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Salesnexus CRM

If an individual wants to drive a business successfully, he should know his customers first. Whatever an owner does for his company or wherever goes to seek help, every single detail inside the workspace is all about customers and their behaviors. In order to understand precisely what the customers need and how they want to get your service, Customer management solutions diagnose the sales team to perform accordingly. Salesnexus CRM is one of them and helps you control the teams and prospects seamlessly. With this CRM tool, you can organize your tasks and track them properly by adding notes and tags. Pipeline management is the prime thigh that Salesnexus does to monitor order history and sales intelligence.  In short, Salesnexus CRM assists your team to set a target audience, connecting with the leads professionally, and at last converting them into buyers by tracking sales performance and evolving the sales engagement. 

Salesnexus Top Features

  • Automation: Automation is how you better attract your customers every time. From managing new leads to making them new clients, the whole process comes under automation. Through automation, you can work on new lands by sending them automated texts and emails which trigger them to step forward with your product. With this feature, you schedule meetings, emails, and to-do lists to let your customers work on these. Syncing the schedules, calls, and emails to the Outlook and Google calendars leads the sales team to be organized and thus the tasks are divided among the team members. Salesnexus CRM automation helps your sales team track recent leads, upcoming meetings, new customers, potential customers, and lost customers to get a better view of prospects’ movement. 
  • Email marketing: CRM usually integrates with email marketing tools to collect the frequency and data of sales performance. Selling the leads has now become easy with Salesnexus because it helps teams not to waste manual efforts on writing individual emails. With this feature, you can make a campaign strategy based on what your customers require and accordingly compose emails in pre-built templates which are customizable so without coding struggle, you can efficiently make automated email campaigns for lead generation. Your sales team can assess the report and analytics of campaigns and add new emails to the campaign templates by optimizing previous sales performance. Hence, Salesnexus CRM with the email marketing functionality helps you make targeted contacts to whom you send emails every month and generate leads from the list. 
  • Segmentation: When the sales team finishes making contact lists of the target audience, it leads them to the next stage- segmenting the customers based on some factors including demographics, occupation, location, age, gender, past activities, and more. If marketers want to generate leads from a niche group of audiences then segmentation would be the foremost thing that one should adopt in the business process. Salesnexus CRM segmentation helps your brand to reach the vast possible contacts to enhance sales intelligence and growth of the company.  Often the outreach is not properly calculated, because it is not necessary that other CRMs would build segmentation features in their system. 
  • Lead generation: Salesnexus CRM is now at the forefront to help a company with data-driven insights and other intuitive features to generate leads more than before. Hence, if you want to speed up your sales performance you need to step on board with some features of Salesnexus that precisely work on increasing the leads effectively such as email tracking task management, customized email templates, and more. When a sales team already knows who is its effective leads, it straightly starts focusing on automated triggers and alerts by reducing the frequency of cold calling, direct emails, and more old things. Salesnexus CRM provides unimaginative support to help you accelerate growth by nurturing leads and converting them into potential customers.  
  • Integration: Salesnexus CRM integration comes to help you merge with your preferred applications across the web such as Outlook, Gmail, Zendesk, Zapier, Ringcentral, Calnedly, and more. Through Salesnexum CRM API you can upgrade the company’s sale performance, from automating customers to making them buyers. For instance, Zendesk Integration helps build a robust customer community and on the other hand, Calndly Integration comes with all the scheduled tasks, meetings, and other things by providing alerts and reminders.   

Why Should We Pick it?

Salesnexus is all about transforming leads into customers. Therefore, Anyone who wants to upgrade sales intelligence should go with Salesnexus CRM blindly, following are the a few reasons for it. 

