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Onshape is a software system for computer-aided design (CAD) that is offered as a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model over the Internet. It utilizes distributed computing, with register concentrated handling and delivering performed on Web-based servers, and clients can collaborate with the framework using an internet browser or the iOS and Android apps. As a SAAS framework, Onshape overhauls are delivered straightforwardly to the web interface, and the product doesn’t need support work from the user.
Top Features
  • Cloud-based totally: Onshape is a cloud-primarily based software, which means you could get entry to your designs from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Real-time collaboration: Multiple group members can paint the same layout in real-time, allowing seamless collaboration and quicker design iterations.
  • Version manipulation: Onshape has an integrated model management system that permits you to music adjustments reversers to previous variations if essential.
  • CAD equipment: Onshape has a wide variety of CAD gear for 3-D modeling, consisting of sketching, extrusions, fillets, and chamfers.
  • Simulation: Onshape has integrated simulation tools for testing and optimizing designs earlier than manufacturing.
  • Data control: Onshape has robust statistics management functions, which include record sharing, access controls, and revision records.
  • Mobile compatibility: Onshape has cellular apps for iOS and Android, permitting you to view and edit designs on the go.

Who is it for?

Onshape is suitable for a wide variety of individuals and agencies who require 3-d CAD software. It is ideal for:

  • Engineers: Onshape affords advanced 3-D modeling gear for mechanical, electrical, and different engineers.
  • Product designers: Onshape lets product designers create 3D fashions of their designs effectively.
  • Manufacturing professionals: Onshape permits manufacturing specialists to optimize their designs for manufacturing and carry out simulations to make certain exceptional.
  • Students and educators: Onshape provides an unfastened schooling plan for college students and educators to examine and educate CAD.
  • Small agencies and startups: Onshape’s cloud-primarily based method and actual-time collaboration functions make it a perfect solution for small companies and startups with faraway groups.
  • Large organizations: Onshape’s sturdy data management and collaboration features make it suitable for massive organizations with complex design workflows and teams running on more than one project simultaneously.

Onshape Alternative

There are numerous options for Onshape, together with:

  • SolidWorks: A famous 3-D CAD software program extensively used in engineering and product layouts.
  • Autodesk Fusion 360: A cloud-based 3-D CAD/CAM device that mixes design, engineering, and production abilities.
  • SketchUp: A 3-d modeling software program generally utilized in architectural, interior layout, and woodworking projects.
  • TinkerCAD: A loose internet-based 3D layout device suitable for novices and academic functions.
  • CATIA: A complete 3-D CAD software widely used in aerospace, car, and different industries.


  • SolidWorks: Both Onshape and SolidWorks are popular 3D CAD software with similar capabilities. However, SolidWorks is installed on local computers, while Onshape is cloud-based. Onshape is also known for its collaboration features and real-time design review capabilities.
  • Autodesk Fusion 360: Onshape and Fusion 360 are similar in that they are cloud-based and offer a range of design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities. However, Fusion 360 is known for its robust CAM functionality, while Onshape has a more streamlined interface and simpler workflow.
  • SketchUp: SketchUp is a 3D modeling software often used for architectural and interior design projects. It has a simpler interface and is easier to use than Onshape, which is more suited for complex mechanical designs.
  • TinkerCAD: TinkerCAD is a free, web-based 3D design tool suitable for beginners and educational purposes. It is more limited in functionality compared to Onshape, which is designed for more advanced design and engineering tasks.
  • CATIA: CATIA is a comprehensive 3D CAD software often used in the aerospace and automotive industries. It has a steeper learning curve compared to Onshape and is generally better suited for larger-scale, complex projects.

Onshape Pricing

1,500.00 / year
  • Free plan
  • Standard
  • Professional

Onshape supports the hobbyist and maker community with professional-grade CAD. Onshape Standard is available free for non-commercial projects where all user data is stored in a public workspace. For single-seat users who require modern CAD tools with modest collaboration and data management needs. $1,500 per user, per year , For single-seat users who require modern CAD tools with modest collaboration and data management needs. $1,500 per user, per year.

Onshape Tutorial

Onshape is a cloud-based CAD software that enables real-time collaboration on design projects. Create an account, select “Part Studio,” “Assembly,” or “Drawing” to start a new design. Sketch using lines, arcs, circles, and shapes. Add features and constraints to maintain dimensions. Collaborate and share files with built-in version control. Export in various file formats or to other CAD software.

Onshape for Beginners

 If you’re a novice to Onshape, some beneficial tips will help you get commenced. Firstly, take some time to familiarize yourself with the user interface, because it has a toolbar on the left-hand aspect that contains all of the gear you had to create three-D fashions. Secondly, sketching is an essential factor in creating 3-d fashions in Onshape, so discover ways to create sketches using specific shapes. Thirdly, use the features tool to add various functions like cuts, fillets, chamfers, and so forth. Fourthly, use constraints to keep the geometry and dimensions of your version. Fifthly, use the viewing gear to view and navigate your 3D model. Collaborate with others using Onshape’s collaboration capabilities and test its equipment and functions to benefit self-assurance. Onshape also has a supportive community forum and a help crew to help with any problems or questions.

