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What is Gosquared CRM?

Customer relationship builders are needed to keep the bonding intact between customers and the brand. Because, if a brand wants to shine in the marketplace, it has to know how it can fulfill customers’ requirements. Hence, a simple and standard CRM tool is required to find out the faults in business, lead generation frequency, the volume of sales enhancement, and more. Gosquared CRM can efficiently do these things by providing multiple features at low cost so small-sized businesses can afford this to bring a change in their marketing operation. Straightforward configuration, motivating customer support team, and standard functionalities of Gosquared CRM win your heart and help you run your business smoothly without facing any roadblocks. 

Gosquared CRM Features

  • Custom Editor: Gosquared CRM has now come up with an advanced feature called visual HTML editor to eliminate your impatience towards email writing. Gosquared CRM’s previous HTML editor allows users to create email campaigns by using Drag and Drop editor without any stress of coding. But, it has now upgraded the feature by adding a ‘saved draft’ option and drop-down fields to avail more customization options. With this feature, any team member can access the draft and work on the project again.  
  • Smart Sequences: The smart sequence is the way to connect to a specific group of customers through a series of emails or SMS which act like triggers or reminders that help the prospects to take action. Gosquared CRM usually allows your team to work on this feature to nurture the leads by providing them with information at the time when they have downloaded any program or service from your official website. Now, this feature has an add-on setup to deliver sequences to a certain group of people automatically, or you can also manually send it to the customer list. 
  • Sales Engagement: Gosquared CRM software finds ways of sales engagement for you by enriching contacts with best-class features and support. Utilizing in-built playbooks, customized emails and messaging, and crafted sequences in the business, you can enhance your sales growth, and that too in less time than you expected. In short, you can automate your customers and encourage sales by using Gosquared CRM’s personalized features where you can add your preference too. Real-time reports and analysis of Gosquared also assist you to figure out the flaws in the track and respond to them instantly. The prime thing you can do to focus on sales engagement is to track your sales performance, customer engagement, and lead scoring by using features like email sequences, in-built messaging, email Bot, real-time insights, HTML email editor, segmentation, and more.  
  • Customer Retention: Every brand worships customers because without connecting to customers and making them satisfied, the whole objective of a business will go in vain. Hence, a brand needs to focus on what its customers are expecting from them so the sales team can proceed in the way they want. Gosquared CRM login comes up with automated email delivery which connects to the customer providing all possible information about the service. On the other hand, triggered messages are sent to the prospects and customers who once opened the emails or texts and closed them without making a purchase to remind them about the brand. API access also helps in protecting customer information and allows customers to stick to a specific brand. Thus, in order to enhance customer retention, Gosquared CRM provides your brand with various functionalities such as smart variables, real-time reports, dynamic sequences, proactive segmentation, and many more. 


Gosquared CRM integration works like a miracle to help you merge with your favorite application and software. Integration feature lets a brand automate sales through other software, for instance, if your brand gets merged with an email marketing tool such as Mailchimp, the customers or potential buyers of that application will be introduced to your brand’s product roaming on that platform and if the customer clicks it, you can generate leads from here too. Gosquared helps you connect with multiple applications from different categories such as HempDocs and Zendesk for customer service, Mailchimp and Mailgun for email marketing, Zapier integration and webhooks for automation,   Google Data Studio, Gasket and Geckoboard for visual customization.

API Documentation

 API is basically a software code that is built for activating technical applications on the brand’s site. As API contains multiple information including features, sales, reports, and more, it helps you integrate with other software, developer, or application through API access. Gosquared CRM API integration comes with numerous API documentation such as Account API, Tracking API, Tends API, Now API, Chat API, people API, and more to make your process more advanced and user-friendly.
Gosquared CRM
Gosquared CRM

Gosquared CRM can efficiently do these things by providing multiple features at low cost so small-sized businesses can afford this to bring a change in their marketing operation. Straightforward configuration, motivating customer support team and standard functionalities of Gosquared CRM

Why Should We Pick It?

