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What is Nutshell CRM?

The overall process of lead generation, sales automation, and monitoring potential customers is now far away from the struggle of the traditional method- from collecting prospects’ details and analyzing them to making data record with customers’ details. Because Customer Relationship Management tool has now made it easy for every small and big organization to keep business records in a centralized system where the management team as per the requirements can find things. CRM tools manage leads along with maintaining a relationship with customers and without this technical tool, no companies will see business growth. And in terms of flexibility, Nutshell CRM has won the case because whatever you do to get more leads, how you keep things going between you and customers, and how you manage the marketing operation can be personalized with Nutshell’s comprehensible and custom features. Its customer support team and eye-catchy interface are also in the game to help you turn the leads into customers.  

Why We Should Pick it?

Nutshell lets you flexibly customize the insights with your clients’ details and move forward to make progress in the business. From optimizing sales analytics to team collaboration, everything you can proceed with an all-in-one CRM. 

  • Flexible features: Everything you pick in Nutshell would be easy to access because it depends on how you want to form your leads, be it in a simple way with sales management or powerfully generating leads through advanced automation, team collaboration, email reminders, and more. To start with monitoring customers’ performance with Nutshell CRM, the sales team will get rid of the fear of manual data entry and enhance stress-free marketing with ease. With advanced features like hot-leads encouragement you can prioritize your potential prospects efficiently and reducing the hassle of repetitive email composing helps you build connections with new audiences.
  • Integration: Nutshell CRM integration which validates the sales team to act efficiently with potential clients has been broadly expanded. Integration with multiple software including Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Intercom, Outlook, Zapier, Office 365, PandaDoc, and others helps you improve lead generation and contact management without any support from IT professionals. Nutshell directly sorts out the leads performing on other software’s hosted pages and helps you thrive in business effectively with standard integration.
  • Customer support: Nutshell provides intelligible features which help you get through what you want in business operations without seeking any help from development teams. The exceptional support team has been your back right from your trial period and helps you at every stage whenever you need them.   
  • Intuitive analytics: Nutshell provides intuitive analytics from which you can assess your prospects and potential customers differently.  The personalized insights of Nutshell transparently show the sales team where the faults are lying and which area needs to be improved. Thus you can efficiently make decisions from powerful analytics and convert the users into real-time buyers with in-built templates and automation.

Who it is For?

Nutshell CRM defines its work in its name and is adopted in multiple services including digital marketing firms, email marketing, PPC services, advertising agencies, SEO service,  Graphics designs, and many more.  With Nutshell, digital marketing organizations collect potential visitors to their pages through digital sales operations and ROI-based marketing. Gaining more search traffics, SEO services also consider Nutshell as an impressive medium to balance customer relationship, because it helps you come to the top of the SERP to drive more leads and revenue. Advertising agencies are also on the list of the Nutshell community as it runs digital ad campaigns with the customer data accumulated from Nutshell insights. Nutshell CRM is used in various kinds of industries including retail, healthcare, hospitality, digital agencies, EdTech, and many more because the services a brand needs to flourish online business are provided efficiently combined with the features of Nutshell. 

Nutshell CRM Features

Nutshell is known for its flexible features which help you in both ways- simply assess the sales leads & prospects and sell services effectively. But complex lead generation and restraining contacts are its forte. 

  • Sales automation: Nutshell CRM automation performs at every stage helping your sales representatives not to waste time in the sales process and efficiently monitor the prospects that are coming your way from primary interaction to ultimate negotiation. Nutshell assists your salespeople in how they should react to proceed with each lead through automated triggers which ensures that sales teams complete tasks on time and boost the workflow of new people. Nutshell email automation is already in the pipeline stage which triggers the customers and shuts off performance as soon as the customer replies. The automation strategy of Nutshell CRM helps the management team to measure the sales health through sales funnel metrics which further can create targeted developments. 
  • Webforms: Nutshell’s personalized web form will surely help you win the race of customer engagement and lead generation. This web form is built without the struggle of appointing a web developer to gather new customers’ primary details including their names, contact numbers, and email addresses. Nutshell provides embedded forms for your website and each form has its URL that conducts the prospects to a landing page where the form arrives. Lead generation through web forms is automatically detected by Nutshell that the volume of customers’ visits to your website, how many forms are submitted, and the conversion rate of the landing page visits. 
  • Contact management: This feature includes marketing leads, sales professionals, and website visitors helping you understand people’s involvement in your service which assists you to keep in touch with the customers in the long term. Importing data from multiple sources including spreadsheets, google contacts, white-glove import, and other CRM software like Salesforce, office 365, Quickbooks, etc with Nutshell helps you manage your potential clients as well as the performance of salespersons who are running the operation.  Nutshell contact management gives you a chronological view using  360° outlook which keeps you updated with recent information about every person you connect with, be it a sales team or business leads. Contact assessment is all about syncing customer details from the phone, accumulating website leads, and monitoring business cards. Nutshell following the lead fills up the insights with necessary details of contacts including location, job title, social media profile links, and more. In short, Nutshell CRM minimizes the stress of manual data entry by saving time for your sales employees and keeps track of your contacts, emails, and other things so well. 
  • Segmentation: Nutshell segmentation performs in every section of its features by optimizing the activities of salespeople by geography, lead sizes, and territory assessment. With the support of dynamic segmentation, you will get an overall outlook of your sales team including some criteria such as the volume of lead generation, deadline meet-ups, and the closed deal. You can also be benefitted from advanced segmentation by filtering out the client’s details including their age, demography, location, and number of page visits from the insights. Thus, you can stay connected with your potential clients as well as winning prospects.
  • Pipeline monitor: Nutshell pipeline review includes three segments – i) Board view interactively controls your pipeline in which Drag & Drop tool defines winning and rejecting prospects efficiently along with helping you make pipeline-driven decisions. ii) in List view you can arrange the pipeline traditionally by segmenting the leads by order in rows and columns depending on some attributes such as stage, performance, value, and more. iii) Map view should be used by the outside sales team because it shows how broadly you expanded your business and where your people are located so that you can better organize the online meeting. iv) chart view provides you with a diagram of leads activities including quantity, value, and timeframe. v) Hot leads help you focus on the important prospects in the dashboard. 