Customizing Onshape Templates

 Open a new file.

  • Customize it according to your wishes.
  • Save it as a template using clicking “Save as template” within the settings.
  • Give it a call, and description, and shop it within the proper category.
  • Your custom template will now appear in the “Templates” tab of the document advent conversation box.

Onshape 3D Modeling Tutorial

 Create a brand new Part Studio.

  • Use sketching tools to create 2D shapes.
  • Use extrude or revolve capabilities to show 2D sketches into 3-D items.
  • Use different capabilities like fillet, chamfer, and shell to refine the form and upload information.
  • Use assembly equipment to deliver a couple of components collectively and create assemblies.
  • Use drawing tools to create 2D documentation of your components and assemblies.

Remember to shop your paintings often and use Onshape’s collaboration capabilities to paint with others.

Onshape Certification

Onshape gives 3 ranges of certification: Associate, Professional, and Expert. The Associate degree tests your fundamental knowledge of Onshape’s functions with a multiple-choice and practical examination. The Professional degree tests greater advanced abilities and includes an assignment submission. The Expert level is the highest certification and calls for a portfolio of tasks and a stay presentation.

Onshape Simulation Tutorial

 Create a brand new Part Studio and version of the part you need to simulate.

  • Create a new Simulation using the Simulate tool inside the toolbar.
  • Define the substances and loads implemented to the component.
  • Set up the mesh by choosing the perfect mesh type and element size.
  • Run the simulation and assess the outcomes.
  • Refine the simulation by adjusting the mesh, loads, or different settings as wished.
  • Save and percentage the simulation with others.

Onshape Drawing Standards

Onshape gives three stages of certification: Associate, Professional, and Expert. The Associate stage assesses your simple know-how of Onshape’s capabilities with a couple of preferences and sensible examinations. The Professional degree assesses extra advanced skills and consists of a project submission. The Expert level is the highest certification and requires a portfolio of initiatives and a stay presentation.

Onshape is a cloud-based computer-aided design (CAD) software platform that revolutionizes the way engineers and designers collaborate and work on their projects. Unlike traditional CAD software that requires installation and local storage, Onshape operates entirely in the cloud, allowing users to access and edit their designs from any device with an internet connection. One of the key advantages of Onshape is its real-time collaboration feature. Multiple users can work on the same design simultaneously, making changes and updates in real-time. This collaborative approach enhances productivity and eliminates the need for manual merging of design files, ensuring that all team members are working on the most up-to-date version.

Onshape CAM Tutorial

Create a brand new Part Studio and model the component you want to machine.

  • Create a new CAM report on the use of the CAM device inside the toolbar.
  • Define the machining operations, together with the toolpath method, reducing parameters, and device selection.
  • Simulate the machining system to make sure the toolpaths are accurate and keep away from collisions with the part or device.
  • Generate the G-code program for the system, which can be exported and used to run the system.

Onshape Sheet Metal Tutorial

 Create a new Part Studio and select the Sheet Metal workspace.

  • Create a base flange by sketching the definition of the element and defining the thickness, bend radius, and fabric.
  • Add additional flanges, tabs, or cuts as needed using the precise Sheet Metal functions.
  • Use the Bend characteristic to create bends inside the part, with alternatives to regulate the perspective, path, and relief type.
  • Flatten the part to view the 2D sheet metallic format, with bend allowances and dimensions included.
  • Review the component for manufacturability and make any essential changes.
  • Create a drawing of the sheet steel element, consisting of perspectives, dimensions, and annotations.

Onshape Plastic Part Design Tutorial

Define the requirements of the plastic component, inclusive of fabric choice, part function, and environmental factors.

  • Create a new Part Studio and model the part using Onshape’s modeling tools, preserving in mind the producing manner for plastic elements, along with injection molding.
  • Add functions inclusive of drafts, ribs, and fillets to improve the manufacturability and power of the component.
  • Use Onshape’s simulation tools to test the part for stress, deformation, and different factors that might affect overall performance.
  • Adjust the layout as wished based totally on simulation outcomes and other factors, which include fee or weight concerns.
  • Create a drawing of the plastic part, inclusive of views, dimensions, and annotations, and share it with others for feedback and collaboration.

Onshape Review

Onshape is a powerful cloud-based CAD and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software that offers a range of tools for 3D modeling, simulation, collaboration, and data management. It is a modern, web-based platform that enables users to work collaboratively on designs from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need for complex software installations and upgrades.

One of the key strengths of Onshape is its intuitive interface and ease of use, which allows users to quickly create, edit, and modify designs with minimal effort. The software’s extensive feature set and wide range of tools make it suitable for a variety of industries and applications, including mechanical engineering, product design, and architecture.

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In conclusion, Onshape is an effective cloud-based CAD and PLM software program that gives a range of capabilities and tools for 3D modeling, simulation, collaboration, and facts management. Its intuitive interface, ease of use, and full-size feature set make it appropriate for an extensive range of industries and packages, and its cloud-based approach allows real-time collaboration from anywhere with an internet connection. Onshape’s collaboration and facts control capabilities are also spectacular, making it a great choice for groups that need to paint collectively on designs and manage layout records successfully.

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