  • Intuitive features: Gosquared CRM comes with comprehensible features such as an email capture bot, CTA prompts in-app broadcasting, email sequences, customized email automation, real-time data analytics, segmentation, integration, event tracking, task management, API documentation, and many more to lead your sales team to perform efficiently to increase customer engagement. 
  • Customer support: If you need to understand the importance and advantages of features, you need an efficient help desk that can provide you with all effective results. Intuitive features configuration is not enough to run a business with the help of CRM, you need proper guidance to access it. For instance, if your team finds it difficult to access the analytics, then the Gosquared Customer support team will connect you through multiple modes of interaction, be it live conversation or email chat.  To let your customers know about the service, it provides a playbook, email chat, telephonic support, and more. 
  • Web analytics: Gsquared CRM provides a user-friendly web analytics feature that comes with an intelligible dashboard and a helpful support team. In short, its user-friendly dashboard connects everyone on the team and not just the web developer, other team professionals can access it too. This CRM keeps you away from complex analytics set-up and you can seek help anytime from the customer service agents to implement the report and metrics in business if needed. 
  • Pricing: Gosquared CRM pricing is also budget-friendly for all kinds of users. It enables 7-day free trials on all subscriptions and you can cancel it anytime. For easy and reasonable web analytics, you can blindly rely on Gosquared CRM because its pricing is not only economical but it also comes with advanced features and support that your brand needs.

Who is it for?

Gosquared CRM is ideal for all kinds of businesses, whether it is small startups or big organizations. SMBs and small runners use this CRM as it provides affordable pricing plans and standard features at low cost. So if you need to reach the customers’ expectations with the help of upgraded functionalities and at the same time your budget is low, you can start your journey with Gosquared CRM, just the way small businesses do. Big enterprises chose it because it has a wide range of features and products that meet their expectations and help them to expand their business. 
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Gosquared CRM Pricing
  • Starter: Gosquared CRM beginner pack starts at $9 per month providing 100000 page views and 3 projects credit. This subscription lets you access multiple features like email reports, tracking emails, customized email campaigns, data retention and more.
  • Standard: this plan of Gosquared CRM starts at $24 per month for 5 projects and 500000 page views. With this plan, You can also access features like email reports, email tracking, GDPR compliances, in-app inboxing, HTML email support, smart variables, robust privacy control, data retention and more.
  • Pro: Gosquared CRM Pro plan comes with a 1 million pageviews facility and 10 projects credit for $49 per month. You can get accessibility to features in this plan including unlimited team sharing, event tracking, GDPR compliance, unlimited data retention, UTM campaign tracking, and real-time analytics along with the previous plans’ features.
  • Scale: Gosquared CRM’s most expensive plan starts at $99 per month with 2.5 million pageviews and 20 projects limit. This plan is usually taken by large businesses that need advanced features for business scalability.

Gosquared CRM Alternatives

  • Zoho CRM: it offers e-commerce brands sales data reports, tracking sales team intelligence, and other services which help them perform creating robust customer relationships. Features comprise slack integration, real-time data report, workflow automation, task management, sales funneling, and many more but its user interface is a bit complex whereas Gosquared CRM provides authentic and standard API access that no other CRM gives.  
  • Copper: When Copper CRM comes with all remarkable features to help you upgrade sales productivity more efficiently, the Gosquared CRM comes with flexible functionalities to take your business forward within less time and on a lower budget and this fact makes it Gosquared CRM competitors. 
  • Pipedrive: It predominantly concentrates on sales engagement and contact management growth,  But Gosquared CRM provides you with advanced functionalities that help integrate with public and private applications efficiently, enhance sales automation, and build a better customer community than Pipedrive does. 


Features Gosquared Zoho Copper Pipedrive
Pricing $9/monthly $14/Monthly $29/Monthly $12.50/Monthly
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support 24/7 live-chat support, phone Chat, email, and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes N/A Yes
Configuration Simple, flexible, and advanced Tricky and confusing Intuitive and simple Simple but basic

Centra Hub CRM Review

  • Flexible functionalities
  • Customization solutions
  • Instant customer support
  • Overall recommendation


Gosquared CRM pays attention to each area of your business, from customizing assignments to automating workflows for enhancing sales engagement. Its intuitive features help you focus predominantly on customer engagement along with building a good relationship with prospects. Efficient and instant community support is always your back to keep you up to date with single information. Despite that, public and private software integration, custom automation, personalized email templates, in-app email broadcasting, smart variables, email sequences, calendar view, data-driven dashboard, real-time analytics, personalized email tracking AI Bot, API access, task automation, sales forecasting, lead scoring and other functionalities of Gosquared CRM help your brand with anything you want to thrive in business.  

Gosquared CRM Alternates Softwares

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