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Vtiger CRM
To run a business efficiently, every firm should build strong customer relationships and through the prospect’s movement it can enhance the business productivity from day one. CRM software by providing a unified data-driven dashboard, lead scoring, advanced lead generation and many other effective features helps organizations close deals fasters and thrive in business in a smarter way. Vtiger CRM is all-in-one data-centralised software which brings up the sales team and the prospects together on the same page and makes customers’ journey seamless. If you are talking about customization at every stage of your sales operation, the Vtiger CRM will be ideal for you. In terms of advanced sales automation through web forms and email triggers, landing page conversion, customizable email campaign templates and pipeline sales, Vtiger CRM has been the showrunner in every case, for all sized businesses.   
Who it’s for?
Vtiger CRM is a user-friendly, affordable solution loaded with various functionalities which are productively used in various industries and solutions. Sales companies have implemented Vtiger CRM features in their business to understand sales opportunities aligning in the pipeline, plan sales operations by empowering sales professionals and ensure insight integrity by tuning up the sales process and analyzing customer relationships deeply. For startups, Vtiger CRM suits their annual bill perfectly by providing a forever-free plan, sales scalability and compressible installation. Every startup runner looks for a CRM solution which serves commendable customer support,  intuitive features, affordable subscription plans and smart configuration, fortunately, Vtiger CRM fits all criteria. For SMBs, Vtiger CRM is ideal because it provides business visibility and impressive customer engagement which are the primary things for growing startups. Small business firms mainly focus on customer experience and building robust prospect relationships for which they use Vtiger CRM to enhance real-time sales productivity, team collaboration and task management. Saas organizations search for customizable CRM solutions to speed up sales progression, and workflow automation and achieve sales targets positively. Vtiger CRM efficiently helps them mark their hot leads, spot the vehicle from where the leads are generating, segment leads depending on the parameters including their language, demography, deal size and territory and automate lead nurturing through email and text campaigns.  
Vtiger CRM
Vtiger CRM

Vtiger sales CRM is for anyone who’s at par with the industry trends and the know-hows of customer data and relationship management. Vtiger CRM’s key defining features include- pipeline creation and sales automation which help you cut edge in your genre of work.

Why should we pick it?
If someone has to choose a perfect CRM for their business, they need first to identify the facts of what the CRMs are providing and what they exactly need to run the business successfully. Vtiger CRM login is smooth and not just this, the tool due to its understandable configuration, straightforward page reviews, great customer support, comprehensible features and many other reasons will take place in your heart. 

Mobile application: Vtiger CRM has now come up with a mobile application facility for both android and apple users to reduce the stress of working constantly at the desk. The mobile app comes with a userfriendly display where the tasks and events are sorted out in a chart and you can easily manage your work schedule without any chaos. Collaborating with your teammates, providing instant responses to your customers and many other tasks to stay connected with users throughout the phase is now easily accessible through Vtiger mobile application. Even you can efficiently mitigate the communication gap by using voice records options by delivering messages without the struggle of scheduling meetings, keynotes and other reports. By creating and using business card details on CRM, you can fill in the relevant details of contacts and convert users into customers.  

Free edition: Free-forever plan of Vtiger CRM will help you control sales pipelines, customer management and team collaboration along with building a robust relationship with prospects. The popular free edition package comes with multiple facilities such as contact management including one view and idle alerts,  contact engagement via email integration, phone, documents, zoom and google meet and internal alliance through Vtiger meeting buzz, action page and comment. To enhance lead generation and marketing automation, Vtiger CRM free plan is equipped with various aptitudes such as profile scoring, monthly 1000 emails provision, web form to deal close contract, email template creator, email; campaign templates, lists and segments, Autoresponse, contact management report and many more. 

Team collaboration: Vtiger’s collaborative features help teams to perform together on a certain objective by making them organised and focused towards a specific task to efficiently accelerate sales. Through smooth interaction in comments sections, the team members can get close to each other. This CRM tool with innovative communication features like @mention which is used more among teammates to suggest, inform or communicate on a particular matter.  Despite that, leaving highlighted notes in comments, report analysis and actual-time alerts help your sales team motivated to enhance team collaboration in a greater way. 

Integration: Vtiger CRM merges with almost 500 business software to aid you to drive the business successfully. In short, the Integration process is to connect or visit your favourite application which indirectly triggers automation. Without the fuss of coding and spending time in automation, you can directly connect with multiple software including Zapier, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and many more to improve business productivity. For instance, through Zapier integration you can make a bridge between the CRM and 5000 applications to synchronize the records and effortlessly automate workflow by triggering deals, leads, sales, contacts, firms, invoices and services. 

Support team: Vtiger CRM delivers you unique support and strength to stay connected with your customers across various mediums. To sell faster you need to understand the features initially, and if you face difficulties in report assessment, leading automation and personalised template building you without hesitation can connect with the help desk so they will provide the best out of it.  

Vtiger CRM top features
Pipeline creation

Pipeline simply defines a lead’s journey from being a prospect to becoming a buyer. The whole alignment of the pipeline is divided into a few stages, and the leads need to get through each step and move forward to the next. Vtiger CRM serves you multiple sales pipelines depending on deal size and customer patterns. With deal assessment, you can easily monitor your leads and optimize the scenario of active cases, previous interactions, scheduled meetings and forecasting deals that are about to close.  To analyze the sales and assess marketing people’s performance, Vtiger CRM serves an organized pipeline review which seamlessly generates sales targets.   

