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About Udemy
Udemy is a leading online learning platform that offers a variety of courses on various subjects. It provides an opportunity for individuals to learn new skills, advance their careers, and gain knowledge on a range of topics. With over 21,3000 courses and over 50 million students, Udemy is one of the largest and most comprehensive online learning platforms available today.
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Udemy features
  • Wide Range of Courses: Udemy offers a vast selection of courses on a variety of subjects, including technology, business, design, and more. Whether you are looking to learn a new skill or enhance your existing knowledge, Udemy has something to offer.
  • Affordable Pricing: Udemy courses are highly affordable, with most courses priced between $10 and $200. The platform also offers regular sales and discounts, making it possible for students to access top-quality courses at a fraction of the cost.
  • Convenient and Flexible: Udemy courses can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, making it easy for busy individuals to fit learning into their schedules. Courses can be taken on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, and can be completed at the student's own pace.
  • Expert Instructors: Udemy courses are created and taught by experts in their respective fields. This ensures that students receive high-quality education and are able to learn from individuals who have real-world experience in their subject area.
  • Interactive Features: Udemy courses are designed with interactive features to keep students engaged and help them retain information. These features include quizzes, assignments, and interactive videos.
  • Strong Community: Udemy has a strong community of students and instructors who support each other and share knowledge. This community aspect makes learning more enjoyable and helps students stay motivated.
  • Lifetime Access: Once a student enrols in a course on Udemy, they have lifetime access to the course material. This means they can revisit the course and review the material as often as they like.
Udemy alternatives
Alternatives to the Udemy learning platform include Coursera, Khan Academy and BYJUs in the market.
Who is Udemy for?
Udemy is suitable for both individuals and businesses, offering courses and subscriptions to help people upskill. For individuals, Udemy provides access to 8,000 top-rated courses with new additions being published every month.


With topics ranging from web development and machine learning to financial analysis and ethical hacking, there is a course for everyone. Udemy also offers subscriptions to personal plans that give access to a broad selection of courses. The personal plans offered by Udemy make it suitable for individuals who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

Udemy offers multiple packages and courses that range in cost. The most popular package is the Udemy Business package, which provides unlimited access to 19,000+ top Udemy courses in 14 languages, including top Udemy certification programs in tech and business.


With the ability to create custom learning paths, track employee progress, and more. For individuals, the package costs $360 per user annually. The package costs $780 per year for up to 5 users and $1,560 per year for up to 10 users. If you’re interested in taking individual courses on Udemy, you can browse the course catalogue and select the courses you want to take. 


Individual courses can also be purchased. Prices vary depending on the course. Courses are often discounted and may range from free to hundreds of dollars. The price is given below:


  1. Python – $24.99
  2. Excel – $ 18.99
  3. Web Development – $24.99
  4. JavaScript – $17.99
  5. Data Science – $19.99
  6. AWS (Amazon web services) certification – $39.99
  7. Drawing- $19.99

Why Choose Udemy?
Udemy provides new students with discounts through a new-student offer before it expires, allowing them to access courses at discounted prices. The Udemy course creator resources equip instructors with the tools and support necessary to create high-quality courses that engage and inspire students. 


With a broad selection of over 213,000 online video courses, including new additions published every month, Udemy offers a variety of categories such as development, business, IT and software, design, and more. The Udemy Business program provides unlimited access to over 19,000 top courses in multiple languages as well. Making it for anyone. 


Investing in employees’ growth and keeping their skills up-to-date is made easy with Udemy Business. The program offers employees unlimited access to top courses in multiple languages to fit their needs.


Regular updates to the course material ensure that employees stay knowledgeable on the latest trends. Top teams, including leading companies like NASDAQ, Box, Tata Consultancy Services, Eventbrite, and more, trust Udemy to keep their employees’ skills fresh.


You can access the course anytime anywhere and get top certifications in the fields of tech and business. Additionally, Udemy offers free courses available to anyone and an interactive and engaging platform with regularly updated course material.


Udemy stands as a prominent online learning platform, offering a diverse array of courses across various subjects. It serves as a valuable opportunity for individuals to acquire new skills, advance their careers, and broaden their knowledge on various topics. Boasting over 21,300 courses and a student base exceeding 50 million, Udemy stands as one of the largest and most comprehensive online learning platforms currently available.

Udemy comparisons

Udemy vs Coursera

Udemy and Coursera stand as two leading online learning platforms globally, offering a wide range of courses for learners. However, five factors set them apart from each other:

Cost: Udemy courses generally cost less compared to Coursera’s, and Udemy allows taking many courses independently without additional fees, while Coursera requires a subscription fee for some courses.

