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Whether you are an entrepreneur or run an enterprise, all you need is a powerful customer management tool to monitor the performance of prospects, the frequency of visitors, sales engagement, lead generation and many more things. Zendesk sell CRM can ease all your stress by providing you with best-class features along with commendable customer support and straightforward configuration. From accessing Robust API to working on sales automation efficiently, Zendesk CRM assists you to thrive in business from all directions. 
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Zendesk sell CRM features
  • Team collaboration : Team collaboration helps to generate business accessibility and sales scalability so a whole brand can prosper in the way they thought. Zendesk CRM brings the teammates together on a page so they can access the whole thing from staying anywhere. Speeding up team productivity helps to increase interaction and help other teammates access the information of customers and prospects from the shareable track. Team collaboration helps the in-house teammates track customers’ performance so whenever the prospect or client shows up, team members can get back to them with the existing context in under a minute and the customers will be delighted. Thus, Zendesk boosts customer retention with the help of efficient teamwork which converts prospects into buyers and convinces customers to come back.
  • zendesk sell crm integrations : Zendesk CRM integration is spread all over the globe as it integrates with all kinds of applications, be it internal to external, application to application, or peer to peer. Thai feature lets you find suitable software which can help your business grow simultaneously. For instance, merging to Shopify accumulates the order frequency and details from the platform and allows you to connect with the new audience through it. Your brand can connect with the help of Zendesk API documentation to several applications belonging to various industries including email and social media, e-commerce and web developers, CRM, knowledge and communication and more.
  • Analytics and Reporting : This feature helps you perceive what the customers need and expect from you. Analytics contains sales performance, brand service, third-party integration, interaction with customers, team collaboration impacts and more. Without putting any statistical data or metrics, you can simply access the customers’ data with Zendesk CRM insights. By tuning up the ongoing process and actions, Zendesk report analysis accurately detects the problematic areas and allows your sales team to increase conversion with customers and prospects. This data-driven insight also shows you how your sales department works and identifies in which area they should focus more. However, by going through a seamless analysis your brand can understand the customers well and try to reach their expectations according to that.
  • Email integration : Email integration is an advanced process to reach out to customers in less time by syncing your personal email account to the business automation for encouraging sales. Zendesk Email Integration helps you look out o your prospects and never lets you miss any conversation with them. With this feature, you will be updated if a prospect opens the email, clicks on it and responds in real time so the open and click-through rates will be optimized. Despite that, if you are thinking of composing emails separately, Zendesk CRM’s email merge helps you forget about manual email writing and use a personalised email campaign. Through the bulk outreach tool, your team can also send bulk emails to the sorted email list of customers along with attaching merge tags to attract them.
  • Sales automation : The sales engagement feature of Zendesk works efficiently for bigger business purposes. It helps your team to find new leads from the contact list and report along with building a comprehensive database of customers including their profiles and contact details. In sales engagement, Zendesk CRM allows you to add your personal touch too in creating email sequences which are made by customised email templates, smart lists and specific text boxes for engaging more customers. Hence, your brand can uplift its value in the market by enhancing sales automation through Zendesk CRM by sales triggers which helps reduce admin tasks and make sure that prospects and customers are getting your attention.
Why should we pick it
AI and chatbots

AI has now empowered all tech-based companies by providing instant service and data that anyone can access. Likewise, Zendesk comes with AI-backed support that helps your team and customers understand the service well.  Ai and chatbots of Zendesk CRM are always your back whenever you need to lessen the workload such as sorting out problems of customers, solving requests and sending them to the agents. The best part of it is if the guidance agents are logged off, you can get to connect with the customers through the AI chatbot. Gathering customers’ details including names, emails, contact information and others and saving agents’ time and effort, Chatbot efficiently deals with customers’ issues and lets the agents focus on more complex problems. 

Help centre 

Zendesk CRM comes with integrated customer service and a community that is always on duty to resolve customers’ problems without indulging customer agents and wasting time.  If the issue is bigger and not be able to handle by the automated help desk, it passes on to the customer experts who are not only professional but also humble and support you till you find the solution. They can connect with the users through messaging, emails, live chat and voice. 

Flexible features 

Zendesk provides flexible features which can be configured in the way users prefer.  From using sales automation’s features to integration, every single step with Zendesk is quite agile to perform and easy to understand. When AI-powered instant support helps you resolve the customers’ issues, the data-backed insights find the prior customers and let you focus on that accordingly. Features of Zendesk including call and texts, email sequences, pipeline review, bulk email outreach, smart contact lists, customized templates and more are not only easily accessible but also come with a wide range of support and service that you don’t get from any other CRM tool. 


