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Signpost CRM

Every organization should keep one thing in mind- never let the customers go with others. Working on this fact would be simple if customer management tools are your backing. CRM software usually helps every department of the workplace including the sales team, marketing team, project management team, customer support team, and others with customer-related information and data-driven timelines which bring calculative results to let your brand know where the problems lie. Signpost CRM software is one of the best CRMs across the market and its instant responsive service and straightforward communication theory help brands enhance customer retention.  With its intuitive features and incredible customer help desk, you can control your online reputation wisely.

Signpost Features

  • Live receptionist: It can’t be possible that someone is waiting and no one is picking up the call, because Signpost CRM has innovatively created this feature to not let its users be confused with project management, sales automation and integration, or any other programs. Live receptionists are 24/7 waiting to solve your queries with positive solutions. Customer experts pick up the calls right away so the prospects cannot go anywhere and make them feel homely, and sometimes customers think these live receptionists are an extension of your sales team because they are way too friendly and never lose their patience. By sorting out the results of customers’ queries, the live agents can accordingly reply via emails or messages about the requests or scheduled appointments for you. This feature enables custom conversation in the program organizing the prime facts of the conversation, welcoming messages, and FAQ replies, so agents can interact with customers based on the prepared format.
  • Web chat: Signpost never lets you keep youtube customers waiting. The moment prospects need you, the team is at their convenience with the help of the Signpost CRM web chat program. To engage more and more audiences to your website, you need to make it knowledgeable and conversation friendly. You can connect to the clients and customers through AI-powered Chatbot or can give answers to their frequently asked questions of them one by one. For that matter, you can share pictures, tutorials, and other relevant details with the customers through the automated interaction feature. If you earlier figured out which leads are your top-most priority from the dashboard, now you need to separately reply to them by focusing on the previous conversation of leads and prospects. This feature of Signpost helps your prospects book appointments directly to connect you if any missed calls or inquiries are generated.
  • Email campaigns: Signpost CRM comes with a straightforward setup of Email campaigns to engage contacts beyond your expectation. Automated texting, be it in email format or SMS, triggers your selected contact lists to let them know about your service in detail. The best part is your sales team doesn’t have to write manual emails or texts, because Signpost has its prebuilt formats of emails and a whole library of templates that can be used in sales automation. Email campaign insights are also provided by Signpost with valuable data such as the frequency of sent emails, opens, and click rates.
  • Payment tracking: Signpost CRM shows up as a unified platform where you can define sales intelligence, from finding leads to making payments. Payments tracking is the process that keeps a record of customers who recently made payments. With this feature of signpost CRM, your team can define the purchase details and customers’ data by monitoring the last payments and your customers can get offers on card transactions and processing fees too.
  • Integration: Signpost usually merges with market-centric CRMs,  finance software, payment applications, and more to provide you with the best possible outcomes. With this feature, your customers and clients get to know about the service through automated texting and make actions depending on that. Signpost CRM integration can reduce the manual efforts of sales engagement so the teams can effortlessly connect with the customers and prospects through automation. Integrating with your preferred software delivers the best result and you can build your customer engagement on that. Through automated notifications, texts, and emails your clients, prospects, and leads would be nurtured and thus your brand enhances the customer base.

Why should We Pick Signpost CRM?

Signpost CRM is the showrunner because it connects to the customers and the teams more efficiently at the same time. Hence, if customers raise queries, Signpost CRM comes up with effective feedback in under a minute as it doesn’t like its customers to be waiting. 

