Smartsheet for project management is a cloud-based project management software designed to facilitate team collaboration,  task management, and automation of workflows. With it, teams can easily plan, track and oversee their projects from beginning to end in one platform. 

Smartsheet’s project management tools are user-friendly and feature-rich, with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. Teams can quickly and efficiently manage tasks, resources, budgets, and timelines with a range of features. From planning to visualization to scheduling and collaboration tools – Smartsheet provides everything needed for successful project completion. 

Smartsheet is an extensive project management solution that helps teams streamline their work  processes, enhance communication, and boost productivity. Its user-friendly interface and feature set  make Smartsheet a popular choice for businesses of all sizes–from startups to enterprises.

  • It is an efficient project management application that assists teams to organize their work, stay on schedule, and delegate responsibilities. Having this option available is essential when managing large projects involving multiple parties.
  • Gantt chart tool provides a visual representation of your project's schedule and interdependencies at a glance, making it invaluable to project managers who must take stock of the big picture and anticipate issues before they arise. This feature helps keep everyone organized and on track for success.
  • Teamwork: Smartsheet's built-in collaboration capabilities promote real-time collaboration by bringing all members of a team to one central hub for information sharing and management. There's a comment section, file-sharing section, and alert system included in this function.
  • functions make it simple and efficient for teams to collect information from both internal and external stakeholders. This feature is ideal for soliciting remarks, suggestions, or requests from clients or coworkers.
  • Smartsheet's automation feature enables users to set up workflows for repetitive tasks, reducing manual labor involved in project management. Automated tasks, notifications, and reminders are all part of this function.
  • Smartsheet offers a suite of useful tools to help teams maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and improve communication. It is popular among enterprises of all sizes due to its extensive feature set including project management instruments, Gantt charts, collaboration instruments, forms, automation, as well as a mobile app for easy access.
Why Choose Smartsheet?
The market is flooded with several software alternatives for project management. Nonetheless,  Smartsheet stands out as a top option because of its many useful features. 

Smartsheet provides a full set of features and tools for managing projects, allowing teams to work  together more effectively, take better care of assignments, and keep closer tabs on progress. Whatever  your project management needs, Smartsheet can help you plan schedules, distribute resources  effectively, and keep an eye on the budget. 

Smartsheet is a web-based application that allows users to collaborate regardless of their physical  location. Because of this, it is perfect for distributed or virtual teams. Smartsheet facilitates real-time  communication and collaboration among members of a project team. 

One of Smartsheet’s best features is its adaptability. The program may be altered to fit your specific  needs in project management, and it works well with other corporate programs like Salesforce, Jira,  and Microsoft Teams. 

In a nutshell, Smartsheet is a comprehensive project management tool that boosts team output. This  platform is adaptable to organizations of any size due to its intuitive design, extensive set of features,  and flexible configuration choices.

Who is it for?
Smartsheet has applications across many industries, such as marketing and advertising agencies,  construction companies, engineering firms, and healthcare organizations. Marketing agencies can use it to manage projects, campaigns, and events while construction firms use it for project management,  collaboration with teams, and sharing project updates with clients. Engineering firms utilize it for  tracking progress on projects, budgeting expenses, and resource allocation while healthcare  organizations utilize it for patient care plan management, medical inventory control, and regulatory  adherence. 

Startups can benefit from Smartsheet’s cost-effective project management, collaboration, and  automation solution. It gives them control of their tasks, projects, and workflows without needing an  extensive IT staff. Furthermore, Smartsheet enables businesses to easily scale up as they expand and  grow. 

Overall, Smartsheet is an incredibly useful project management solution suitable for a variety of  industries and businesses – from small startups to large enterprises. Its adaptable features and  customizable templates make it an invaluable asset to any organization looking to enhance its project  management processes.

7.00 / month
  • Free plan
  • The pro
  • Business Plan
  • Enterprise

The free tier allows for two users and two editors, two sheets, Gantt charts, grid views, card views, calendar views, dashboards, and reports, 500 MB of attachment storage, 100 automation per month, sign-in with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or Apple ID, and access to the help & learning center and community support options. The pro of this plan is that it only costs $7 a month per user when paid for all at once instead of being invoiced monthly. Up to 10 editors (paid license required for editing), unlimited sheets, viewers, dashboards, reports, and forms, 20 GB of attachment storage, 250 monthly automation, integrations with Microsoft 365, Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Box, and Dropbox, user management, and email support are all included. With the Business Plan, you may have an unlimited number of users and editors for $25 per month (paid yearly). Unlimited editors, users, groups, licenses, baselines with conditional logic, publish sheets, reports, and dashboards; one terabyte of attachment storage; unlimited automation; Brandfolder, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, and PowerBI integrations; an activity log; a document builder; proofreading; Smartsheet University live and on-demand training; and Standard/Professional Support services are all part of this plan. Enterprise: This package offers flexible pricing and is meant for large enterprises with sophisticated security measures. In addition to everything included in the Business plan, this one also includes an enterprise plan manager, directory integration, and account discovery. WorkApps: Personalized recommendations based on user profiles and industry knowledge: Domain validation, bespoke email domains, instant data analysis, chargeback reports, DocuSign integration, and access to Professional Help are all part of the regular package. Users may also take advantage of Smartsheet Advance, which allows enterprise-wide process orchestration via linked systems of record, as well as data retention regulations, event reporting, and customer-managed encryption keys.


If you or your company ever feel that Smartsheet isn’t the best option for managing projects, you have  several options. Asana is a well-liked choice because of its intuitive UI, effective task management, and  compatibility with a wide range of other programs. Asana’s appealing interface and user-friendliness  have made it a popular choice among advertising firms. 