  • Intuitive features: Salesnexus CRM comes up with standard features that are easy to access and comprehensible for running a business from scratch. Newcomers can easily access them without fear of any obstructions because everyone has a basic idea about how to configure this, so the simple introduction provided on the site will be enough for the users.  
  • Analytics: Salesnexus CRM has like others brought data-driven analytics which helps your team to optimize the previous sales record, based on accumulated data and metrics the team lets other departments know about the past result to strategize the next thing wisely. Salesnexus analytics and report are way too simple and userfriendly so anodyne in the team can access them without seeking help from a professional. 
  • Configuration: Salesnexus CRM login is straightforward from customizing fields and layouts to capturing leads and emails. If you are new to the industry you can move forward with this CRM because the configuration of each feature is not complicated.  For instance, in the integration feature, you can make contact lists, collect accounts and profiles and optimize notes and sales opportunities efficiently. Likewise, email campaign setup is even easy, from building templates to adding a personal touch to it. 
  • Pricing: Salesnexus CRM provides best-class features in an affordable pricing range. For every kind of business, pricing matters the most. It depends on how big your company is and how many resources you can afford. Hence, to solve your doubts Salesnexus CRM pricing comes with budget-friendly plans that help you explore the world and reach the widest range of contacts. 

Who it is for?

Small startups and SMBs use Salesnexus CRM to generate the best-class performance of sales. It helps small organizations fuel up business growth by providing a 360-degree view of marketing and sales service. Enterprises and large organizations always look for a unified platform that provides advanced automation, dynamic segmentation, and powerful integration and API, fortunately, Salesnexus CRM meets their expectations and is applied in business efficiently to enhance sales productivity and customer community.
Salesnexus CRM
Salesnexus CRM

Salesnexus CRM wins hearts of users as it brings everything under one roof so the users can access its features without doubts. Its sales and customer support is also there to help you anytime via call, email chat or text conversation.

Salesnexus Pricing

Salesnexus CRM pricing plans are not only affordable but easily accessible. Including your preferred plan in the business will help you manage an efficient sales team along with focusing on sales engagement. 
  • Professional: It starts at $45 per month for one user including facilities like unlimited contacts, and 5000 emails sent. Google and Outlook integration, 2.5GB data storage and features like marketing automation, lead generation, email campaigns, email tracking and more are included in this package.
  • Enterprise: This plan comes for $65 per month with an unlimited contacts limit, 15000 emails sent and 5GB data storage. Website integration, RingCentral integration, personalised workflow and previous plan’s features come with this subscription.
  • Automatic: Automatic Plan starts at $85 per month bringing 20000 emails sent limit and 5GB user storage. This plan provides a maximum of 50 automation programs, RingCentral Integration, Zapier and API integration, Website integration and other features.

Salesnexus CRM Alternatives

  • Zendesk CRM: it offers e-commerce brands real-time reports, email tracking, pipeline intelligence, and other features which help you create robust customer relationships. Features include slack integration, workflow automation, task management, integration, sales funneling and many more but customer support is weaker than Salesnexus CRM as it provides you with webinars, tutorials, and appointments with customer agents. 
  • Zoho: When Zoho CRM comes with all remarkable features to help you enhance sales intelligence more efficiently, the Salesnexus CRM comes with advanced, flexible, and intuitive features to increase sales engagement in a short time and this fact makes it a Salesnexus CRM competitor. 
  • Pipedrive: It makes contact management the center of attraction, whereas Salesnexus CRM predominantly focuses on sales engagement, lead generation, building customer lists, and customer support. 


Features Salesnexus Zendesk Zoho Pipedrive
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support 24/7 live-chat support, phone Chat, email, and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes N/A Yes
Configuration Simple, flexible, and advanced Tricky and confusing Intuitive and simple Simple but basic

Salesnexus CRM Reviews

  • Flexible functionalities
  • Customization solutions
  • Instant customer support
  • Overall recommendation


Salesnexus CRM wins the hearts of users as it brings everything under one roof so the users can access its features without doubts. Its sales and customer support is also there to help you anytime via call, email chat, or text conversation. It provides help and support to the users through webinars, tutorials, pictures, and videos so that newcomers also can understand how to drive an effective business program. The Salesnexus CRM team works hard to help you enhance sales productivity as well as lead generation. Whether you use integration or marketing automation, everything is perfectly sorted. Thus, Salesnexus CRM has become the showrunner by providing the best possible services to make your team more courageous and allowing your customers to stick to your brand. 

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