Nutshell CRM
Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM is one of the best choices in the market especially if you’re active in the digital space and is actively engaged in customer relations on a daily basis. It’s easy to manoeuvre and even the login and signup procedures have a clean and interactive layout.

Nutshell CRM Pricing

Nutshell is famous for many reasons to its users and providing affordable pricing plans with unlimited data and advanced features facilities is one of them. 

  • Basic plan: the basic plan of Nutshell start at $16 per month for one user coming with multiple advanced features such as automatic email sync, report analytics, customer data scoring, content management, drag-and-drop pipeline review, personalized pipelines, embedded web forms, emails automation triggers and interaction chart review.  
  • Pro plan: Nutshell’s popular paid plan starts at a monthly $42 per user and comes with an advanced reporting funnel including forecast insights and activity, web form, email automation, unlimited pipelines, sales quotes, team cooperation, unlimited telephonic sales, and more. 

Nutshell CRM Alternatives

The impact of CRM tools is everywhere in your business, so to propel business effectively you need an efficient and non-complex CRM solution from which you can better perceive the idea of your salespeople’s activities, customer behaviors, and client’s movement. Let’s get a transparent view of why Nutshell is exceptional and different from others. 

  • Copper: Copper is a popular CRM solution coming with advanced features and a user-friendly interface but Nutshell is accepted over Copper due to its cost-efficiency, data storage limit, incredible live support, automated email sync, advanced pipeline and sales process. Even the Nutshell Pro plan is less than the Copper professional subscription. 
  • Freshsales: Freshsales CRM has comprehensible in-built features and has integrated with Freshworks software to improve lead generation and team collaboration. But Freshsales provides limited pipelines, data storage, and automated email previews whereas  Nutshell wins the race by providing unlimited services at every stage. With budget-friendly subscription plans. Nutshell is still everyone’s favorite. 
  • Hubspot: Hubspot being a Nutshell CRM alternative doesn’t provide world-class customer support, email integration features, and advanced functionality without an extra penny. Though it has a free tier pricing plan, but cannot help you with unlimited data storage and contact management. Its pipeline review is also run by only Drag and Drop board whereas Nutshell Pipeline Review consists of a list view, map view, and chart view along with Drag and Drop board. 
  • Pipedrive: Pipedrive CRM is ideal for individual runners and small marketing teams but doesn’t reach the expectations of big enterprises due to its limited functionality. If Nutshell provides customized sales automation, Pipedrive is no way closer to personalize stages in the pre-built sales process. In terms of pricing, Nutshell has always been the leading performer. 

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Features Nutshell Freshsales Hubspot Pipedrive Copper
Pricing $16/month Free plan Free starter pack $9/month $29/month
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support 24/7 live chat support, phone Chat, email, and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes N/A Yes N/A
Configuration Way too flexible and advanced light-weighted Intuitive and simple Simple but basic Complex

Nutshell CRM Reviews

  • Flexible features
  • Cost-effective
  • Live customer support
  • Overall recommendation


With the best features encapsulated in decently priced plans, Nutshell CRM is one of the best choices in the market especially if you’re active in the digital space and are actively engaged in customer relations on a daily basis. It’s easy to manoeuvre and even the login and signup procedures have a clean and interactive layout. We hope this article has helped to discover the key features of the tool and given you a dispassionate comparison with other tools in the industry. 

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