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If someone launches a business not long ago then the firm should start engaging the audience with their products immediately through seamless automation, and if someone who has been ruling in an industry for over a decade and has a wide range of customer base should also simplify customers’ behaviors to get rid of the complexity in lead generation. Customer Relationship Management tools usually help sales teams by providing data-driven insights from which they can filter out who are the winning leads for the company and who the company should give less priority to. Insightly CRM likewise helps you connect with your customers closely and become exceptional by leaving your competitors behind. With personalized insights and straightforward workflow automation of Insightly CRM, you can reach out to your customers on time which anyway leads you to build a strong connection with your potential as well as prospective customers. Insightly drives its customer management by assessing the performance of the project management team, sales team, reporting team, and customer service teams. This centralized database comprising customer data and marketing sales activities helps you thrive in business so fast.    

Why should you Pick It?

Insightly CRM with its innovative features and resources helps you enhance the conversion rate of business beyond your expectations. The reason why someone should move forward with Insightly CRM will help you make the right decision for your business. 

  • Customer Support: Insightly customer support will always be your back because they believe in integrity. According to reviews, customer experts of Insightly are incredible and humble to help you find your way to business growth by motivating you in various ways. It generally provides guidance and training about the difficult areas of the CRM you’re dealing with. Whenever you go slow or fail to understand the internal operation, the Success Program of Insightly will perfectly help you get over the struggle. 
  • Comprehensible Features: If you feel the features are advanced but are facing trouble executing them in business, then what’s the point of making them upgraded? Insightly CRM features are absolutely good-to-go because anyone can easily understand the features just by going through the website information for once. For instance, if you need automation triggers to generate leads in a short time span, you can easily pick its workflow automation feature by reminding your sales professionals to monitor the prospects coming by. Despite that, software integration, pipeline review, aligning streamline, data-driven metrics help you perceive an idea about how efficiently you can increase sales operation. 
  • Transparent Interface: If the user interface gives you a transparent outlook, then the features would be also easy to perform. Insightly CRM in the first look comes to you with a clear vision of how you stay connected with your customers effectively. It helps the users begin customer management with ease by providing a demonstration preview, features introductions, video tutorials, and other in-depth customer management attributes. Insightly CRM UI provides simple and catchy descriptions of features, so your new sales professional will also understand how he should perform with the database information. 
  • Mobile Application: Now your sales team doesn’t need to work from a constant place, because now they can control the data-driven insight from anywhere with the Insightly mobile application available for both Android and iOS users. 

Who it is For?

Insightly CRM is a straightforward platform that helps firms streamline their marketing operation wisely- whether it’s a new startup or enterprise. Mid-shaped firms have also shown interest in Insightly’s automated workflows, email sequences, app integration, and others. Multiple industries including finance, corporate, solar, creative agencies, manufacturing, healthcare, consultancy, and more have adopted Insightly CRM into their sales automation to seamlessly form customer relationships such as solar firms to increase margins and develop operation efficacy, finance industry for better prospect assessment, consultancy firms to ensure optimum growth, healthcare to keep records of existing patients, corporate sectors to nurture clients requirements efficiently and the list goes on.

Insightly CRM Top Features

To meet the expectation of your customers you need first to understand the requirements and preferences of your existing customers through their consistent behaviors. CRM enables multiple features including lead generation, automation, customizable pipeline, and more to ensure your business growth. 