Course Availability: Udemy boasts a massive selection of courses on almost any topic, while Coursera offers a smaller library but specializes in Ivy League lectures and expert-taught content.

Accessibility: Udemy makes browsing through its courses easy and quick, but Coursera only grants access to most of its content with an active subscription.

Quality of Content: Both platforms offer high-quality educational materials, but Coursera provides content from experts at respected universities for serious students, while Udemy focuses on practical skills training and hands-on application. With Udemy skill development becomes easy. 

User Support: Both platforms offer support, but Coursera goes the extra mile with personalized help from technical advisers and live tutors. Udemy, on the other hand, only provides limited support through email or forums with no direct contact options.

In conclusion, both Udemy and Coursera offer great online learning, but they differ in cost, course availability, accessibility, quality of content, and user support services.

Udemy vs Khan Academy

Udemy and Khan Academy are two well-known online education platforms, each providing unique features for learners globally. Both offer a range of content from various subject areas, but their approaches to instruction, pricing, and learning styles differ. Five factors differentiate Udemy from Khan Academy:

Accessibility: Udemy offers classes in over 65 languages, making it accessible to a wider audience compared to Khan Academy’s English-only platform. Additionally, Udemy lets users access lectures anytime and anywhere, while Khan Academy requires an internet connection.

Cost: Udemy charges for its courses, some with discounts or promotions, while Khan Academy offers all of its courses as free videos that students can watch at their own pace. Khan Academy provides interactive tutorials, practice problems, and quizzes as part of its instructional model.

Variety of Content: Udemy offers over 150K courses across hundreds of topics, allowing users to find lessons specific to their interests, while Khan Academy specializes mainly in math and science

Learning Styles: Udemy accommodates multiple learning styles with multimedia content like video lectures and audio recordings, while Khan Academy primarily relies on written text for its tutorials.

Overall, both Udemy and Khan Academy provide high-quality educational materials, but their teaching methods, cost, and course variety vary, so learners must consider their individual needs before choosing.

Udemy Reviews
The users feel that Udemy has the best selection, training and curriculum when considering the others they have tried. They acknowledge that the courses are longer when compared to other commodities in the market but the advantage Udemy gives you in their courses is more detail which helps with knowing the subject through and through. 


People also appreciate that Udemy has an enormous number of courses to choose from, with unique courses, appreciate good discounts, flexibility, the fact that one can learn on the go and lifetime access to courses. They also say it is great for people who are looking to reskill. 


Users applaud that the courses like learning Python Programming, PHP and SQL with Databases are detailed. And the curriculum features you in detailed learning step-by-step.  They have courses that are better quality than others. 


Their customers also appreciate the preview features as they all have previews that you can watch, and for most, you can try out the first few lessons to get an idea of teaching style, content, production value, and legitimacy. So you can test a small part of the course before you buy it.

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Udemy is a comprehensive online learning platform that offers a vast range of Udemy courses and tutorials to help individuals and businesses develop new skills and advance their careers. Udemy career development resources are what makes it unique.  With over 21,3000 courses, including certification programs in various fields, Udemy offers a diverse range of learning resources for its students.

The platform’s commitment to Udemy student engagement and community is reflected in its interactive learning experience and constantly updated course material. Udemy’s mobile app and course creator resources provide convenience and accessibility for both students and instructors.

Pricing and subscription options are designed to cater to individual needs and budgets, with free courses available for anyone. Course reviews and ratings help students make informed decisions and ensure the quality of the courses they enrol in.

Overall, Udemy offers a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their knowledge and skills, with a focus on career development and lifelong learning. Its commitment to providing top-quality courses and resources makes it a popular choice for both individuals and businesses alike.


Alternative Software

Discover Vado, the cloud-based LMS revolutionizing workforce development. With over 500 courses covering leadership, client service, compliance, and safety, Vado's unique "micro-learning" approach breaks training into bite-sized chunks for busy schedules. Customizable content ensures tailored learning experiences, while social features foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among peers. Elevate your workforce with Vado's dynamic and innovative platform.


Thinkific is an online platform empowering entrepreneurs, educators, and course creators to develop, market, and sell their online courses. Offering a suite of business tools, Thinkific facilitates easy course creation and customization, allowing users to align their courses with their brand. The platform also provides themes designed for effectively selling educational content.


Talentsoft is a Paris-based cloud-based software company founded in 2007, specializing in HR and talent management solutions for businesses. The software platform includes modules for recruitment, performance supervision, learning and development, compensation management, and succession planning. Designed to assist companies in talent management from recruitment to retirement, Talentsoft aims to enhance employee engagement and productivity. Operating in 130 countries across various industries, Talentsoft has received numerous awards for its innovative solutions and excellent client service.

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