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What is Freshsales CRM?

If you wish to flourish your business in the industry beyond your expectation, you first need to know how customers react to your service. Therefore, every small and big enterprise depends on the Customer Relationship Management tool which is hassle-free and more accessible than the previous data entry process. In short, the CRM tool helps salespersons understand customers’ movements from the insights so the organizations get to know about their flaws in business and become acquainted with the customers and their requirements. Freshsales CRM solution assists you in making a better customer community with personalized engagement, shorter sales cycles, cost-efficiency, and profit acceleration. From providing a free pricing plan to a 360° customer outlook, Freshsales CRM efficiently sails its boat to give you a profitable position in the industry. 

Freshsales CRM Top Features

The outer vision of CRM tools may look simple, but the software’s features are way too advanced to capture customer engagement, and the complexity will go after use. Freshsales features are always ready to increase your sales and customer involvement. The intelligible self-service serves brand-related information to customers. 

  • Automation: Freshsales CRM automation is fully AI-built which according to customer performance reaches out to the contacts including marketing leads or potential customers whenever someone shows interest in your service. Email automation works by sending triggered emails to the customers to go ahead with the embedded form or enter into the landing page for more details and thus with this feature conversion metric will go uprise. 
  • Segmentation: Freshsales segmentation performs in contact management solutions by analyzing your salespeople by demography, lead sizes, and territory control. In a CRM system, through dynamic segmentation, you will get overall information about your sales professionals. Likewise, with AI-made telephonic management, you can personalize the sales calls depending on the previous conversations with your prospective clients and the segmentation feature helps to define the prospect list filtering out from the contact fields that capture a call history. Thus, you can better understand the leads who you should never contact and who are the winning prospects.  
  • Contact Management: To maintain a long-lasting relationship with customers, content management needs to be done with ease. Customer engagement with 360°view provides information about the users in your database- be it sales contacts or marketing leads to define marketing strategies effectively for increasing conversion rate. This chronological view with users interactions details including website performance, email campaign activities, and engagement visibility to your firm helps you achieve winning deals faster.  Customized engagement to track sales and marketing performance accelerates leads with AI-driven contact scoring and prioritizing prospects.   
  • Integration: effective integration smoothes lead generation by getting connected with other platforms that indirectly compels customers to join your service. The bridge between your brand and another software accelerates the functionalities of both and improve sale growth. Freshdesk integration brings stability to sales and interacts with your customers in a better way. Freshmarket integration enables you to get more innovative outreach and faster engagement and to automate certain works with Freshsales triggers. Freshchat integration helps the sales team to stay on the line with website visitors constantly to enhance conversion. Despite these, Freshsales CRM integration with multiple applications including Freshchat, Freshconnect, Zapier, Mailchimp, Segment, Hubspot, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, and many others helps you seamlessly thrive in business. 
  • Cloud Telephony: Freshsales CRM has come up with an impressive feature – in-built cloud telephony which keeps track of sales calls, voice mails, and texts, and the impacts of these will help to increase sales efficiency. With this feature, your sales team can anytime make calls from their phone or laptop to crack deals faster. Following up on call logs, chats, call recordings, and previous conversations will improve customer involvement and propel your sales agenda. With this feature, you can seamlessly optimize your sales team activities with the calls made by them, customer communication, and business operations at every point. 
  • AI chatbots: AI has now made everything simple and helps us get rid of the monotony of manual work. CRM solution with AI support automates lead generation and enables salespersons to ensure no audience is left ignored. Freshsales marketing professionals detect the hot and cold candidates by acquiring visibility into contracts that are probably to be cracked or at-risk through commendable teamwork which automates tiresome work fast and helps you build effective customer relationships with AI help. Freshsales AI-powered chatbot -Freddy AI helps you understand your website visitors better. It provides you insights and predictions optimizing the CRM dashboard which assists you to take insight-backed actions.  
  • Sales Report and Analytics: Freshsales CRM provides robust sales report which helps you take customer-oriented business decision efficiently and increase your marketing teams’ success rate. From optimizing lead generations to improving the growth of your sales campaign, contract insights, customer performance, etc, Freshsales CRM with its visual analytics and data-driven dashboard gives you a clear idea about your customer behaviors so depending on them you can proceed further. Comprehensible report templates figure out revenue metrics from CRM solutions by pinpointing the campaigns, filtering out star performers with sales cycles, and identifying territories where the leads come from. Monitoring the performance of salespersons and their approaches to winning deals is one of the doable tasks of this feature. With pipeline reviews and high-performing territories opportunities, Freshsales CRM helps you achieve better data analytics to close a deal effortlessly. 

Why We Should Pick It?

Freshsales CRM has proved why organizations choose it blindly and expand their business with the help of the productive sales metrics and data-driven reports made by it.

