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Streak CRM
It may become boring to manually put your effort into customer data entry because sometimes it really checks your patience. Now, to get rid of this baggage, customer relationship management tools are created to upgrade employees’ work lives. From collecting data from every platform to organizing them in a separate database, CRM tools help you attain your business goal. Streak CRM is being positioned in the first category because of its incredible features, user-friendly interface and amiable customer support.
Streak CRM features
Email monitoring  

With streak CRM efficiency, your email automation progress can be effectively watched so you can further think about what to do next. For instance, if a client opens your email and responds to it, you can check it through and according to that prepare quick feedback. In short, if someone opens it you will get an email notification. You can seamlessly organise a list of opened emails by maintaining a chronology and can find out who to follow up with and who are the lost deals. Through the email tracking feature, you can send group emails to the contacts who last opened your emails to increase the response rate.

Pipeline review

Pipeline review is the key to reaching out to your leads. There are a few things that you can get from the Streak CRM pipeline such as How the prospects are showing interest, how they are reacting, where they belong and what are the tasks to be followed up. Streak CRM importer tool collects leads and prospectus from everywhere and stores them in the Streak pipeline where you can access the contacts data by searching, sorting and filtering as per your preference and saving the final custom view to provide it to the team. The Streak pipeline is compiled with all the details of how you interacted with the teams, such as emails, tasks, notes, call logs and many more. A complete outlook of the contacts you reached is given in the pipeline review and the details of the prospects including priority, location, demography and last email interaction are shown alongside the emails. With this feature, you can seamlessly track the reports and make a follow-up chart according to that such as scheduled meetings, demonstrations, last week’s interaction and more. 

 API Documentation 

Streak’s API access lets you jump into the ocean of modifying your requirements. In short, anything you want to customize, you have to do it with API documentation in Streak and it doesn’t require any development experience. API is used to build and customize pipelines by updating, adding and removing fields in them. Likewise, it helps you create automated feedback by providing the help of Webhooks in Streak. Extracting data from the pipeline and sharing it with the team is now easy with Streak API documentation which leads you to upload the data into your preferred platform. 

Email automation 

Streak’s email merge is relatively painless as per the review because it has created automated follow-ups to trigger the contacts if they somehow avoid it. And the best part is Streak cares for your prospects, so you can with this feature wake up your clients by sending it on weekends and holidays to achieve a better conversion rate. Uploading a CSV in drafted emails and transmitting it as per convenience actually doesn’t require any help from a third-party application. With effortless email integration, you have no need to switch the sequence of recent follow-ups because you can get an overall view of the sent and drafted emails on the right side of Gmail. Email merge is processed with some upgraded features like A/B testing, right-time deliverability, quota control and follow ups modification. 

Workflow customization 

With streak, your pipeline looks like a complete answer book of your sales history. It includes sales intelligence, contact data report, sales teams performance and many more. But there is nothing to be confused about. You can totally personalize your workflow according to your preference such as adding subjects, removing unnecessary things, rearranging data records, organizing meetings and customizing pipeline stages as per your need. Personalized workflow allows you to work on all formats such as numbers, texts, tags, contacts, formulas, checkboxes and more. 

Email templates or snippets 

Writing emails individually is a mundane job and time-consuming because wasting time in the same email format can portray your work inefficiency. Streak CRM has included a new feature in its list- Snippets, a  pre-built format to type emails whenever you need. In this feature, you can also create your email palette where you insert saved text with just one click and set a shortcut along with using hashtags, native language and dollar signs. With snippets, your response to clients would be composed and faster than typing manual emails. streak allows you to make customization and help you share saved snippets with your other teammates so that they can easily access them without writing emails. This pre-built email template feature helps you write informative and professional emails for your prospects and the responding email formats complete all the questions coming from your clients. 

Why should we pick it
Streak CRM can win anyone’s heart with its unimaginable services, but still you may have to face questions like ‘is streak CRM safe?’, the answer would be yes because to run a business at an affordable budget you won’t get any better option in the market. Now let’s discuss the reason for it. 

User-friendly configuration 

Streak is way too easy to configure from monitoring every context to building email templates. Pipeline customization can also be run the way you want. Operating from a mobile application or system, everything in streak is in your forte. User-friendly configuration helps you import contacts and make segmentation based on some specific criteria and attach emails to the targeted prospects, whether you prepare for sending an individual email or organizing group emails.

Advanced support queue

There is no one like Streak in the market in terms of providing the best contact support. Streak has tight integration with the Gmail platform by adding some advanced features to fuel up your business operation. No, there is no need to appoint an external team and train them for building an emergency support team. Because streak has finally come up with a new feature where you can automate the responses by adding snippets in emails with a key command to attend the most asked queries in less time. All teammates can access the snippets library and edit those as per their requirements so anyone can tune up and upgrade the support feedback as a collaborator. You can create custom texts for merging mails in the support queue when the network is down or shipping is stuck in the middle by interacting with a big team through email and you can also build an authentic relationship with users by inserting their details correctly.  

