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What is Planview for project management?
Organizations can drive on-strategy delivery at speed with Planview, a market-leading portfolio and work management solution that connects strategy, teams, and outcomes. Planview’s powerful features enable dynamic planning and prioritization while providing robust connectivity across enterprise applications and tools.

Planview is a trusted and proven partner, built for growth and transformation journeys. Prominent analysts, such as Gartner and Forrester, have recognized its excellence, with a range of awards and recognition. Choose Planview for your organization’s portfolio and work management needs.

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The features Planview offers include
  • Planview enables organizations to drive on-strategy delivery at speed by connecting strategy, teams, and outcomes.
  • Organizations can make dynamic planning and prioritization a reality with Planview, which allows them to plan, replan, and instantly see the potential impact under different scenarios.
  • Planview delivers powerful connectivity across enterprise applications and tools, optimizing productivity and scaling faster without sacrificing cross-functional collaboration.
  • Planview delivers powerful connectivity across enterprise applications and tools, optimizing productivity and scaling faster without sacrificing cross-functional collaboration.
  • Planview is built to support organizations’ growth and transformation journeys, accommodating multiple methodologies, work types, and workflows in one place.
  • As a proven and trusted partner, Planview offers market and thought leadership, proven success methodology and playbooks, and a team of award-winning experts and thought leaders.
  • Planview is an industry leader, consistently recognized for its contributions to portfolio and work management innovation, making it a unique partner for accelerating transformation.
  • Planview provides a variety of tailored and adaptable solutions designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, sizes, and objectives.
  • Planview offers a comprehensive suite of services, including advanced technical support, education, training, and consulting, ensuring exceptional support for customer success and satisfaction.
  • Planview provides a comprehensive roadmap of products and services designed to help organizations achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Planview understands that transformation is a long-term endeavor and provides coaching, training, and technology to ensure success.
  • Planview has developed a proven methodology to help customers achieve their goals, which includes strategy development, process optimization, and technology implementation.
  • With a focus on delivering results, Planview offers an agile, customer-centric approach to ensure that customers are continually achieving their desired outcomes.
  • Planview's team of experienced professionals provides the expertise necessary to ensure success, from strategists to consultants to solution architects.
  • Planview provides a comprehensive range of services, from strategy and planning to implementation and optimization. Their team can help customers with every aspect of their journey, from initial planning to ongoing support and maintenance.
  • Planview's approach focuses on continuous improvement, enabling customers to realize the full benefits of their solutions over time. They strive to ensure that customers are continuously evolving their solutions to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.
  • With the help of Planview's services, organizations can easily scale their solutions as needed, adapting to changing business needs. They provide the necessary Planview for resource management resources to ensure that customers can quickly and affordably scale their solutions to meet the ever-growing demands of their organizations.
  • Planview places a top priority on security, taking great care to ensure that customers have access to the most secure solutions. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge security technologies, they provide customers with the peace of mind that their data is secure and their solutions are safe.
Why should you go with Planview over other options? Here are six reasons why:
Planview empowers organizations to achieve business results by translating strategy into actionable initiatives through Strategic Portfolio Management with Planview portfolio management. It aligns processes and provides a comprehensive view of all enterprise initiatives, enabling organizations to focus on their most important objectives.

Planview facilitates the cascade and roll-up of objectives and key results (OKRs) in the systems where work is performed, and delivers a set of shared metrics centered on customer value, such as speed and quality.


With its Planview for enterprise project management solutions, Planview helps organizations elevate their Project Management Office (PMO) to deliver results. It enables organizations to plan and replan quickly, using live data from disparate systems and real-time scenario planning that incorporates overall goals, demand and capacity, uncertainty, dependencies, and constraints. This allows organizations to make informed decisions and deliver better outcomes.

Planview empowers organizations to drive their agile transformation with Planview for Agile methodologies planning solutions. The platform is tool-agnostic, enabling organizations to use their preferred tools without compromising end-to-end visibility and data integrity.

With Planview’s value stream management solution, organizations can transform into high-performing tech companies. The solution natively supports the shift in funding models from projects to products, departments (lines of business/profit centers and cost centers), or value streams. It accommodates multiple methodologies (Agile, waterfall, hybrid, Flow), work types (projects, products, or services), and workflows, all in one place.