  • Workflow automation: Workflow automation has made your multi-stage business operation easy by generating leads from everywhere. For instance, email automation with triggers and text reminders compels customers to open the hosted page of your website and if anyhow leads generate from there, CRM will let your salespeople know at that moment. CRM solution assists the sales team by sending them email alerts and reminders and updating new records in the system when your company gets a winning lead. In short, the management team with this feature can efficiently assess the leads and marketing health through the sales report which helps you fill the gaps in the future if needed. 
  • Email sync: CRM tool also expands its hand to email marketing technology by building email templates and sending them to the saved contacts successfully in the blink of an eye. Now your sales team doesn’t have to waste time composing emails repetitively because Insightly CRM has now come up with its pre-built email frameworks which can be delivered to the bulk of contacts or prospects with ease. Then Insightly monitors the emails sent to customers and tracks statistics of open and clicks rate effectively. It also lets you know whenever someone in your email contacts opens it. Hence, Inightly with its email automation feature helps you understand who are going to be your prospective customers in the long run. 
  • Building relationships: To stay connected with your clients forever, you need to evaluate the behaviors of the existing customers so you can get an idea of how the prospects would react to your service. Insightly CRM follows up the details from performing leads to the final negotiation so the salespersons will understand how they should interact with people and serve your prospects better. A chronological outlook of Insightly CRM allows you to assess the performance of your sales teams incorporating how they collect, nurture, and serve leads because to maintain a good connection with customers, you should start with honesty and generosity. Insightly with a positive overview enhances customer engagement through the sales team and at the right time reminds them to convert leads into potential buyers. 
  • Pipeline review: If you want to close deals faster, you better go ahead with Insightly Streamline because this outlook will give a transparent idea about how to align your marketing professionals and tell them to operate as per your business needs. In this section, you can personalize the data-driven dashboard with the drag-and-drop tool depending on the user’s performance so the sales team can efficiently make decisions from customer-related information. To negotiate with your clients and wait for the final call, you initially need to prioritize your top leads because they have shown interest in your service and by reviewing the pipeline you can get the fine details of your prospects which leads to increase conversion. 
  • Integration: Painless integration of Insightly CRM helps you connect with other software including Slack, DocuSign, NetSuite, Drift, Jira, Okta, Asana, and many more so you can get leads from there too. To make it simple, if a user is visiting those applications will be welcomed to your website directly and it can generate leads from here. Insightly CRM with the support of API documentation keeps track of the visitors who come to your website and perform through ‘opens and clicks’. 
  • Report optimization: The previous method of data entry was too complex and took away the patience of sales teams. Therefore, with CRM insight-backed information sales team receive data and can analyze them without any hassle. To enhance customer satisfaction, salespeople need to obtain the history of previous conversations or deals with potential customers from the CRM software and can further proceed with it. And in the new case, report analytics shows the audience’s activeness so the sales team can perform in an organized way on each prospect. If your business operation requires any change or is filled with any small mistakes, insights detect and bring them to you so you can look into them for a better replacement.  

Insightly CRM
Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM is an innovative tool to master CRM and generate more solid leads for your growing venture. The tool is good for mid-level startups and growing ventures with key features including workflow automation, integration and report optimization among others.

Insightly CRM Pricing

Insightly CRM helps you create a true relationship with customers, thrive in business faster and increase sales effortlessly.  To accelerate sales and achieve great ROI with advanced lead routing and automated workflows, Insightly CRM comes with affordable pricing plans.  

  • Plus: Insightly Plus plan starts at $29 per month for one user and is ideal for small startups, mid-sized firms, and individual business runners. This plan comes with 10 GB data storage, 100000 insight limits, 50 custom fields, and advanced features including lead management, email templates, automated emails, mobile application usage, task assessment, pipeline review,  integration with daily-use applications, and many more. 
  • Professional: The bestseller Insightly Pro plan for mid-sized businesses and big startups begins at $49 per month with 100GB of data storage, a 250000 record limit, 100 insight cards, and 5000 email sends per day. The features coming with this plan are the same as before adding a few such as converting winning leads, native project operations, advanced integration, 100 custom fields, unlimited page layout installation, webhooks, and more. 
  • Enterprise: The enterprise plan starts at $99 per month which is quite expensive and ideal for big enterprises coming with unlimited data storage, unlimited record limit, unlimited insight cards, and 10000 email sends per day. Its features are broad in the range such as unlimited profile configuration, 200 custom fields, AWS verification, SAML execution, calculated fields, and others. 

Client Review

Insightly CRM Alternatives

  • Hubspot: Hubspot is known as the Insightly CRM top alternative due to its free sales applications including web forms, landing pages, and more along with its social media management. But It has no in-built project management feature which Insightly has. 
  • Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM has an intuitive form of sales, customer support, functionality, and pricing plans but you can have access to some customization options of Zoho available in its expensive paid membership. 
  • Pipedrive: Pipedrive is the cheapest CRM tool in terms of pricing as its paid subscription starts at $12.50/month. But all advanced features are available from the professional package because the lowest pricing plan doesn’t provide advanced functionality that can spur you to set up your business.   


Features Insightly Zoho Hubspot Pipedrive
Pricing $29/month $14/month Free starter pack $9/month
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support 24/7 live-chat support, phone Chat, email, and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes N/A Yes
Configuration Simple and advanced light-weighted Intuitive and simple Simple but basic

Insightly CRM Reviews

  • Flexible features
  • Cost-effective
  • Live customer support
  • Overall recommendation


Insightly CRM is an innovative tool to master CRM and generate more solid leads for your growing venture. The tool is good for mid-level startups and growing ventures with key features including workflow automation, integration, and report optimization among others. This article has aptly elaborated on the different aspects of the tool along with a dispassionate comparison with the other leading CRM providers in the industry to help you choose the best fit for your requirements.

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