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About Vado
Vado is a cloud-based LMS that presents a range of e-learning courses and tools for worker development. The platform supplies access to over 500 online training courses covering topics like leadership, client service, compliance, and workplace safety, further customizable course content that may be tailored to fit particular organizational requirements.

Vado’s unique selling point is its “micro-learning” approach, which breaks down training into bite-sized chunks that may be achieved in short intervals, building it smoothly for learners to fit training into their busy schedules. The platform likewise supplies social learning features like conversation forums, approving learners to collaborate and share knowledge with their peers.

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Vado features
  • Micro-learning: Vado's courses are broken down into bite-sized modules that may be achieved in short breaks, building it smoothly for learners to fit training into their engaged schedules.
  • Customizable content: Vado presents pre-built courses covering the order of topics, further the capability to build custom content that can be tailored to meet particular organizational requirements.
  • Social learning: The program involves conversation forums and social learning features that approve learners to collaborate and share knowledge with their peers.
  • Reporting and analytics: Vado supplies inclusive reporting and analytics tools that approve administrators to path beginner progress, course completion rates, and different key efficiency indicators.
  • Mobile compatibility: The platform is mobile-friendly and may be accessed from all devices, approving learners to access training materials from any place.
Vado alternatives

  1. Cornerstone OnDemand: This is a cloud-based LMS that supplies a comprehensive collection of features, containing training management, compliance pursuing, and social learning.
  2. Adobe Captivate Prime: This LMS specifies a range of features, containing mobile learning, social learning, and gamification. It likewise integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud.
  3. Docebo: This cloud-based LMS presents features like social learning, mobile compatibility, and e-commerce service. It further has a strong reporting and analytics structure.
  4. Absorb LMS: This LMS proposes features like mobile compatibility, e-commerce service, and social learning. It also has a convenient interface and customizable branding choices.
  5. Moodle: This is an open-source LMS that presents a range of features, containing social learning, mobile compatibility, and customizable course content.

Who is Vado for?
Vado is used by a range of organizations, containing small and medium-sized companies, non-profit institutions, and government departments. The platform is created to be inexpensive and convenient, producing it an appealing choice for institutions with restricted resources or those new to e-learning. Vado’s micro-learning approach and customizable content make it appropriate for a roomy range of enterprises and job roles, containing healthcare, hospitality, retail, and finance. The platform is used by both individual learners and institutions that want to supply training to their employees or members.
How to use Vado?

  1. Generate an account: First, go to the Vado site and create an account.
  2. Pick a subscription plan: Vado presents a range of subscription plans, so select the particular that best fits your organizational requirements.
  3. Build up your account: Once you’ve chosen a plan, you’ll require to establish your account by including customers, forming groups, and allotting roles and permissions.
  4. Browse courses: Vado suggests an off-course range of pre-built courses covering topics like leadership, client service, and workplace security.
  5. Customize content: Vado further assigns you to personalize course content to fit your particular organizational requirements.
  6. Assign courses to learners: Once you’ve picked or built courses, assign them to learners or groups.
  7. Observe progress and accomplishment: Use Vado’s reporting and analytics tools to observe learner growth, course completion rates, and additional key performance indicators.
  8. Engage in social learning: Vado’s social learning features authorize learners to collaborate and share knowledge with their peers.

Vado online training and development platform

Vado is an online training and development platform that presents a range of courses and resources to ease institutions develop their employees’ abilities and knowledge. Vado’s courses are created to be engaging and interactive, accompanying real-life scenarios and practical examples that help learners implement their new knowledge in the organization. Furthermore, Vado determines tools and resources to ease managers’ and HR specialists’ path to employee progress and calculate the impact of training on business outcomes.

Vado micro-learning and bite-sized courses

Vado’s micro-learning and bite-sized courses are created to give small, digestible pieces of data that may be smoothly absorbed by learners. These courses are usually no longer than 10 minutes in length, building them ideal for learners accompanying busy schedules who may not have time for greater training conferences. Vado’s micro-learning courses cover a range of topics, containing leadership, communication, and easy skills, and are brought through an assortment of media, containing video, audio, and interactive exercises.