Organizations can optimize their product pipeline with Planview’s project portfolio management solution. The solution allows them to apply flexible governance frameworks to right-size their approach based on accountability, autonomy, and risk tolerance.

Who is the target audience for Planview?
Planview empowers enterprises of all sizes to increase their strategic agility and operational efficiency through its integrated platform. Connecting strategy, teams, and outcomes, Planview enables organizations to realize their strategic objectives quickly.

Customers report that Planview has helped them optimize productivity and scale faster while maintaining cross-functional collaboration. 

Additionally, Planview’s solutions are built for growth and transformation, allowing customers to shift their funding models from projects to products and to natively support multiple methodologies (Agile, waterfall, hybrid, Flow), work types (projects, products, or services), and workflows, all in one place.

Cost of Planview? Know all about it here
Planview offers three packages for customers to choose from Basic, Plus, and Pro. 

  • Basic: This is the most affordable option of the three and includes a unique domain name, hosting for one website, up to 10 email accounts, and customer support. The cost of this package is $5 per month.
  • Plus: This package provides the same features as the Basic package but with a few additional features such as unlimited storage space, an SSL certificate, and access to additional themes and plugins. The cost of this package is $10 per month.
  • Pro: This is the most comprehensive and feature-rich package that Planview offers. It includes all the features of the Basic packages, plus additional features such as unlimited websites, unlimited storage space, a dedicated IP address, and priority customer support. The cost of this package is $20 per month.


It offers a range of tools and platforms designed to help organizations effectively manage their projects, resources, and portfolios. Planview's solutions cater to various aspects of project management, resource allocation, and strategic planning.

Top five Alternatives to Planview
Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management, Oracle Primavera, Jira, and Smartsheet.
Planview vs Microsoft Project and portfolio management
Planview is more affordable than Microsoft projects in comparison and has an upper hand again as it has more key features. 

Microsoft projects careers to a wide range of audiences which includes Freelancers, Small businesses, Mid-size businesses, and Large enterprises. Planview is more focused on large enterprises. 

Microsoft project wins as it supports Integrations with more platforms when compared to Planview. 

In terms of functionality, Planview is a better option as the users of Microsoft projects have a hard time allocating resources on the platform.

Planview vs Oracle Primavera
Planview offers a comprehensive platform for connected work, providing a full spectrum of portfolio management and work management solutions. This sets it apart from Oracle Primavera, which primarily focuses on project portfolio management.

With Planview, organizations can connect their business from idea to impact and accelerate the achievement of their top priorities. The platform offers a tighter connection between strategy and priorities at the top and the decisions and works at the team level. This enables customers to transform at the speed of opportunity and deliver competitive products, services, and customer experiences through Planview’s enterprise success model.

On the other hand, Oracle Primavera offers comprehensive project portfolio management capabilities for planning, scheduling, controlling, and managing projects. It helps organizations to control costs, manage resources, and track progress to make better decisions, reduce project risks, and optimize resource utilization.

Reviews by the users of Planview. What do they say?
The users of Planview say that the products are award-winning, intuitive, easy to use and deliver successful results. They appreciate the range of solutions offered for portfolio and work management, from strategic planning to Agile delivery. Customers also mention the flexibility of the products, how they can be tailored to the specific industry or team, and the good UX/UI. 

They also mention the great support they received when implementing Planview’s products, and that they can leverage the platform to increase visibility, collaboration, and efficiency. Additionally, customers also appreciate the scalability of the products and their ability to be used across global teams. 

Overall, customers are very satisfied with their experience with Planview and would recommend the products to others.

Planview also offers powerful connectivity across enterprise applications and tools, robust pre-built integrations, and dynamic planning and prioritization capabilities. Moreover, Planview’s market and thought leadership, proven success methodology and playbooks, and a team of award-winning authors and thought leaders make them a trusted and proven partner.

Customers have also benefited from Planview’s validated customer success approach, journey maps, capability frameworks, playbooks, and training and certification programs offered through the University of Planview.

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Planview is a leading portfolio and work management solution that helps organizations drive on-strategy delivery at speed by connecting strategy, teams, and outcomes.

It enables organizations to translate strategy into actionable initiatives, elevate their PMO, drive their agile transformation, optimize their product pipeline, and transform into high-performing tech companies. 

Planview empowers enterprises of all sizes to increase their strategic agility and operational efficiency, optimizing productivity and scaling faster while maintaining cross-functional collaboration.

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