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HubSpot is a prominent provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software and a suite of inbound marketing, sales, and customer care solutions. It provides a complete platform that assists organizations in attracting, engaging, and delighting consumers throughout the buyer’s journey.
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HubSpot features
  • HubSpot CRM: A free CRM tool that lets organizations manage client interactions, monitor sales, and organize contacts and corporate information.
  • Marketing Hub: A marketing tool packed with functionality for developing and managing content, email marketing, social media promotion, marketing automation, lead creation, and analytics.
  • Tools for managing and tracking sales activity, automating sales processes, tracking deals, and communicating with prospects and customers are available through the Sales Hub. It has functions such as email tracking, meeting scheduling, and sales statistics.
  • Service Hub: Customer service and support tools such as ticketing, knowledge base management, customer feedback, and live chat.
  • CMS Hub is a content management system that enables organizations to develop and manage website content, optimize for SEO, and customize the user experience.
  • Operations Hub: A collection of tools for data management, process automation, and integration with other applications and systems.
HubSpot alternatives
While HubSpot is a popular option, there are numerous other CRM and marketing automation tools to consider. Here are a few HubSpot alternatives, along with a quick comparison:


  • Salesforce: Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform with a plethora of functionality for sales, marketing, and customer care. It has a lot of customization possibilities and works with a lot of third-party apps. Salesforce is well-known for its scalability and is frequently used by major corporations. It is, however, more difficult to set up and requires devoted administration.


  • Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM is a full-featured CRM solution with tools for sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management. It has an easy-to-use interface, process automation, and connections with various business apps. Because of its low cost and ease of use, Zoho CRM is especially popular among small and medium-sized organizations.


  • Pipedrive is a CRM application that focuses on sales pipeline management. It provides a user-friendly interface, a visible sales funnel, and sales team automation functions. Pipedrive is well-known for its ease of use, and it is frequently used by small sales teams or firms that prioritize sales process management.


  • Marketo is a marketing automation software that offers extensive lead generation, email marketing, lead nurturing, and analytics tools. It is intended for medium- to large-sized organizations. 


  • ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform that integrates email marketing, CRM, and automation functionality. Personalized marketing automation, lead scoring, dynamic content, and comprehensive email analytics are all available. ActiveCampaign is well-liked by small to medium-sized organizations that value email marketing and automation.

Best HubSpot Live Chat for e-commerce
When it comes to HubSpot Live Chat for e-commerce, the “HubSpot Live Chat Professional” package is most certainly the best option. This package includes sophisticated features designed exclusively for e-commerce enterprises. The Professional package includes the following major features:


  • Conversations: Use the live chat to interact with website visitors in real-time and give personalized service.


  • Conversational Bots: Build chatbots to automate conversations, qualify prospects, and respond instantly to frequent questions.


  • Team Email: Collaborate with your team by assigning and exchanging emails.


  • Chatbot Builder: Create personalized chatbot processes to assist visitors, propose items, and collect lead information.


  • Personalized messages or welcomes are displayed to visitors depending on their behavior, buying history, or unique features.


  • Converting Tickets: Convert conversations into tickets to better monitor and handle customer queries and support requests.


  • Data and dashboard: Gain access to extensive analytics and data to determine the impact of live chat on sales, conversions, and customer happiness.

Service Hub by HubSpot

  • Pricing begins at $50 per month. Flat Rate Model
  • Free Version Free Trial 


  • Pricing begins at $24 per month.
  • Free Trial Per User Model

Why Choose HubSpot?
HubSpot Live Chat for customer support: HubSpot Live Chat is a useful tool for customer service. With HubSpot Live Chat, you can interact with website visitors in real time, answer their questions, and give immediate help. Chatbots, tailored communications, and ticketing systems may all assist in improving your customer support process and provide a great customer experience.


Affordable HubSpot Live Chat for startups: HubSpot has many price options to accommodate organizations of all sizes and budgets. The “HubSpot Live Chat Starter” package may be appropriate for startups and small companies. It offers core live chat functionality at a reasonable cost, allowing companies to communicate with website visitors and provide basic customer service. 

HubSpot Live Chat with AI capabilities: HubSpot Live Chat lacks built-in AI features. To add AI capabilities to your live chat experience, you can link HubSpot Live Chat with third-party AI chatbot providers. You can automate make, personalized suggestions, and acquire lead information more quickly by integrating AI chatbots. HubSpot supports AI-powered chatbot integrations such as Drift, Intercom, and ManyChat.


Free trial of HubSpot Live Chat: HubSpot’s Live Chat product is available for free trial. To sign up for the free trial, visit the HubSpot website and look for the Live Chat product page. Look for the “Start Free Trial” or “Try for Free” option and follow the on-screen steps to sign up for the trial version. The free trial period may vary, so read the terms and conditions carefully. 

Customer reviews for HubSpot Live Chat: Visit prominent reviews review services like G2, Capterra, or Trustpilot to get user reviews for HubSpot Live Chat. These sites offer user-generated evaluations and ratings on application interactions, including HubSpot Live Chat. Reading user reviews may provide information about the software’s benefits and downsides, usability, customer service, and general satisfaction levels.

HubSpot Live Chat
HubSpot Live Chat

HubSpot is a leading player in the realm of customer relationship management software, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for inbound marketing, sales, and customer care. The platform is designed to assist organizations in effectively managing and enhancing interactions with customers across the entire buyer's journey.

How to install HubSpot?

Follow these steps to install HubSpot Live Chat:


  • If you haven’t already, create a HubSpot account. You may do so by going to the HubSpot website and selecting “Get Started” or “Sign Up.”


  • Navigate to the HubSpot App Marketplace after you’ve logged in to your HubSpot account.


  • In the marketplace, type “HubSpot Live Chat” or “Live Chat” into the search field.


  • Select the Live Chat integration that best meets your requirements. HubSpot has its own Live Chat functionality, or you may look into third-party integrations in the marketplace.


  • To get the details and installation instructions for the selected Live Chat integration, click on its name.


  • To get the details and installation instructions for the selected Live Chat integration, click on its name.


  • Stick to the installation instructions supplied by HubSpot or the chosen integration. This generally entails inserting a code snippet into your website’s HTML or utilizing a plugin/module for your website platform.


  • After installing the code snippet or plugin/module, your HubSpot Live Chat should be active on your website.

HubSpot Reviews
HubSpot is well-known for offering various marketing, sales, and customer service solutions. HubSpot Live Chat is a part of HubSpot’s wider CRM and customer interaction product.


HubSpot Live Chat enables businesses to interact with website visitors in real time, answering inquiries and providing help. To improve the customer support process, it incorporates technologies such as chatbots, targeted communications, and ticketing systems.

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HubSpot Live Chat is a feature-rich service that may help organizations improve customer action and support. However, it analyzes the products based on needs and other aspects such as the conscience of us, and integration possibilities. Conducting extensive research, reading user reviews, and maybe testing the product via a free trial will assist you in making an informed selection.
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