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What is Copper CRM

Whether you have been ruling the market since you dreamt about it or you are about to embark on a new startup, using the best Customer Relationship Management tool which helps you monitor, control and save the information about your customers should be the initial step to setting a benchmark in the industry you belong to. The traditional way of tracking the customers’ movements in a spreadsheet is now way too outdated and in replace of that, CRM tool which is usually a centralized data system where the management team have only access to the analytics to figure out the behaviours of current and old customers in a consistent way has been adopted in the business operation. Without professional CRM software, no companies will see growth and may lose potential profit opportunities because customers’ activities help you take the necessary steps that you may not have included in your business programme earlier. Copper CRM integrations with Google workspace are truly easy to use even if you are new to the industry. Because with Copper, you can customize the sales and consumers’ journeys by setting up your clientele and Copper will efficiently do the rest to make you profitable in the best possible way. 

Copper CRM Top Features

Features are really important to have a clear vision about whether the application you’re using is worthy of your business or not. Let’s have a quick look at the traits of Copper CRM. 

  • Automation: Copper CRM automation has a custom setting where you can easily set the trigger or action according to the customer performance hence whenever a customer starts performing you will get a notification on that and the customers will be further notified via triggered mail as they have shown an interest in your business. With the help of workflow automation, you can nurture sales that follow your CRM to track down the customers’ performance through team awareness and onboard step updates via the Apple and Android applications.
  • Sales control: CRM insights show you the picture of how your potential and recent customers are acting on your service. In short, sales leaderboards define the top-performing customer by sales nurturing, calls made, meetings organized, and emails promoted. Through the lead control process, new leads are nurtured for further project operation. Sales management solution helps to make conversion effectively through lead monitoring features which incorporate social media insights, customer reviewing boards, and marketing closely with clients.
  • Email communication:  All you need to do in the initial stage is to define your customers according to their thorough activities. You can do this by capturing a good email marketing process that provides information to the customers about joining your service and will be triggering them till they fill out the form or enter the landing page. Pre-saved email templates in Copper CRM solution will enhance customer engagement and save your time in composing emails repetitively for project operation as well.
  • Personalization: The copper CRM platform gives you the flexibility to use it from customizing fields to setting up activities as per your requirements. With this attribute, you can add fields to monitor subtle marketing details so you can later perceive the idea from the reports. The criteria including pre-built lists of contacts, organizations, leads or future opportunities will provide you with a quick outlook about the customer details you’re expecting for. Through dynamic segmentation, you can also set sales performance by incorporating meetings, agendas, presentations, and others. Copper CRM segmentation also enables the opportunity of seeing customer performance in your preferred language and setting immediate alerts to pinpoint whenever leads require attention and promotes up–to–date information about sales development, pipelines, and CRM platforms accordingly.
  • Integration:  Integrating with Google workspaces such as Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Calendars, Drive and Gmail will help Copper CRM improve the customer report page, for instance, Google Data Studio allows it to collect bulk data from various sources. Likewise, integration with  Zapier, RingCentral, DocuSign, LinkedIn, and more also helps generate leads whenever customers are active on their websites, which will compel them to join your service. Copper CRM API documentation helps customers seamlessly connect with Copper via custom business growth.

Why we should pick it?

You can get to hear about different CRM tools in the market with different benefits but there are many reasons why Copper grabs your attention, from straightforward insights to comprehensible features. Let’s delve deeper into Copper CRM features. 

  • Organized analytics: Copper CRM tool gathers all the emails, contact lists, call logs, files, and customer lists along with the relationship history in one full page from where you can easily filter the leads to get a better idea of where your growth is emerging from. This is how you can get rid of the tediousness of data entry and make communication faster with your target audience by demography, industry, and more. 
  • Persistent support: If you think a business deal has been done and you’re good to go, but from here the actual work starts with Copper CRM. Because here you can use the CRM software for project operation and don’t need any extra application for the painful data entry process. 
  • Seamless tracking: After a lead generation, you can monitor conversion right from your textbox with Copper. With the assistance of customized email templates, automation triggers, and deadline-driven assignments without reminders, you can effectively monitor your deals and check the probability of which leads are going to be slipped.
  • Communication wizard: CRM tools are all about keeping a good relationship with customers. Copper CRM solution with its innovative features and intuitive insight helps you to understand customer behaviors through communicating with its pre-built email designs. Sending emails using the CRM management tool will improve the relationship with customers as the personalized inbox often asks questions, welcomes new customers, and efficiently promotes your products. 
  • Mobile Application: If you have an urgency to go somewhere else but can’t stop working such as interacting with customers, monitoring sales pipelines, and more, then with the help of the Copper Mobile Application, you can easily control customers’ performance and stop the deal where you need just using your mobile or tablet.
  • Pricing: Free tier plan and affordable annual subscriptions from Copper CRM, which you are not getting anywhere else. Three paid packages of it are truly budget-friendly. If you’re thinking of starting a business and using a customer management builder, Copper CRM pricing will relieve your financial stress. 
  • Customer support: A team is always needed to thrive in business whether you are new or old in the industry. Copper CRM user help in every possible way assists you to get connected with the services, meeting Copper CRM peers, and learning about the features. From managing pipelines to customizations and integration, customer executives are always on your back. 