  • Intuitive Features: Features always should be simple and user-friendly so everyone can access it so easily with the information provided on the website. From getting customer-centric insight to managing a sales team efficiently with a 360-degree context view, Freshsales CRM features perform it so well. In short, features will provide you with in-depth information about customers, marketing professionals, winning leads, and saved contacts across applications, systems, and touchpoints. With email automation and integration methods, the email marketing tool’s creative templates triggered emails and embedded forms help in lead nurturing. Advanced segmentation dividing the contacts and leads by their size, geography, territory, and participation improves marketing efficiencies. Additionally, AI-backed inboxes, sales pipelines, and integration through Freshsales CRM API access assist firms to take their business forward.
  • Straightforward Configuration: Freshsales configuration is also as easy as its features. Whether It’s email automation or integrating with your favorite apps through API documentation, all you need to do is to go through the blogs and resources shared on the website or contact the support team for further requirements. Freshsales CRM login and signup procedure is unbelievably simple.
  • Mobile Friendly: on-move technology is one of the reasons you should go ahead with the Freshsales CRM solution. This feature has made your life easier because you can keep working including tracking contacts, managing customers’ needs, sales control, Optimizing leads with your mobile device or tablet, and even you also can crack the deal with it while traveling. Just using your fingertips, you can personalize the features in the CRM application, stay connected with the sales team and take your business to the top of the game. 
  • Free-plan Runner: To run the business, you don’t need the basic features of CRM tools because with basic attributes no one can take it forward, soon or later it will hamper the business flow. But with Freshsale’s free-tier plan, you will get advanced features including 360-degree cycle management, contact scoring, AI chatbots, email integration, contact management, and more. To organize the marketing operations and enhance lead engagement, Freshsale’s free CRM subscription plan is also the show winner.  
  • CPQ Advantage: Fressales CPQ comes with three must-apply steps – Configure, Price, and quote. In short, with this feature, Freshsales’s marketing team can deliver infallible data sheets including contracts, invoices, deals, and more in just a few minutes. Through effective CPQ technology, the sales team is armed with pricing deals, quote invoicing, and necessary documents which can be provided with the potential and recent customers in need right from the CRM system. 

Freshsales CRM
Freshsales CRM

In a Freshales, you can effectively manage and monitor customer engagement, client relationships and sales activity with good data synchronisation. It’s perfect to track your customer’s journey with your venture throughout with all key insights transparent for you to make relevant strategic decisions.

Who it is For?

Freshsales CRM has been accepted by people belonging to multiple industries including healthcare, real estate, insurance, hotel management, digital agency, SaaS applications,  travel agency, education, retail, accounts, and more. With Realtors, Freshsales keeps the marketing team updated with whole contact chronological graph, from click to deal, and through it, your sales team gets to know which territory your customers are getting benefitted from. In the hospitality sector, Freshsales helps in automation building through booking requests from email, live chat, and web form because customer acquisition is difficult here. Retailers have adopted Freshsales CRM in their businesses to get unified customer data and identify the loyal prospects accumulating the information related to sales, products, and leads by customizing their shopping performance. Freshsales CRM is needed for EdTech too because sometimes the sales teams cannot distinguish the need of the students or educators and are stuck in the struggle of delivering spreadsheets, emails, invoices, and customer leads to the company. SaaS applications also have taken the Freshsales CRM tool seriously as it captures the visitors’ details and understands their preferences depending on their browsing history and it helps organizations to crack deals through the visibility of sales pipelines. 

Freshsales CRM Pricing

If the CRM keeps its pricing range low, every small runner can take part in the competition too. Let’s have a quick look at the Fressales pricing plans. 
  • Free plan: Free monthly plan comes with standard features including contact management, sales pipeline visibility, contact cycle stages, 24/7 customer support, mobile app technology and email automation.
  • Growth: this plan comes with advanced CRM automation to assist efficient sales teams to avoid mundane tasks and save time for more selling. It starts at 999rs. annually including features of the visual sales pipeline, AI-driven contact scoring, Freddy AI up to 2000 sessions per month, WhatsApp automation and sales sequences.
  • Pro: The bestseller Pro plan starts at 2799rs. per year coming with professional features so you can propel your business like a pro. The plan incorporates features like multiple sales pipelines, Up to 3000 Freddy AI sessions, time-focused workflows, sales territory management, AI-backed insight and data-driven recommendation and more.
  • Enterprise: Freshsales CRM enterprise subscription starts at 4999rs per year with advanced personalization, management and governance. You can use features including module customizations, audit logs, a dedicated profile manager and getting up to 5000 bot sessions.
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Freshsales CRM Alternative

Alternatives help to enhance business growth as competition helps you understand the limitations of your marketing operation so you can correct them in the future. 

  • Pipedrive CRM: Pipedrive being the cost-effective CRM tool is ideal for salespersons, startups, and small businesses. But to make changes in your business flow, you need to take the professional plan which starts monthly at $50, because advanced features are not available in the basic plan. The expensive pro plan is not for small businesses and new startups, this drawback makes it a Freshsales CRM alternative. 
  • Salesforce CRM: This CRM solution is considered the most similar to Freshsales because their features and benefits are kind of the same. But in terms of pricing, Freshsales gets the title of which one is better between them.  
  • Hubspot CRM: Hubspot CRM for its free tier plan is acceptable to large as well as small firms, enterprises, and SMBs. But its paid subscription plan starts at $45 per month whereas Freshsale’s basic pricing package starts at $25 per month. 


Here’s comparing various CRM platforms in the market like Fresh sales vs HubSpot CRM etc based on their key features and start pricing- 


Features  Freshsales  Hubspot Pipedrive SalesFoprce
Pricing  Free plan  Free starter pack $9/month $25/month
Automation  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes 
Integration  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes 
Customer support  Chat, email, and phone support  24/7 live, chat support  Chat and phone support  Chat and phone support 
segmentation  Yes  N/A  Yes  N/A
Configuration User-friendly and flexible  Intuitive and simple  Simple but basic  Complex 

Freshsales CRM Reviews

  • Intuitive features
  • Cost-effective
  • Customer support
  • Overall recommendation


In a nutshell, you can effectively manage and monitor customer engagement, client relationships, and sales activity with good data synchronization. It’s perfect to track your customer’s journey with your venture throughout with all key insights transparent for you to make relevant strategic decisions. Some of its defining features are cloud telephony and AI chatbot. It’s mostly best suited for multiple industries, so if you wish to kickstart your journey with a good CRM tool, this one’s definitely for you. 

Freshales CRM Alternates Software

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