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Centrahub CRM
Everything you can do to monitor, control and store data related to customers, prospects, leads and deals in a centralised application which helps you improve your customer management as well as accelerate business growth seamlessly. Now, this would be possible if your brand relies on an efficient CRM tool that provides data-driven reports to know about the sales engagement lead generation performance and customer engagement. Centrahub CRM efficiently fits all those criteria to serve you another level of features and services for taking your company to the next level. Not only intuitive features, but its subscription plans are also budget-friendly. Hence, Centrahub serves you with all the good things that you deserve to run a successful business, from providing comprehensible features, rapid customer support experts and robust contact management software to straightforward configuration and affordable pricing packages. 
Centrahub top features
Contact management 

Contact management basically is the process of preserving and accessing all contact information including customers, clients, prospects and leads in a unified platform. This feature saves you from the manual technique of data entry and helps you connect with the customers through its workflow automation tools. Centrahub CRM serves you with personalised customer support tools and makes sure that any backlogs will not hamper the business process and smart collaboration tool effectively connects remote employees together. This contact management feature is mostly about enhancing interaction through email, messages, social media, the web, live chat and other communication mediums. You can access a 360-degree view of accumulated contacts from different platforms that include the last conversation details, social media accounts, and likes and dislikes of the target audience by leaving no gap in tracking contact and assignments related to each customer and prospect.  

Pipeline management 

 Centrahub CRM effectively focuses on pipeline management using sales intelligence features. With this feature, you can create a personalised dashboard which shows the deals from scratch including the lost deals in a centralised database. From here, your sales team can handle deals and divide them into some slots as per their status. Centrahub CRM helps you with this function by finding out the deals which need to be repaired and according to that, you can prioritise them to increase business growth. This pipeline review basically helps you out by identifying the location of the deal and tracking its movement throughout the process. 

Deal management 

The marketing automation software of Centrahub CRM helps you enhance growth through various automation processes including email marketing, auto alerts, telemarketing, text marketing, web forms and more. Automated email campaigns can be created with customizing tools such as Drag and drop editor, CTA buttons, prebuilt textboxes, images and more. Here, making HTML web forms is even easy using the drag and drop option because it doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge and these web forms can be embedded on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, emails and website etc. Triggered emails and texts work as auto alerts that help customers choose wisely and Centrahub CRM provides autoresponders to help you retain customers and support them in every possible way.  

Analytics and Dashboard 

The dashboard is an overview of sales intelligence that includes sales reports, sales analysis, sales team performance, real-time data, the number of closed deals and more. By tracking the Centrahub CRM dashboard your sales team can efficiently make decisions depending on previous sales reports and metrics.  By evaluating pipeline analysis you can understand in which stages your leads are and block the risk with expert guidance to gain the utmost productivity. Deals are the potential factors of business that need to be nurtured and finally wrapped with a smile. Centrahub CRM dashboard analysis gives you a complete view of recorded deals, deals that need attention to be followed up, lost deals, closed deals and deals that are not even touched. This report will help you win and close deals faster and identify the problematic areas by providing support to the sales department to fight back. Dashboard analytics finds ways for you to track KPIs efficiently in real-time by providing diagrammatic representation and statistical metrics of recent sales performance.  

Product management 

Centrahub CRM comes up with a new feature to make a connection between the customers and the producer by offering them a platform where the product lists are exhibited at reasonable prices. The evey small and large firm invests a lot of money in managing product information keeping them in separate software. But with Centrahub CRM login, you don’t need to rely on a third-party app and can create lists of products and services that you provide with detailed information including cost, stock, dispatching details, delivery time and other things which are automatically reached out to the consumers once they place an order.

Why should we pick it
Deal management 

Centrahub CRM helps you manage the deals in every stage, from assessing their performance at every level to convincing leads to become customers. Deal management can be performed through customizable features and monitoring registered contacts. If you want to manage your contacts efficiently and want to know the stage where the leads are living, you should go with Centrahub CRM blindly. 

Efficient team collaboration 

Team collaboration of Centrahub CRM is a wise option for every small and big organization. Because it provides straightforward insights with real-time data reports to other team members so anyone in the sales team can instantly respond to customers’ frequently asked questions with informative analysis and reports. With Centrahub CRM, you can connect with others by sharing them with contacts and deal updates by bringing them on the same page. 