Unified view and customizable setup 

Zendesk CRM provides all customizable features that don’t require any coding experience and you can work with it according to your preferences, whether it is to make mail campaigns or to ingrate tools with your business. Moreover, Zendesk CRM gives you a unified view of prospects engagement, lead generation, sales enhancement and interaction capabilities. A comprehensible setup of Zendesk CRM coming with intuitive features and a user-friendly interface helps you successfully run your business to the fullest.

Who it’s for?
Zendesk CRM provides companies with accessible and advanced functionalities at the same time. It helps enterprises by enhancing the agents’ efficiency, providing more than 1200 apps integration, boosting conversation and contact management with customers and motivating them with long-term honesty and loyalty. Small businesses are also into Zendesk CRM’s technology to maximize the departments’ productivity and search for ways to increase business growth. Usually, SMBs depend on Zendesk due to its instant responsive nature and comprehensible features, committed customer support and assurance of your success. Startups are also in the line of Zendesk users because this platform lets the startup owners control customers in a single place by providing efficient customer support and a lost-cost program. Despite that, Zendesk CRM is cordially accepted by the people like employees, small firm runners, entrepreneurs, CRM and other marketplaces.
Zendesk sell CRM pricing
Zendesk CRM is an all-in-one platform that people can access at lost cost without having the stress of budget constraints. Let’s dig out a short analysis of its pricing and features. 

Team: Zendesk Team plan starts at $19 per month and comes with features like 2 personalised sales funnels, calendar integration, task management, offline mobile access, email integration and monitoring, API access, an in-built dashboard of sales, call tracking and text, apps integration and 2GB data storage limit.

 Growth: This plan comes in monthly $49 along with features like 10 personalised pipelines, API access, public and private software integration,  task manager, calender integration, goal tracking, custom sales insight and dashboard, bulk email campaigns, 5 GB data storage limit including Team plan’s facilities. 

Professional: Zendesk Professional subscription starts at $99 per month and comes with features like calendar integration. 10 GB data storage limit, up to 20 personalised pipeline reviews, call tracking,  3500 leads enrichments credits, 150 prospects limits, task automation, lead scoring along with Growth Plan’s features.  

Zendesk CRM alternatives
Zoho CRM: it offers e-commerce brands sales data reports, tracking sales team intelligence  and other services which help them perform on creating robust customer relationships. Features comprise slack integration, real-time data report, workflow automation, task management, sales funnelling and many more but its user interface is a bit complex whereas Zendesk CRM provides a simple and unified set-up. 


Copper: When Copper CRM comes with all remarkable features to help you upgrade sales productivity more efficiently, the Zendesk CRM comes with flexible functionalities to take your business forward within less time and on a lower budget and this fact makes it a Zendesk CRM competitor. 


Pipedrive: It predominantly concentrates on sales engagement and contact management growth,  whereas Zendesk CRM provides you with advanced functionalities that help integrate with public and private applications efficiently, enhance sales automation and build a better customer community than Pipedrive does. 




Features  Zendesk  Zoho  Copper PipeDrive
Pricing  $19/monthly  $14/monthly  $29/monthly $12.50/monthly
Automation  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes 
Integration  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes 
Customer support  24/7 live-chat support, phone   Chat, email and phone support  24/7 live, chat support  Chat and phone support 
segmentation  Yes  Yes  N/A  Yes 
Configuration Simple, flexible  and advanced  Tricky and confusing  Intuitive and simple  Simple but basic 


Zendesk CRM
Zendesk CRM

Unlock the full potential of your business with Zendesk Sell CRM – the ultimate tool for entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. Seamlessly monitor prospect performance, track visitor frequency, optimize sales engagement, and supercharge lead generation. Zendesk Sell CRM doesn't just alleviate your business stress; it empowers you with top-notch features, unparalleled customer support, and a user-friendly configuration. Whether you're harnessing the power of the Robust API or streamlining your sales automation, Zendesk CRM propels your business forward in every direction. Elevate your business game with Zendesk Sell CRM and thrive in the competitive landscape.

Zendesk sell CRM review
Flexible functionalities: 4/5 

Customization solutions: 4.5/5

Instant customer support: 4/5

Overall recommendation: 8.5/10  

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Zendesk CRM pays attention to each area of your business, from customizing assignments leads to automating workflows for enhancing sales engagement. Its intuitive features help you focus predominantly on customer engagement along with building a good relationship with prospects. Efficient and instant community support is always your back to keep you up to date with single information. Despite that, public and private software integration, custom automation, personalised creative templates, calendar view, customized dashboard, pipeline view, insight-driven analytics, personalised email tracking,  task automation, sales forecasting, lead scoring and other functionalities of Zendesk CRM help your brand with anything you want to propel business.  
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