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Digital businesses have implied several tools to thrive in business, email marketing campaign is one of the best mediums to help your products reach out to customers on demand. With the help of Automated designs and creative graphical tools, anyone can make an effortless email marketing campaign to increase business growth throughout the web industry. UseINBOX – an email marketing software that is equipped with user-friendly templates and zero-coding hassles to create eye-catchy email newsletters within a short time span. 
UseInbox Features
  • Editors and templates: The process of hiring a graphical designer and making him familiar with your preference would be tricky, instead of using mobile-friendly graphical templates for building newsletters. UseInbox has brought us drag and drop editor through which you can customize email designs with the help of an upgraded picture library book and various modules for designs incorporating font style, size and colour options without the harassment of coding, despite that the personalized HTML editor is also there for you who are good to go with coding. You can also go ahead with InboxBrush pre-saved templates to save time as they are fine enough to match your expectation and data history will help you choose the right design eliminating the previous mistakes.
  • Automation: Buyer engagement is necessary more than anything whether it is one customer or thousands in size. You need to keep track of every individual with the impressive automation technology of UseInbox email marketing software. This feature has various workflow designs such as birthday emails, anniversary emails, selling emails, customer retention emails and many more. From providing welcome messages for new subscribers to promoting discount offers for future buys, the UseInbox email automation strategy helps you get the best deal out of it. You are also helped with its workflow triggers such as when someone opens the campaign form, completes signup and sometimes even doesn’t show interest in it. This feature allows your customers to get auto-updates and assists you look into previous purchases and asking for a review.
  • Signup forms: Subscription forms effectively convince customers by grabbing attention while checking a website. UseInbox according to your preference with its Drag & Drop design creates the look of signup forms which compels customers to become curious about the product. With the help of HTML codes, you can share embedded forms anywhere on your brand website with iFrame. Without using the help of any third-party application, UseInbox carters you authorized CASL and GDPR texts which provide the T&C applied users' confirmation.
  • A/B testing: you can increase lead generation if you thoroughly test the performance of your email campaign because metrics will give you a better outlook on audience reaction so that you can step forward with the next. A/B testing in the subject line helps you with two areas including the email subject and the sender’s account to effectively figure out the user involvement such as no. of clicks. Sender details aid your customers recognize your firm and products to build trust and consistency. Optimizing all sections of email campaign content incorporating subject, texts, offers, pictures etc through A/B split test will help you get insights which are helpful to raise opens and conversion rates.
  • Landing page: landing page should be attractive and easy to understand. UseInbox caters free service for building a landing page and you can customize it with templates or to add more creativity on it, Drag & drop editor can be used. This email marketing tool helps you deal with the high conversion with the intelligible interface of the landing page where people can get to know about the products you’re serving and decide according to that.
  • Segmentation: This feature shows how better you get in touch with your subscribers by separating them into certain groups based on their behaviours, age, gender, location, engagement, demographics and more. UseInbox has made it easy for you to filter and divide customers into a few groups to create a dynamic and personalized segmentation by using comprehensible UI and this will anyway help you boost your click-through rate by getting notifications from the potential customers within the preferred time.
  • Integration: To smooth your workflow, Integration with various applications is needed. UseInbox is no exception and helps you merge with multiple web services such as Zapier, Societal, Shopify, WooCommerce, Jotform and many more so that your brand will indirectly get connected with customers who are in use of those popular apps. With its API documentation, you can go ahead with your marketing operation in the easiest way.
Why UseINBOX email marketing
UseInbox actually can make a bridge between you and your customers by connecting through email inbox and it doesn’t let buyers forget who you are! 

Affordable pricing 

Every small business and even large startup search for cost-effective email marketing software that can provide a bunch of things on a less expensive budget. UseInbox email marketing will allow you use not only the basic features but also some upgraded tools such as the  HTML editor, audience automation and pre-built newsletter templates within a single subscription plan with no extra charge. 

Single account benefits

You want to perform various techniques and legislations to monitor your contact lists and for that, you don’t need multiple account authorization. Because UseInbox aids you lead verified campaigns consisting of all codifications like CASL, GDPR and CCPA. Hence, holding a single account can also let you manage the customer lists efficiently. 

