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AtTask was a cloud-based work management program that approved teams to control their projects, assignments, and workflows in individual centralized locations. It supported tools for project planning, task pursuing, resource management, and collaboration, helping teams stay systematized and effective.

AtTask was established in 2001 and was later rebranded as Workfront. In March 2021, Adobe announced the acquisition of Workfront, and it is presently integrated into Adobe’s Experience Cloud. As part of the acquisition, Workfront was renamed Adobe Workfront.

AtTask features
  • Project management: AtTask determined a central location for the project plan, task supervision, and resource distribution. Teams could form project plans, path progress, and manage budgets in real-time.
  • Workflow automation: The software approved teams to automate repetitious tasks, build up approval workflows, and form custom forms, decreasing manual work and errors.
  • Collaboration: AtTask enabled teams to collaborate on projects by sharing files, commenting on tasks, and communicating with everyone using built-in chat and email tools.
  • 4. Resource management: With AtTask, teams could control their resources, allocate tasks to team members, and path their assigned work, helping to assure everyone was working capably.
  • 5. Reporting and analytics: The software proposed strong reporting and analytics proficiencies, assigning teams to path their progress, identify bottlenecks, and form data-driven conclusions.
AtTask alternatives

  • Asana: Asana is a cloud-based project management software that presents an assortment of tools to ease teams’ dealing with their projects, assignments, and workflows. It approves customers to collaborate on projects, and the way their progress, and automates repetitious tasks.
  • Trello: Trello is a visual task administration form that allows groups to systematize their projects and tasks on virtual boards. It determines an understandable interface that makes it smooth to build and allocate responsibilities, path progress, and collaborate with accompanying team members.
  • Jira: Jira is a project management tool created for software development teams. It supplies tools for agile project management, issue pursuit, and bug reporting. It is well-customizable and may be used for an assortment of projects.
  • is a visual project management tool that approves teams to control their projects, tasks, and workflows in a single platform. It determines a range of features, containing automation, integrations, and reporting.
  • Basecamp: Basecamp is a project management tool that determines an understandable interface for teams to accomplish their projects, tasks, and communications. It presents features like message boards, to-do lists, and organizing tools.

How to use AtTask?
  • Sign up for an account: You can sign up for a free trial or paid subscription to AtTask on the Workfront site.
  • Create a project: After logging in, you can form a fresh project by clicking on the "New Project" button.
  • Add assignments and milestones: Once you've formed a project, you can include assignments and milestones in it.
  • Assign assignments to team members: You can appoint assignments to team members by choosing them from a list and setting a due date.
  • Track progress: You can path the advancement of assignments and milestones in real-time utilizing AtTask's reporting and analytics tools.
  • Collaborate with team members: AtTask supports built-in collaboration tools, like chat and email, to ease teams' communication and work together.
Who uses AtTask?
AtTask was generally used by enterprise-level companies and big teams in industries like marketing, creative, and IT. It was created to help teams control their projects, tasks, and workflows in a concentrated location, determining tools for the project plan, task pursuit, resource control, and collaboration. AtTask’s consumers included companies like Cisco, Dell, and The Home Depot, further government agencies and educational institutions. The software was used by project managers, team leaders, and team members across miscellaneous departments to boost their productivity and organize their project management processes.
AtTask pricing

There are three different pricing plans offered by AtTask. You may fill in the required information about you and your business to know about their plans according to your plans.

AtTask project management and task organization

AtTask determined an inclusive project management and task organization plan to ease teams’ control of their work capably. The software authorized teams to establish project plans, appoint tasks to team members, and path progress in real-time. AtTask’s task organization system approved teams to generate tasks, appoint due dates, and set preferences to control their assigned work efficiently.

AtTask team collaboration and communication

AtTask proposed a range of collaboration and communication tools to ease teams’ work together more advantageously. It approved teams to share files, documents, and messages within the platform, building it easier for team members to stay linked and collaborate on projects. AtTask determined built-in chat and email features to authorize real-time communication and keep all up-to-date on project advancement.

AtTask mobile app for remote work and productivity

AtTask proposed a mobile app to ease teams’ stay linked and effective while working remotely. The app approved team members to access project information, assignments, and deadlines on the go, building it smoothly to control their workload and stay on top of their work. The mobile app determined real-time revises on project growth and approved team members to collaborate with everyone, divide files, and communicate utilizing chat and email.