  • Instant reply: Signpost instant reply function is the favorite thing of users as with this feature, the brands can interact with each lead to enhance the business performance. Instant reply programs can help your organization retain customers and don’t let them reach out to your alternatives because prospects usually don’t wait for one solution. Hence, Signpost made its responders quick to enable leads to engage with the system by asking screening queries and collecting more information about their job. This function qualifies you to connect via messaging so you can’t miss any chat conversation and stay connected with the leads and prospects efficiently. 
  •  Mobile app: Signpost CRM has now come up with a user-friendly Mobile Application which helps you interact with prospects and leads in real-time by providing an inbox interface. The mobile app has developed a responsive nature more because you can personalize texts and emails from here to send customers and leads within a shorter time than answering over the call. You can generate a review request to the contact list once the recent project gets done through this feature. In short, the Signpost CRM login of the mobile application displays quality work and treats existing problems instantly by providing videos and pictures to potential customers and clients. 
  • Intuitive features: Signpost CRM is not just about responding and tracking, but it also provides some advanced features that are easy to configure. Marketing automation helps online brands to generate leads and turn visitors into customers. On the other hand, integration brings multiple online applications together on the same page and allows them to focus on how the company can enhance business growth. Despite that, other features appear as an intelligible medium to build customer relationships seamlessly. 
  • Signpost CRM API: API authentication of Signpost CRM is not only easy but it contains advanced technology which efficiently lets you engage more leads and manage conversations to take your business forward. Basic API documentation here needs no setup and can be used for Signpost accounts too. Hence, if API accessibility is easier with Signpost, then why do people go with other competitors? 

Who it is for?

Signpost CRM is acknowledged in various kinds of areas because its instant responders are needed for these kinds of professionals from different industries such as electricians, plumbers, contractors, Roofers, and other local firms. For instance, Electricians utilize services of Signpost like chat, automation, mobile app, integration and instant reply. Likewise, plumbers are also into Signpost CRM because they avail features including payment tracking, chat, mobile app, instant responses, and more. Other local businesses also create email campaigns, generate leads and integrate with applications like Quickbooks and Hossecall PRO for workflow automation by using Signpost CRM features. 

Signpost CRM Pricing

Signpost CRM subscription plans are applicable based on business needs. Let’s get to know them and find which one you should choose for your business. 
  • Starter plan: Signpost CRM starter pack starts at $249 per month for companies who want to enhance their online reputation and control inbound sales engagements. With this pack, you can run email campaigns and send newsletters along with responding to prospects through different mediums like messenger, phone and more.
  • Growth: This plan is for those who want to increase scalability by replying to calls with a backstop and it starts at $399 per month by providing monthly 50 live receptionist minutes.
  • Accelerate: Signpost’s most popular subscription comes for $494 per month to take your business to the next level and accelerate business growth with 24/7 support. In addition to that, it comes with monthly 100 live agents minutes.
Signpost CRM
Signpost CRM

Signpost CRM pays attention to each area of your business, from customizing assignments, leads, customer retention and integration to automating workflows for enhancing sales engagement.

Signpost CRM Alternatives

  • Zendesk CRM: it helps online brands to work on sales real-time analytics, sales intelligence, customized email campaigns, and other services which boost customer relationship management from the core. Features comprise slack integration, real-time data report, workflow automation, AI chatbot, task management, pipeline overview, and many more but its user interface is not straightforward whereas signpost CRM provides a unified and comprehensible set-up. 
  • Copper: When Copper CRM comes with all effective features to help you upgrade sales productivity, then there should be something that Copper has lacked. Signpost CRM fulfills the communication gap that Copper CRM has, and it helps your brand to come into the limelight in less time. 
  • Pipedrive: It mainly concentrates on sales engagement and contact management growth,  whereas Signpost CRM provides constant support and instant reply to your customers to make them realize the importance of your brand and this reason makes Pipedrive one of the leading  Signpost CRM competitors. 

Review Form

Features Signpost Zendesk Copper Pipedrive
Pricing $249/Monthly $19/Monthly $29/Monthly $12.50/Monthly
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support 24/7 live-chat support, phone Chat, email, and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes N/A Yes
Configuration Simple, flexible, and advanced Tricky and confusing Intuitive and simple Simple but basic

Signpost CRM Review

  • Flexible functionalities
  • Customization solutions
  • Instant customer support
  • Overall recommendation


Signpost CRM pays attention to each area of your business, from customizing assignments, leads, customer retention, and integration to automating workflows for enhancing sales engagement. Its intuitive features and 24/7 live support help you build a good relationship with prospects and customers. Efficient, patient, and amicable receptionists always try to keep you up to date with single information and make the customers happy. Despite that, public and private software integration, custom automation, personalized creative templates, calendar view, customized dashboard, pipeline view, insight-driven analytics, personalized email tracking,  task automation, sales forecasting, lead scoring, and other functionalities of signpost CRM help your brand with anything you want to propel business.  

Signpost CRM Alternates Software

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