allows consumers to form and transmit email campaigns to their contacts. With SendinBlue, users can design and conceive email templates, segment their email lists, automate email sequences, and path the accomplishment of their campaigns. 

Some of the types of email campaigns that may be created accompanying SendinBlue contain:

Newsletters: Regularly-scheduled emails accompanying updates, promotions, and other information.

Drip campaigns: Automated email sequences that are triggered by distinguishing conduct or behaviours.

Event invitations: Emails to advance and invite contacts to events.

Transactional emails: Emails that are triggered by specific actions such as a purchase or account concept.

SendinBlue further specifies features such as A/B testing, organizing, and unification accompanying other tools such as CRM and e-commerce programs. Users can also track the accomplishment of their campaigns by observing open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Sendinblue alternatives
The market has numerous email marketing tools for its users, and every device has unique features. Some of the alternative tools for Sendinblue are given below,

  • MailChimp
  • Terminus ABM platform 
  • Sharpspring
  • GetResponse 
  • Omnisend 
  • SendPulse
  • Mailgun
  • Mailjet etc

Sendinblue comparison
Sendinblue is a common email marketing tool that presents a collection of features to help companies create and send direct email campaigns. When compared to new email marketing tools, Sendinblue is known for its handy connection, affordable costing plans, and thorough list of features.

One main highlight that sets Sendinblue apart from other email marketing tools is its included SMS marketing feature, which allows companies to transmit SMS campaigns to their clients. Other well-known email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber do not offer this factor.

Another feature that sets Sendinblue separate is its automation workflows, which allow companies to automate definite email campaigns, such as welcome emails and uninhibited cart reminders. These workflows can be effortlessly created and personalized using the program’s drag-and-drop editor.

In terms of pricing, Sendinblue suggests a free plan with elementary features, additionally economical paid plans accompanying more advanced features. This may be an economical alternative for small enterprises or startups that are just offset out with email marketing.

Overall, Sendinblue is a solid selection for companies of all sizes looking for an easy-to-use and inexpensive email marketing tool accompanying progressive features. However, it depends on the particular requirements of the business and the features they demand, other tools may offer more particular features that can profit the business better.

  • value of money,
  • flexible editing features
  • website Planet.
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Sendinblue is a well-known email marketing tool that suggests an assortment of features to help companies forge and send productive email campaigns. These appearances include email design plans, contact administration, automation workflows, A/B testing, and specific data. Many consumers find that the platform is convenient, and the costing plans are responsive and affordable. Additionally, it further involves SMS marketing features which may be advantageous for companies looking to send SMS campaigns to their clients. Overall, Sendinblue is a reliable choice for enterprises of all sizes looking to boost their email marketing exertions.
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