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About MeisterTask
MeisterTask is a project management tool created to help teams collaborate and control their tasks capably. The platform presents a difference of features, containing customizable boards, automated workflows, task prioritization, and real-time communication tools.

One of MeisterTask’s essential strengths is its convenient interface, which assigns customers to conveniently create and control tasks accompanying just a few clicks. The platform still presents a range of integrations accompanying additional tools, like Slack and Google Drive, to organize workflows and assure that all team members are on the alike page.

MeisterTask further supports beneficial analytics and reporting tools, approving teams to path their progress and identify areas for development. Additionally, the platform presents a mobile app, so teams can control their tasks on the go.

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MeisterTask features
  • Customizable boards: Teams can build custom boards to path their tasks and workflows, with the capability to include columns, labels, and additional features to fit their requirements.
  • Task management: MeisterTask approves teams to form and control tasks, appoint team members, set due dates, and prioritize them depending on their importance.
  • Automated workflows: MeisterTask presents a range of automation features, containing the capability to form recurring tasks, trigger actions depending on task status changes, and automatically move tasks between boards.
  • Collaboration tools: MeisterTask determines real-time communication tools, containing comments, mentions, and notifications, to ease team members' stay linked and informed.
  • Reporting and analytics: MeisterTask proposes a range of reporting and analytics tools, approving teams to path their progress, determine bottlenecks, and develop their workflows. alternatives

  • Trello: A visual project management tool that adopts boards, lists, and cards to help customers arrange and prioritize projects.


  • Asana: A project management platform that presents task management, collaboration, and reporting features.


  • Basecamp: A project management tool that involves features for task management, team communication, and file sharing.


  • Jira: A project management tool particularly well-known among software development teams, accompanying features for agile methodologies, issue tracking, and project plan.


  • Wrike: A project management tool that proposes features for task management, team collaboration, and project reporting.

Who is MeisterTask For?
MeisterTask is used by an off-course range of organizations and teams, from small companies to big enterprises. It is specifically suitable for teams that require collaboration on complicated projects or workflows, like software development teams, marketing teams, or project management teams. MeisterTask is further well-known among remote teams, as it specifies a concentrated platform for communication and task supervision. Furthermore, MeisterTask’s convenient interface and range of customization options make it a reliable choice for teams that require an adaptable and compliant project management tool.
There are four pricing plans offered by MeisterTask project management. They are:
  • Basic

This plan includes core task management features for single users that are free of cost.

14.49 / month
  • Pro

This plan contains simple, collaborative task management for teams and has a pricing of $14.49 per month.

26.49 / month
  • Business

This plan has extended collaboration features for larger teams for $26.49 per month.

Enterprise- This is the final plan offered and is for large companies with specific requirements and has customizable pricing.
Why Choose MeisterTask?
MeisterTask for task management

MeisterTask is an excellent tool for task management, assigning teams to build and control tasks, assigning them to team members, setting due dates, and prioritising them depending on their importance. With its range of customization choices and automation features, MeisterTask can ease teams’ stay arranged and work more capably.                                     

MeisterTask for project management      

MeisterTask is an inclusive project management tool that allows teams to collaborate efficiently and control their projects capably. With its customizable boards, task management features, automated workflows, and real-time communication tools, MeisterTask supplies a centralized platform for directing projects and pursuing growth.                                  

MeisterTask for Agile methodologies       

MeisterTask is suitable for Agile methods, as it supplies a range of features that support Agile project management, like customizable workflows, task prioritization, and sprint planning. With its real-time communication tools and analytics features, MeisterTask can ease Agile teams stay on track and fit to changeful necessities.                               

MeisterTask for team collaboration                                             

MeisterTask is created for team collaboration, determining a centralized platform for team members to work together on tasks and projects. With its real-time communication tools, customizable boards, and task management features, MeisterTask can ease teams’ collaboration in a superior way and work towards a shared target.