 Intuitive features 

Streak lets you drive the business using advanced and comprehensible functionalities. From workflow automation to pipeline customization, everything is so easy with the streak. You can start from anywhere and take the help of the support queue if needed. Streak provides all the features to accelerate the business flow such as pre-built email templates, custom texts, snippets, sending mass emails, organized contact lists and tracking sales intelligence. To keep yourself organized and updated with all the details of your customer engagement, Streak’s features are on their route to guide you. Sales tracking with streak is even easier than other CRM tools because it allows you to directly connect with the lead and sometimes when you are dealing with contacts, Streak’s pipeline helps you know who you are talking with, be it a lead, a sales team or a prospect. 


Streak CRM integration lets you merge with your favourite tools to get a smoother workflow. Streak helps you Integrate with G suite which helps you perform in one place by using software like Gmails, Google spreadsheet, Drive and Calendar to organize your contacts and keep track of the prospects efficiently. Google streak CRM with the help of google supported applications assists you to drive the business seamlessly. Zapier integration lets you merge with more than 1000 tools in your wishlist to automate the workflow seamlessly. Streak integration through API access provides you to create personalised integration with internal software to get leads beyond your expectation. 

Who it’s for?
Streak is used in different types of industries including real estate, venture capital and startups. To close the deal in the first place, Streak CRM for real estate firms like Opendoor, Compass, REIMAX, and Royal LEPAGE monitor all the documents and merges them with Gmail. Realtors find it easy because streak helps assess real-time contact data and achieve insights about the customers and sales team which builds a robust relationship with prospects by providing a 360-degree view of contact history. Venture capitals including Mantis, Combinator, Techstars and more adopted the Streak CRM extension in their business to prioritize top companies by monitoring the workflow so that they can focus on investments based on data-driven insights. Streaks custom pipelines assist companies to monitor LPs from all stages of interaction and closed deals and avoid all email faux pas. Startups are also into the Streak because of its user-friendly configuration and intuitive lead generation. New startups can start their journey with Streak CRM as it’s easy to use for newcomers and there is nothing complicated to use features like mail merge, automated workflow, integration, pipeline customization and many more.
Streak CRM
Streak CRM

Streak CRM holds your attention from starting your business to giving it a shape. Its features help you understand the value of customer engagement along with maintaining a good relationship with them.

Streak crm pricing
Streak CRM has five types of pricing packages for different industries and their requirements so every user can access the best customer relationship service to upgrade business growth. 
  • Free plan: streak CRM free pricing plan comes with 500 basic CRM, 50 mail merge capacity and an email tracking service to start with. Individual users can go for this subscription and can enjoy it for an unlimited time.
  • Solo: Solo plan of Streak CRM starts at $15 per month for single users who are searching for an all-in-one CRM for small business purposes. It comes with 5000 basic CRM, more than 800 mail merges and email link monitoring features to help an individual for increasing growth.
  • Pro: Streak’s Pro plan starts at $49 per month and it is ideal for companies who want to join with a CRM for standard business needs. You can get access to advanced CRM along with using 1500 mail merge and shared pipeline features.
  • Pro Plus: Streak’s Pro plus which starts at $69 per month for one user is the best seller. Small, midsized firms and larger startups use this subscription for companies' betterment. This plan comes with all advanced features such as advanced reports, workflow automation and integration.
  • Enterprise: Streak’s most expensive plan starts at $129 per month for one user and is ideal for big setups that want to go for data authentication and workflow customization. Thai plan consists of all upgraded features including data verification, prioritizing leads, custom fields and many more.
Streak CRM alternatives
Zoho CRM: it basically helps organizations with broad sales, data reports, sales team performance tracking and other services which help companies build strong customer bonding. Features include slack integration, Sales funnelling, real-time insights and many more but its customer service is not up to the mark. 

Copper: when Copper serves you incredible features to close deals fast in a smart way, Streak helps you with email tracking that finds the potential contacts in your list and copper CRM doesn’t provide any free plan. 

Pipedrive: Its dominating area of usage is the sales funnel along with an intelligible pipeline and compressible features. But its free pricing plan is missing there.  

Review Form

Features Streak Zoho Copper PipeDrive
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support 24/7 live-chat support, phone Chat, email and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes N/A Yes
Configuration Simple, flexible and advanced Tricky and confusing Intuitive and simple Simple but basic

Streak CRM review
  • Comprehensible features
  • Easy configuration
  • customer support
  • Overall recommendation
Streak CRM holds your attention from starting your business to giving it a shape. Its features help you understand the value of customer engagement along with maintaining a good relationship with them. Efficient and advanced customer support is always your back. Despite that, simple pipeline management, intuitive forms of tracking emails, email merging, Streak CRM for outlook integration and other functionalities of it are always at your convenience. 
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