Customer support

Centrahub CRM focuses on multiple customer-supporting mediums to provide the best possible service so the sales team can effectively retain customers. Autoresponders tags assignments and configuration notifications seamlessly let the customers love your brand. Automated help desk and live chat programs are provided by Centrahub CRM so the users never find anything difficult. Loyal customer support manages customer management efficiently and generates reports without any loopholes by correcting them with -a time report application. real-time customerdata.

Centrahub CRM integration helps you connect with your favourite software in less time by minimizing storage expenses with cloud connectivity. Through Zapier integration you can connect more than 1500 applications with the help of Centrahub CRM API. your sales team can access third-party app integration including xZapier, stripe, Paypal, Myob, SignEasy and many more with Centahub CRM along with Google workspace such as Google contacts tool manages contact details, Gmail makes email service easier, Google calender helps in task management and Google Cloud print helps users print from any platform. 
Centrahub CRM
Centrahub CRM

Centrahub CRM efficiently fits all those criteria to serve you another level of features and services for taking your company to the next level. Not only intuitive features, but its subscription plans are also budget-friendly.

Who it’s for?
 Various industry professionals like Centrahub CRM enhance their business growth. The Real Estate industry has used Centrahub due to its robust customer management features. Likewise, Retailers utilize Centrahub CRM features in each business program, from encouraging sales automation to supporting customer service. Automotive firms for upgrading their contacts lists, email marketing, customer service management, project management and more use Centrahub  CRM efficiently in business. Edtech companies to make a bridge between prospects and services use Centrahub CRM in their businesses for its affordable pricing range and standard features performance. Despite that, small startups, small businesses as well as big enterprises rely on Cdentrahub from day one of their business. 
Centrahub Pricing
CentraHub CRM pricing plans are paid annually based on a monthly package and they are affordable, coming with standard features and services, to give your new business a shape.
5.05 / month

Centrahub startup plan starts at $5.05 per month for 3 users with sales and marketing services including campaigns, lead scoring, web leads, price books, delivery notes, sales orders, invoices, sales pipelines, sales forecasting and more.

7.08 / month

this plan charges $7.08 per month for standard features such as sales pipeline, inventory, sales orders, price books, social media management, leads assignment, task management and more.

Enterprise plan:
12.12 / month

you can get this plan for $12.12 per month including features of professional and enterprise plans. A minimum of 7 users can access features such as customer data management, catalogue management, payment and delivery tracking, customer request management and more with this plan.

Ultimate plan:
21.20 / month

CentraHub CRM's ultimate plan starts at $21.20 which is not only affordable but getting the support of all kinds of advanced features is the reason why firms should choose it for upgrading their business productivity.

Clients Reviews
CentraHub CRM alternatives
  • Zendesk CRM: this is acceptable to users because of its impressive data reports, sales intelligence tracker and other services which help them work on building robust customer
  • relationships. Features incorporate software integration, real-time notifications, workflow automation, task management tracker, contact management and many more but its customer support is not as quick as Cebtrahub has.
  • Salesforce: When Salesforce CRM comes with a wide range of incredible features to aid you to raise sales productivity effectively, the Centrahub CRM provides you with flexible functionalities to take your business to the next level within less time, and this fact will make it a perfect Centrahub CRM competitors.
  • Pipedrive: Its main focus is always on sales engagement and lead generation growth whereas Centrahub CRM lets you access advanced features that are easy to configure and assist you integrate with public and private applications seamlessly to enhance sales performance and create strong customer-building solutions.

Features Centrahub Insightly Salesforce PipeDrive
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support 24/7 live-chat support, phone Chat, email and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes N/A Yes
Configuration Simple, flexible  and advanced Tricky and confusing Intuitive and simple Simple but basic

Centrahub CRM review
  • Flexible functionalities
  • Customization solutions
  • Instant customer support
  • Overall recommendation
Centrahub CRM software focuses on some dominating features in business such as Contact management, sales automation, project management, integration and more. Professional and customer support is provided instantly in the form of automated emails or texts, live chat and other channels to keep your team updated with small information about customers, prospects and leads. Despite that, third-party integration, personalised automation, customized creative templates, calendar view, real-time report and dashboard, pipeline view, telephony integration, insight-driven analytics, personalised email tracking,  task management, sales forecasting, lead scoring and other functionalities of Centrahub CRM provide your company with anything you want to thrive in business.  
Centrahub CRM Alternate Softwares
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