AtTask integrations with other productivity tools

AtTask suggested integrations with a range of productivity tools to ease teams organize their workflows and work more capably. It integrated with common tools like Microsoft Office, Salesforce, JIRA, and Slack, among others, assigning teams to connect their work across various systems and platforms. These integrations helped teams to collaborate more conveniently, share data seamlessly, and automate repetitive assignments.

AtTask workflow automation and custom forms

AtTask determined workflow automation and custom form features to ease teams organize their processes and automate repetitive assignments. The software approved teams to generate custom forms to capture data and information, that may be used to trigger automated workflows and approvals. AtTask’s workflow automation efficiencies assigned teams to create rules and triggers that would instinctively assign responsibilities, send notifications, and move work through the system, building it smoothly to control their workload and meet time limits.

AtTask data tracking and reporting

AtTask determined strong data pursuing and reporting proficiencies to help teams calculate their performance and gain observations into their work. The software approved teams to path progress on individual tasks, project milestones, and overall project efficiency, determining real-time revises and visibility into their work. AtTask’s reporting features enabled teams to generate custom reports and dashboards to visualize their data, determine trends, and identify areas for progress. The software further offered built-in analytics tools to help teams calculate their efficiency against key metrics, like time, cost, and quality, to develop their processes and increase their outcomes.

AtTask real-time updates and notifications

AtTask determined real-time revises and notifications to ease teams stay on top of their work and collaborate efficiently. The software offered automatic notifications when assignments were created, completed, or revised, approving team members to stay up-to-date on their work and progress. AtTask further gives email and in-app notifications, reminding team members of approaching deadlines and changes in their workload.

AtTask customizable task lists and calendars

AtTask determined customizable task lists and calendars to help teams control their workload and stay systematized. The software assigned team members to generate and personalize task lists and calendars to fit their particular requirements, making it smooth to control their work and prioritize responsibilities. AtTask’s customizable task lists authorized teams to filter and sort tasks depending on the due date, preference, status, and additional criteria, providing an inclusive view of their work.

AtTask task prioritization and deadline management

AtTask determined features for task prioritization and deadline management to ease teams’ stay concentrated and meet their targets. The software allowed team members to prioritize their work depending on significance and importance, assuring that the most critical assignments were finished first. AtTask’s deadline management features assigned teams to set and path task deadlines, enabling them to stay on top of their work and fit project achievements.

AtTask team performance tracking and analysis

AtTask determined team performance by pursuing and analysing features to help teams calculate their productivity and develop their outcomes. The software approved teams to path individual and team performance, determining real-time revises on growth and results. AtTask’s analysis tools allowed teams to identify performance trends, calculate their growth against key metrics, and identify areas for development.

AtTask user-friendly interface and design

AtTask was created with a convenient interface, building it smooth for teams to navigate and use the software. The software offered a modern and instinctive interface, enabling customers to access key features and functions speedily and smoothly. AtTask’s design concentrated on simplicity and ease of use, giving a clean and uncluttered layout that made it smooth for customers to control their tasks and collaborate with their teams.

AtTask data security and privacy measures

AtTask prioritized data security and privacy, offering various measures to protect customer data. The software used SSL encryption to assure data was transmitted between the consumer’s browser and the AtTask server, guaranteeing that all data remained confidential and private. The software also proposed role-based access control, enabling administrators to grant or restrict customer access to particular data based on their roles and permissions.

AtTask Project Management

AtTask developed web-based work management and project management software that features enterprise work management, issue tracking, document management, time tracking and portfolio management

Why should we pick AtTask?
Additional features to pick AtTask are:

  • Mobile access: AtTask was accessible via a mobile app, approving teams to control their projects and tasks on the go.

AtTask comparisons
AtTask vs Jira

AtTask is an inclusive work management software that presents features for project and task management, team collaboration, reporting, and workflow automation. It is specifically well-suited for enterprise-level organizations with complex workflows and a need for considerable customization.

Jira, in another way, is an effective issue pursuing an agile project management software that targets software development projects. It presents features for issue pursuing, project planning, and agile methodology.

AtTask vs Basecamp

AtTask is an inclusive work management software that presents features for project and task management, team collaboration, reporting, and workflow automation. It is specifically suitable for enterprise-level organizations accompanying complex workflows and a requirement for extensive customization.

Basecamp, in another way, is a more understandable project management tool that targets on team communication and collaboration. It presents features for task lists, schedules, file sharing, and message boards.

AtTask reviews
  • positive reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Features
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The software was well-known among enterprise-level companies and big teams, particularly those in the marketing, product, and IT departments. AtTask helped organize the project management process, approving teams to focus on delivering the finest work on time and within budget.
Alternative Software

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