Copper CRM
Copper CRM

Copper CRM tool has been accepted in multiple industries including digital agencies, real estate, consultancy, private firms and technology-based organizations due to its simple and understandable features.

Who it's for?
Copper CRM tool has been accepted in multiple industries including digital agencies, real estate,  consultancy, private firms and technology-based organizations due to its simple and understandable features. Big and small digital creative agencies rely on Copper as it delivers genuine analytics, upgrading teamwork after closing contracts and the fastest response to clients. Real estate experts and brokers are in love with Copper because it keeps promises and maintains an honest relationship with prospective clients. As Copper CRM controls pipelines and generates leads right from the messenger tool, it has been happily approved by corporate developers. Consultancy services have acknowledged Copper due to its high revenue with an organized tracking policy and it has been recommended by Google workspace too. 
Copper CRM pricing
Copper CRM pricing is way too reasonable than you can ever imagine. Starting from a free trial to going with an advanced plan will help you propel in business more effectively. 
  • Basic plan: This starting plan starts at $29 per month providing a 2500 contact limit with basic features including Google Workspace integration, team communication, Pipelines and Contact engagement to help small startups to become organized faster.
  • Professional: Copper’s popular subscription plan for growing organizations is Professional which starts at $69 per month for one user with a 15000 contact limit providing services like workflow automation, Google integration, reporting, integration with your favourite business software and bulk emails and designs.
  • Business: The expensive plan of Copper for large enterprises is Business which starts at $134 per month with an unlimited contacts facility and it comes with standard features including Lead scaling, website monitoring, Drip email campaigns and Linkedin integration.
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Copper CRM Alternatives
Every CRM tool in a race helps enhance your business growth by monitoring customer-related data and insight generation. Copper has a benchmark due to its transparency and on-time data performance. 

  • Pipedrive CRM: Pipedrive considered the cheapest CRM tool makes it a perfect Copper CRM alternative. But to run a business properly, users need to jump off straight to the pro plan which starts at $50, and this is quite expensive because the basic features in the starter pack will never reach anyone’s expectations.  
  • Nutshell CRM: Its pricing is less than Copper but it doesn’t come with custom client data service. Customer support of Nutshell is in no way better than Copper CRM. 
  • Salesforce CRM: This CRM solution is way too flexible to use but the main function of its CRM which covers 3500 apps is not at all simple, on top of that, its pricing range is high and the complexity in features can not satisfy you.
  •  Hubspot CRM: It is popular for its advanced automation technology and with HubSpot page builder you can create a landing page on your own to get users’ data directly performing on the landing page. But its pricing is too high for small runners and one major con is if you are well accustomed to coding, you surely have to hire a web developer whereas Copper CRM is way too user-friendly in terms of pricing as well as features configuration.


Features  Copper Hubspot PipeDrive Nutshell SalesForce
Pricing  $29/monthly Free starter pack $9/monthly $16/monthh $25/month
Automation  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes Yes 
Integration  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes Yes 
Customer support  Chat, email and phone support  24/7 live, chat support  Chat and phone support  Chat and phone support  Chat and phone support 
segmentation  Yes  N/A  Yes  Yes N/A
Configuration User-friendly and flexible  Intuitive and simple  Simple but basic  Advanced but not simple  Complex 

Copper CRM Reviews
  • Intuitive features
  • Customer support team
  • Budget-friendly
  • Transparent interface
  • Overall recommendation
Few years back, employees were sitting for hours to enter data in the customer log book one by one. The process was not only time talking but took away all your patience. Today’s organizations forgets to use spreadsheets and traditional data entry processes replacing Customer Relationship Management tools. Copper CRM solution in the same way collects customer information from their post activities and puts them into a system using various management tools so marketing professionals can filter out one  particular customer’s details whenever they need. Copper CRM has set a benchmark due to its transparency and on-time data performance. 
Copper CRM Alternate Software
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NetSuite CRM software

NetSuite CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a cloud-based software solution provided by Oracle NetSuite. It is designed to help businesses manage and streamline various aspects of customer interactions, sales, marketing, and customer service.

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