Sales automation 

With the help of Vtiger automation, you can send emails to your predefined users and monitor them effortlessly for strong customer bonding. The entire marketing automation is all about building various automation modes such as emails, web forms, landing pages, sms campaigns, email templates and more. The email campaign comes with 500 pre-built templates, drag and drop editor for customizing illustrations, fonts and colours, a segmented audience list, automated email triggers for not missing out on building prospects, follow-ups automation and more. With web form automation in Vtiger CRM, you can personalize the embedded forms by adding custom fields to get pre-define information and help avoid mundane manual entries whereas web forms in other platforms acquire only the prospect’s initial details. Vtiger’s straightforward landing page helps you increase ensured leads by optimizing it with in-built report metrics and effortlessly speeding up promotions.  

Email templates 

Vtiger email templates are preformatted to save your time from crafting emails repetitively. In short, if you want to send emails to your saved contacts, now there is no need to compose it for each customer because Vtiger serves you more than 80 predesigned templates which can be customized with the support of editing tools such as drag and drop editor and HTML coding. You can personalise email campaigns depending on their theme and create customizable email bondings to put a personal touch to the contacts list by adding details such as first name, salutation etc. with the Drag and Drop editor, you can efficiently customize templates as per your preference without the hassle of coding. But for coding experts, HTML editing is also available in Vtiger email template design.  


As software often doesn’t fulfil all your expectations for having a lack in functionality that you require for your sales operation. But in Vtiger CRM you can customize every single alignment wherever you feel to change. According to your business requirements, you can modify your marketing workflows by making a few clicks. Customization is needed to increase audience performance by creating specified data-driven dashboards that occur with certain fields and agendas to empower upgraded automation through web forms, reminders and email triggers instead of traditional lead automation and enhance sales efficiency by sorting potential clients through lead scoring. You can customize modules, task management, analytics by using filters, workflow automation by adding predesigned templates and more.  

Analytics and Reporting 

To perform smarter with Vtiger CRM, data-driven analytics consisting of the dashboard, calculus AI and sales report helps you get a transparent outlook about your prospects’ behaviours. With the support of calculus AI, conversational analytics provides you insights into the interaction of previous phone calls or emails from where you can track call history by assessing call metrics such as pauses, total duration, deal stage, talk-to-listen ratio and others. With an AI-backed dashboard, both the sales peoples and operational leaders can get through practical insights which lead them to increase business leads. With Vtiger sales analytics, you can measure data of the internal sales team and prospects to streamline constructive business decisions. 

Vtiger CRM pricing plan
Vtiger CRM enables the ‘pay for what you use’ service by providing two options including the single app license and standard in every pricing plan. The standard license is a bit more expensive than the single app facility so the maximum number of users belong to it. 

One professional 

The customization professional plan of Vtiger CRM gives a complete customer outlook with a standard license subscription with the standard plan at $30 per month and the Pro single app subscription which starts at $20 per month by delivering features like sales automation, task management, contact management, internal collaboration,  lead scoring, pipeline review,  workflow automation, live web chat and many more. Standard users basically have full access to all marketing functions whereas Single app users can access 5 applications including sales, help desk, workflow management, contact and marketing with a 360-degree customer view. 

One Enterprise plan

This plan ideally for enterprises provides world-class functionalities including contact management, team collaboration, desk management, Round Robin ticket assignment, one-view and idle alerts, inventory control, project assessment, marketing automation, pipeline review and others. For standard users, this plan starts at $42, for one month whereas Single app users can buy it at monthly $30. 

Vtiger CRM alternatives
Alternatives help to rectify the lining up in the marketing operation, likewise, Vtiger cloudCRM has multiple alternatives that are in some cases better than it and also in a few areas Vtiger beats them single-handedly. 
  • Hubspot: Hubspot CRM undoubtedly is famous for its zero-paid applications such as web forms, intelligible landing pages, social media encouragement and more to improve conversion rate faster but it doesn’t provide in-built project management and customization functionality which Vtiger successfully delivers and empowers the sales team to build robust customer management.
  • PipeDrive A powerful CRM, Pipedrive primarily manages the sales pipeline by scheduling leads in order along with controlling list management, sales funnel, report optimization, invoicing, task management and more. But, considering it the cheapest CRM solution in terms of pricing doesn’t fit all the areas you expect to propel your business, whereas Vtiger CRM has all users’ hearts.
  • Freshsales Freshsales CRM is ideal for small businesses because its third-party integration feature is smaller than others and on top of that, considering the fact it doesn’t allow you to personalise your requirements Vtiger CRM comes with incredible customization to enhance the lead score and business growth seamlessly.

Features Vtiger Insightly Freshsales Hubspot PipeDrive
Pricing Forever-free plan

Pro plan- $30/month

$29/month Free plan Free starter pack $9/month
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support Live web chat, email and phone support 24/7 live-chat support, phone Chat, email and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Configuration Customizable, easy to configure Simple and advanced light-weighted Intuitive and simple Simple but basic

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  • Personalised features
  • Ensured lead generation
  • Amicable help-desk
  • Overall recommendation
To sum it all up, Vtiger sales CRM is for anyone who’s at par with the industry trends and the know-hows of customer data and relationship management. Vtiger CRM’s key defining features include- pipeline creation and sales automation which help you cut edge in your genre of work. We hope this article has helped you to draw a clearer picture of which tool to go ahead with. 
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