Zero coding knowledge 

Email marketing does not always require coding expertise as without the fuss of coding anyone can create attractive email campaigns which make the audience engrossed in the brand’s products. UseInbox email marketing provides some pre-made templates and Drag & Drop editor service to customize email newsletters as per your needs so after account configuration you can begin sending emails in minutes. 

Straightforward UI

If the user interface is not understandable email program will nowhere take a place. The customer comes seeing a comprehensible interface with no complex design and formation but complied with compact information. UseInbox with its simple user interface provides all the required details so a newcomer in email marketing will get that too. 

Amiable customer experts 

Whatever the volume of the emails, Useinbox will always be your back with its warm-hearted customer executives because they will guide you in every way 24/7 and help you overcome the obstacles you have gone through. 

Who it's for?
UseInbox is highly acceptable to small business owners as well as large startups as it can handle all sizes of email campaigns within a short period of time. Affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, large enterprises and many other small businesses got acquainted with this email marketing tool for its intuitive features such as effective automation, dynamic segmentation, transactional emails, struggle-free email list building and free landing page service along with straightforward UI, amicable support team and multiple actions with single account authorization.  
Email marketing pricing
89.00 / day
  • Free plan
  • Paid Plan

UseInbox pricing has a flexible range and included a subscriber-based plan for choosing personalized subscribers and the pay-as-you-go plan for required email sendings. Let’s see why are they more acceptable! Subscriber-based plan: you can set your subscriber limits on a monthly and yearly basis with it incorporating a wide range of features that you need to thrive in business. This pricing program has the free-plan forever service where you can get 500 subscribers with unlimited email sendings and eligible customer support along with some main features such as unlimited segmentation, unlimited web forms, unlimited customer lists, email automation, 5 brand management, standard emailing speed and authentic sender ID. you can customize the plan according to your requirement for subscribers. Pay-as-you-go plan: this plan leads you set up the sending limit equipped with standard features such as A/B split test, Auto resend, high-speed email sending, advanced audience automation, integration, customized segmentation and RSS campaigns. This plan starts at $89 per year providing you with 10000 email sendings along with unlimited email contacts and customer support. You can customize it too for large enterprises with premium features such as a dedicated IP manager, personalized landing page, custom newsletter templates and deliverability conferences.

UseInbox Email marketing alternative
Do you want to choose UseINBOX over other alternatives? Here are a few reasons to prove you right. 

Mailchimp: This email marketing software has come up with a free plan like UseINBOX but doesn’t cover the areas that UseINBOX helps us with such as advanced automation, A/B testing, dynamic segments and so on. Even the pricing plan of Mailchimp is a little higher than UseINBOX, to be specific, INBOX pro plan provides unlimited monthly email sends whereas Mailchimp restricts it up to 500k. 

 ROUTEE: The cloud-protected platform controls the overall email marketing to generate leads effectively incorporating features like bulk email sending, two-factor verification, optimization and others but provides poor customer service. UseINBOX pricing and comprehensible UI unlike ROUTEE can propel your eCommerce brand. 

MPZMail: Its user-friendly newsletter templates and real-time optimization helps in business growth but it has lacked in not providing all benefits in the premium subscription plan whereas UseINBOX provides the free plan with unlimited email sendings and standard key features. 

ExxpertApps : This AI-backed email marketing tool caters a digital billing service which is useful for eCommerce brands as its ready invoices notify buyers at the right time But Zero free-plan service makes it a perfect UseInbox alternative. 


it generally refers to the practice of sending marketing emails to subscribers' inboxes. The goal of inbox email marketing is to engage with recipients, promote products or services, and drive desired actions


Features  UseInbox ROUTEE MPZMail Mailchimps  ExxpertApps
Pricing  Forever free plan $10.60/month $5/monthly plan  Free monthly plan $50/month 
Automation  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Integration  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Customer support  Email, Chat and phone support  Email, live chat and phone support  Email, live chat and phone Email, chat and phone  Email. Chat and phone 
Segmentation  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Templates  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 

  • Ease-of-use
  • Straightforward UI
  • Friendly support team
  • Overall rating
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Email marketing tools are now backed up with efficient cloud-computing and the main features will help digital brands to flourish successfully by generating leads through efficient email campaigns. UseINBOX is a reliable email marketing tool with a simple interface, comprehensible features such as creative editors, constructive integration, effective automation and many more. Its reasonable pricing plan helps all kinds of businesses to enhance conversion rates and truly make a place in customers’ hearts. 
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