MeisterTask for remote teams                                                      

MeisterTask is an exceptional tool for remote teams, as it supplies a concentrated platform for communication and task management. With its real-time collaboration tools, customizable workflows, and integration accompanying other tools, MeisterTask can ease remote teams’ stay arranged and work capably from any location.

MeisterTask for project scheduling                                              

MeisterTask’s project scheduling features approve teams to build up and control project schedules, containing task dependencies, timelines, and achievements. With its customizable boards and task management features, MeisterTask can help teams hold their projects on track and fit their time limits.

MeisterTask for time tracking                                                      

MeisterTask presents time-pursuing features that authorize teams to path the amount of time spent on each task or project. This can help teams increase their productivity and estimate future project timelines more accurately. Time-tracking data can further be used for billing and invoicing purposes.

MeisterTask for resource allocation                                            

MeisterTask determines resource allocation features that authorize teams to appoint tasks to particular team members and path their availability. This can ease teams’ balance of workloads and assure that resources are assigned capably. With its analytics features, MeisterTask can also help teams identify potential resource bottlenecks and regulate their plans therefore.

MeisterTask for project progress tracking                                           

MeisterTask specifies project progress tracking features, like customizable dashboards and analytics tools, that approve teams to observe their project development in real time. This can help teams identify potential roadblocks or delays and regulate their plans correspondingly to assure that they fit their project objectives.

MeisterTask for team communication and reporting

MeisterTask proposes team communication and reporting features, containing real-time chat and comment threads, that authorize teams to collaborate and communicate efficiently. MeisterTask’s analytics tools can further create reports on team accomplishment and project growth, determining valuable observations for team leaders and stakeholders.


MeisterTask is a collaborative project management tool designed to enhance team efficiency. With features like customizable boards, automated workflows, task prioritization, and real-time communication tools, MeisterTask offers a user-friendly interface for creating and managing tasks with ease.

MeisterTask comparisons
MeisterTask vs Trello

MeisterTask presents more progressive project management features, like custom workflows, time tracking, and automation choices, which may be valuable for larger teams or more complicated projects. MeisterTask further proposes stronger team communication features, containing real-time chat and comment threads.

Trello, nevertheless, is common for its simplicity and ease of use. It is often favoured by smaller teams or individuals who require a basic project management tool. Trello’s pricing choices are also more inexpensive for small teams.


MeisterTask vs Asana

MeisterTask’s interface is commonly considered more convenient and streamlined, while Asana presents more progressive features, like dependency tracking, custom fields, and portfolio management. Asana further has more inclusive reporting and analytics tools distinguished from MeisterTask.

MeisterTask’s pricing choices are mainly more inexpensive for small and mid-sized teams, while Asana’s cost is maybe more costly for larger teams or enterprise-level usage.


MeisterTask vs Basecamp

MeisterTask presents more progressive project management features, like customizable workflows, time tracking, and automation options. MeisterTask further has stronger team communication features, containing real-time chat and comment threads, distinguished from Basecamp.

Basecamp, however, is popular for its integrity and ease of use, offering a more genuine project management occurrence. Basecamp also has an included meaning board feature, which may be beneficial for team communication.

MeisterTask’s pricing choices are mainly cheaper for small and mid-sized teams, although Basecamp’s pricing may be more high-priced for larger teams or enterprise-level usage.

MeisterTask Reviews
MeisterTask has earned mainly positive reviews from consumers, with many praising its convenient interface, range of customization choices, and collaboration features. Customers also enjoy MeisterTask’s automation features, like recurring tasks and task dependencies, that can help teams save time and stay arranged. Some customers have noted that MeisterTask’s pricing may be a bit steep for small teams and that the mobile app could use some progress.
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Overall, MeisterTask is an effective and accomplished project management tool that can help teams stay systematized and productive, whether they’re working on a small project or a complicated, multi-stage initiative.
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