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About Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer is a professional-grade vector graphics editor software developed by Serif for macOS, Windows, and iPadOS. It is created to be a comprehensive tool for graphic designers, illustrators, and artists who require precise control over their artwork.

Affinity Designer presents a roomy range of features, containing progressive vector manipulation tools, support for numerous artboards, customizable grids and guides, a vast array of vector brushes and effects, and the ability to work with both raster and vector files. It further has a strong set of typography tools, containing support for OpenType fonts and text on a path.

One of the standout features of Affinity Designer is its efficiency, which is optimized for modern hardware and assigns smooth and responsive editing even with large and complex documents. It further supports a range of file formats, containing SVG, PDF, and Adobe Illustrator, making it an adjustable tool for forming designs for both print and digital media.

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Affinity Designer features
  • Vector editing: Affinity Designer supplies progressive vector manipulation tools that assign consumers to create and edit vector shapes accompanying precision and ease.
  • Multiple artboards: It supports different artboards, allowing users to work on different designs or iterations within a single document.
  • Customizable grids and guides: Affinity Designer proposes customizable grids and guides, making it smooth to align and organize objects in a design.
  • Vector brushes and effects: It has an enormous array of vector brushes and effects that authorize consumers to generate unique designs and include texture and depth in their artwork.
  • Raster and vector files support: Affinity Designer supports both raster and vector file formats, making it smooth to work with both types of images in a single document.
Affinity Designer alternatives
Some alternatives to Affinity Designer include:

  • Adobe Illustrator- Adobe Illustrator is an effective design tool that presents a range of features for forming and prototyping digital designs. It contains tools for designing and animating interfaces, further collaboration and sharing features.


  • CorelDRAW- CorelDRAW is a professional vector graphics editor that presents a range of features for designing, editing, and publishing vector graphics, like logos, illustrations, and layouts. It has a long history and is famous in the industry for its powerful tools, adaptable workflow, and an extensive community.


  • Sketch- Sketch is a vector-based design tool particularly popular among Mac consumers. It proposes a range of features, containing vector editing, prototyping, and collaboration tools.


  •  Gravit Designer- Gravit Designer is a vector graphics editor that proposes a range of features for designing, prototyping, and collaborating on vector designs. It has a modern as well as intuitive interface, supports a range of file formats, and suggests a free version accompanying limited features and a paid version with more progressive features.


  • Inkscape- Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor that presents a range of features for designing, editing, and exporting vector graphics. It has an abundant and active community, supports a range of file layouts, and suggests an effective set of vector tools for precise and detailed designs.

Who is Affinity Designer For?
Affinity Designer is used by an off-course range of professionals and creatives who need precise control over their vector graphics design and illustration projects. Some of the consumers of Affinity Designer involve graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, UI/UX designers, concept artists, and digital artists. It is also well-known among small business owners and individuals who need to create graphics for marketing materials, social media, and additional digital or print projects. Affinity Designer’s versatile features, instinctive interface, and affordable pricing make it a popular choice among both amateur and professional users in the creative industry.
There are four pricing plans offered by Affinity Designer. They are:

  •     Affinity V2 Universal Licence: This plan is for macOS, Windows & iPadOS with a pricing of ₹14,900.00.
  •     Affinity Designer 2: This plan is offered by Affinity Designer for macOS or Windows at a cost of ₹5,900.00.
  •     Affinity Photo 2: This plan is also for macOS or Windows for a price of ₹5,900.00.
  •     Affinity Publisher 2: This is the last plan offered by Affinity Designer for macOS or Windows for a cost of ₹5,900.00.

Why Choose Affinity Designer?
Affinity Designer logo design

To design a logo in Affinity Designer, start by sketching out ideas and refining the design accompanying vector tools. Experiment with typography, colour, and composition, and export the conclusive design in a vector file layout for scalability. Use Affinity Designer’s features to form a unique and professional logo for a brand or business.

Affinity Designer free

Affinity Designer is not free software, but it offers a free trial for 10 days. After the trial period, consumers can purchase a license for a one-time fee, that contains all future updates. Affinity Designer’s pricing is more inexpensive and distinguished from additional professional-grade vector graphics software.

Affinity Designer plugins

Affinity Designer supports plugins that offer functionality, like the Astute Graphics plugins for vector editing, the Affinity plugin pack for supplementary tools and brushes, and the IconJar plugin for supervising icons. Users can install and control plugins through the Affinity Store or third-party sources.

Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer's efficiency, coupled with its diverse feature set and support for multiple platforms, positions it as a powerful tool for professionals in the graphic design and illustration fields. Its compatibility with industry-standard file formats and commitment to optimized performance make it a flexible and adaptable choice for a wide range of design projects.

Affinity Designer comparisons
Affinity Designer vs Illustrator

The difference between Affinity Designer and Illustrator are:

  •     Pricing: Affinity Designer is a one-time purchase, although Illustrator demands a monthly subscription.
  •     User interface: Affinity Designer has a modern and streamlined interface, while Illustrator has a more established and complicated interface.
  •     Performance: Affinity Designer is optimized for modern hardware and supplies smooth and responsive editing, while Illustrator may be slower, particularly accompanying large and complicated documents.
  •     Compatibility: Affinity Designer supports a range of file formats, containing SVG, PDF, and Adobe Illustrator, while Illustrator is more compatible with additional Adobe software.
  •     Features: Affinity Designer proposes a strong set of features for vector graphics editing, containing vector brushes and effects, while Illustrator has more progressive features for typography and layout design.

Affinity Designer vs Photoshop

Here is the difference between Affinity Designer and Photoshop:

  •     Vector vs. raster graphics: Affinity Designer is a vector graphics editor, while Photoshop is mainly used for raster graphics editing.
  •     Interface: Affinity Designer has a newer and streamlined interface, while Photoshop has a more complicated and traditional interface.
  •     Features: Affinity Designer offers features particularly designed for vector graphics editings, like vector brushes and effects, while Photoshop proposes more progressive features for photo editing, like progressive layer masking and photo retouching tools.
  •     Price: Affinity Designer is a one-time purchase, while Photoshop demands a monthly subscription.

Affinity Designer Reviews
Affinity Designer has earned positive reviews from users and critics for its effective features, ease of use, and inexpensive cost. Users appreciate its new and streamlined interface, instinctive tools, and customizable workspaces. Critics praise its vector tools, export efficiencies, and support for popular file formats. Some consumers have stated performance issues with abundant and complex documents, but overall, Affinity Designer is a well-known choice among designers and artists looking for a professional-grade vector graphics editor particularly more inexpensive and accessible than industry-standard software.
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Affinity Designer is a strong and inexpensive vector graphics editor that proposes a range of features for designers and artists. Its modern and intuitive interface, customizable workspaces, and support for popular file formats make it a well-known alternative to industry-standard software. Overall, Affinity Designer is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive set of features for vector graphic design, illustration, and artwork creation.
Alternative Software

Sketch is a widely-used digital design tool that empowers users to create and prototype interfaces, websites, and mobile applications. Introduced in 2010, Sketch has gained popularity among designers for its user-friendly interface, intuitive features, and efficient organization of design workflows.


Pixlr Editor is a versatile and free online image editing tool that provides users with the capability to edit images directly in their web browser, eliminating the need for downloading any software. The tool offers a broad range of features, making it suitable for various image editing tasks.


Procreate is a highly acclaimed digital painting and illustration application designed exclusively for the iPad. With its extensive set of tools and features, Procreate has gained popularity among artists and designers for creating intricate and visually stunning artwork.

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