Vado mobile learning app

Vado’s mobile learning app supplies learners with access to the platform’s training content whenever, wherever, from their mobile devices. Learners can use the app to access Vado’s micro-learning courses, the path to their improvement, and engage with interactive content, like quizzes and exercises. The app also contains features that allow learners to bookmark content, collect courses for offline viewing, and sustain push notifications when new content is added.

Vado gamification in training

Vado’s gamification features are created to form training more interesting and exciting for learners. The program uses game elements, like points, badges, and leaderboards, to generate a sense of competition and accomplishment between learners. These features incentivize learners to complete courses, increase their scores, and earn rewards for their efforts. Vado’s gamification features further boost learners to engage with their training on a regular basis, as they work to earn more points and climb the leaderboard.

Vado analytics and reporting for training

Vado’s analytics and reporting tools supply institutions with the data they require to calculate the impact of their training programs. The platform contains a dashboard that allows managers and HR experts to path learner advancement, observe course completion rates, and identify areas where learners may be struggling. Vado’s analytics tools further allow institutions to path the ROI of their training programs by measuring the impact of training on business outcomes, like employee retention and productivity.

Vado integrations with other learning management systems

Vado’s platform is created to integrate seamlessly with different learning management systems (LMS). The platform may be smoothly integrated into existent LMS systems, authorizing institutions to influence Vado’s library of courses and resources within their existing training infrastructure. These integrations authorize organizations to give Vado’s finest training content through the systems and platforms that they earlier use, simplifying the training process and streamlining the student experience.

Vado personalization and recommendations for learners

Vado’s personalization and recommendations features are created to give a customized learning experience for each learner. Furthermore, Vado’s system tracks learners’ progress and recommends other courses that will help them build on their existing abilities and knowledge. Learners can likewise personalize their learning experience by setting aims and priorities, like language and course duration, to guarantee that they receive the training that best fits their requirements.

Vado certification and assessment management

Vado’s certification and assessment management features allow institutions to path and control beginner progress and guarantee that they meet the necessary learning targets. The platform approves institutions to form personalized assessments that test learners’ knowledge and abilities, and determines tools to control the certification process. Vado’s system tracks beginner improvement and alerts managers when learners complete the necessary training and pass the necessary assessments.

Vado virtual classrooms and webinars

Vado’s virtual classrooms and webinars allow institutions to transfer live, interactive training to learners anyplace in the world. The program’s virtual classroom feature approves trainers to give real-time, instructor-led training, while Vado’s webinar feature allows institutions to host live webinars with up to 500 attendees. Vado’s virtual classrooms and webinars contain features like screen sharing, breakout rooms, and whiteboards, enabling trainers to give engaging, interactive training that replicates the in-person learning experience.

Vado branding and customization options for training programs

Vado’s branding and customization choices allow institutions to fit the platform to their particular requirements and branding. The platform authorizes institutions to personalize the look and feel of their training portal, containing the colours, logos, and images used throughout the platform. Furthermore, Vado’s system allows institutions to brand their courses and training materials accompanying the logos, colours and messaging. This customization guarantees that learners have a constant experience with the organization’s branding and messaging, helping to strengthen the organization’s culture and values.

You may contact the sales department of Vado to know about the pricing plans via their official site.
Why Choose Udemy?
Udemy provides new students with discounts through a new-student offer before it expires, allowing them to access courses at discounted prices. The Udemy course creator resources equip instructors with the tools and support necessary to create high-quality courses that engage and inspire students. 


With a broad selection of over 213,000 online video courses, including new additions published every month, Udemy offers a variety of categories such as development, business, IT and software, design, and more. The Udemy Business program provides unlimited access to over 19,000 top courses in multiple languages as well. Making it for anyone. 