Trello is another option; it uses a Kanban-style board and card system to make it simple to monitor  activity and assign priorities. Because of its low cost and intuitive design, Trello is a fantastic choice for  new organizations. might be a nice solution for those who need more advanced project management  features. facilitates teamwork, time tracking, and automation, and it provides several customized views (including Gantt charts). Larger businesses and institutions often utilize this method. 


For teams looking for a straightforward, all-in-one solution, another popular option is Basecamp, which  is used for project management. Communicating, organizing, collaborating, and planning are all part of  the package. Because of its low cost and intuitive design, Basecamp is a popular choice among  nonprofits and distributed teams. 

Before settling on a solution, you should weigh the pros and disadvantages of each instrument and think  about your demands and requirements.

A Comparison of Pros and Cons
Smartsheet vs. Alternatives: A Comparison of Pros and Cons 

Smartsheet is a robust platform for executing work, packed with tools for facilitating communication  and coordination within a team on the occasion of a project. The only problem is that it’s not the only  choice out there. Find out how Smartsheet stacks up against four of its competitors. 

Asana: vs Smartsheet 

Tasks can be assigned, progress can be tracked, and teams can work together more effectively all with  the help of Asana, a popular project management application. Although Asana has powerful project management tools, it lacks Smartsheet’s more sophisticated features like automated processes and data integration. Asana’s UI, on the other hand, is more user-friendly and straightforward, making it a better fit for smaller groups. 

Trello: vs Smartsheet 

Trello is a well-known visual task management solution for managing projects. Trello’s ease of use is a  major benefit over Smartsheet’s. Trello’s design is simple, making the program easy to pick up and use right away. On the other hand, Smartsheet has more sophisticated tools like automated processes and data integration that Trello does not. Because of its limited scalability, it’s best suited for use by smaller groups rather than enterprises. smartsheet is a visual collaboration and task management platform for managing projects.’s dashboard is highly customizable, making it a more attractive alternative to Smartsheet.  This flexibility enables users to develop their unique perspectives on their projects., on the other hand, lacks the adaptability of Smartsheet and does not provide as many cutting-edge capabilities like automated processes and data integration. is a better option for larger teams with higher resources, yet it may be more costly than Smartsheet. 

Airtable: vs smartsheet 

Work management is made easy by fusing the best of spreadsheets and databases into one convenient  platform: Airtable. Airtable’s adaptability is a major benefit over Smartsheet’s rigidity. From project  management to content planning, Airtable is a versatile tool for managing any kind of workflow or  process. In contrast to Smartsheet, which provides sophisticated functionality like automated processes  and data connectivity, Airtable is limited in these areas. In addition, Airtable’s setup and usage may need  more technical know-how, making it a better fit for expert-level groups.

In sum, there are benefits to be had by using each of these distinct platforms. Think about your team’s  unique requirements and the functions you value most in a platform before making a final decision. 


Smartsheet is a software as a service offering for collaboration and work management, developed and marketed by Smartsheet Inc.

Smartsheet User Opinions
Smartsheet is a well-liked application for managing and collaborating on projects, and it has been  praised by both consumers and experts. Smartsheet’s adaptability is a major strength since it enables  users to design their templates and processes to meet their unique requirements. Features like task  management, file sharing, and reporting tools are available to assist teams in maintaining efficiency and  effectiveness. 

Several customers have lauded Smartsheet for its user-friendliness, saying that the program is quick to pick up and use. The design is well-organized and straightforward, so you can quickly discover the  features you need. Smartsheet also allows for great customization, so users may create views and  processes that are perfect for them. 

For bigger teams or those in need of more sophisticated capabilities, Smartsheet’s price structure might  become prohibitive. Several customers have also complained that the site is sluggish, making it difficult  to get anything done. There are certain limitations to utilizing Smartsheet, yet many people still find it  worthwhile. 

The adaptability, user-friendliness, and personalization possibilities of Smartsheet have earned it mostly  rave reviews. Because of its flexible design and robust set of reporting options, it is a favorite among organizations of all sizes for improving project management and teamwork.

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After taking a closer look at Smartsheet, it’s easy to see that it’s a powerful tool for organizations and  teams who want to boost output and efficiency. Smartsheet is widely regarded as one of the best programs for group work and organizing because of its user-friendly design and powerful project  management features. 

Smartsheet’s adaptability is a key feature since it enables users to make the software work for them in  unique ways. Its flexibility and compatibility with other tools make it useful in a variety of contexts. 

Smartsheet is a popular option among organizations of all sizes even though there are alternative project management and collaboration solutions available. Smartsheet may assist you in keeping track of your team’s activities and projects, whether you’re in charge of a group of five or five  hundred. 

On the whole, Smartsheet is a great option to explore if you’re looking for a program to aid in your  efforts to maintain order, boost output, and foster teamwork. It’s no surprise that it’s a popular option  among professionals because of the intuitive design, adaptability, and power with which it handles  projects.

Alternative Software

ProjectLibre stands out as a powerful, free, and open-source project management software designed to simplify the planning, tracking, and control of projects. This versatile tool empowers users to create tasks, allocate resources, set deadlines, and monitor progress through visual aids such as Gantt charts and network diagrams. emerges as a dynamic web-based project management software, offering teams the tools they need to plan, track, and collaborate on projects in real-time. This versatile platform encompasses a range of features, including task management, resource allocation, team communication, time tracking, and reporting.


ProWorkflow stands out as a cloud-based project management software designed to streamline project workflows for teams and businesses. It provides a comprehensive set of tools, including task management, time tracking, collaboration, invoicing, and reporting, to help organizations stay organized and efficient.

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