Investing in employees’ growth and keeping their skills up-to-date is made easy with Udemy Business. The program offers employees unlimited access to top courses in multiple languages to fit their needs.


Regular updates to the course material ensure that employees stay knowledgeable on the latest trends. Top teams, including leading companies like NASDAQ, Box, Tata Consultancy Services, Eventbrite, and more, trust Udemy to keep their employees’ skills fresh.


You can access the course anytime anywhere and get top certifications in the fields of tech and business. Additionally, Udemy offers free courses available to anyone and an interactive and engaging platform with regularly updated course material.


Discover Vado, the cloud-based LMS revolutionizing workforce development. With over 500 courses covering leadership, client service, compliance, and safety, Vado's unique "micro-learning" approach breaks training into bite-sized chunks for busy schedules. Customizable content ensures tailored learning experiences, while social features foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among peers. Elevate your workforce with Vado's dynamic and innovative platform.

Vado comparisons
Vado vs Absorb LMS

Vado is created for small to medium-sized businesses and highlights bite-sized courses, gamification, and a mobile learning app. The platform targets giving a convenient interface and customization choices, containing personalized learning recommendations.

Absorb LMS, nevertheless, is created for medium to large-sized businesses and stresses progressive features like automation, virtual classrooms, and social learning. The program also involves reporting and analytics tools, eCommerce proficiencies, and integrations with different software solutions.

Vado vs Adobe Captivate Prime

Vado is created for small to medium-sized businesses and concentrates on giving a library of bite-sized courses, gamification features, and a mobile learning app. The platform stresses personalized learning recommendations and customization choices.

Adobe Captivate Prime is created for big enterprises and emphasizes progressive features like AI-based learning, social learning, and automation. The platform further involves features like virtual classrooms, gamification, and personalized learning paths.

Vado vs Cornerstone OnDemand

Vado is created for small to medium-sized businesses and presents a library of microlearning courses, gamification features, and a mobile learning app. The platform is popular for its convenient interface, customization choices, and personalized learning recommendations.

In contrast, Cornerstone OnDemand is created for large enterprises and presents a inclusive suite of talent management solutions, containing learning and growth, performance management, and succession planning. The platform’s feature set is more expanded than Vado’s, with progressive reporting and analytics, social collaboration tools, and integrations with added HR software solutions.

Vado reviews
Vado has earned mainly positive reviews from consumers, who applaud the platform’s convenient interface, quality of course content, and client support. Reviewers note that the platform’s bite-sized course plan is specifically productive for adult learners who may have limited time for training. Furthermore, reviewers appreciate Vado’s gamification features, which create training more engaging and motivating. Some reviewers note that the platform’s reporting and analytics features could be stronger.
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Vado is a convenient and customizable learning management system created for small to medium-sized businesses. Its bite-sized courses, gamification features, mobile learning app, and personalized learning recommendations make it a productive training solution for organizations looking to engage and advance their workers.
Alternative Software

Udemy stands as a prominent online learning platform, offering a diverse array of courses across various subjects. It serves as a valuable opportunity for individuals to acquire new skills, advance their careers, and broaden their knowledge on various topics. Boasting over 21,300 courses and a student base exceeding 50 million, Udemy stands as one of the largest and most comprehensive online learning platforms currently available.


Thinkific is an online platform empowering entrepreneurs, educators, and course creators to develop, market, and sell their online courses. Offering a suite of business tools, Thinkific facilitates easy course creation and customization, allowing users to align their courses with their brand. The platform also provides themes designed for effectively selling educational content.


Talentsoft is a Paris-based cloud-based software company founded in 2007, specializing in HR and talent management solutions for businesses. The software platform includes modules for recruitment, performance supervision, learning and development, compensation management, and succession planning. Designed to assist companies in talent management from recruitment to retirement, Talentsoft aims to enhance employee engagement and productivity. Operating in 130 countries across various industries, Talentsoft has received numerous awards for its innovative solutions and excellent client service.

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