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Wrike CRM
When you find it difficult to give labour on repetitive tasks and the work stress irritates you, then you need an efficient application to manage your workflow and organize the tasks as you require. Wrike CRM is indeed a powerful project management tool which helps you access information whenever you want from the database. Despite that, the software lets you customize your work process and leads engagement to enhance the deliverability and conversion rate of your business. The customer service of Wrike CRM is also commendable by providing full visibility of clients’ data records. However, from optimizing insight-driven databases to handling workflow automation and integration, Wrike CRM helps you run the game successfully.
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Wrike CRM Top features
  • Dashboard analytics Wrike dashboard analytics consists of KPIs that keep you updated about the recent project's favourable outcomes and spot the problematic areas with the help of real-time insights and a widget-maker to edit fields and add new things to monitor as you want. The dashboard helps in project management by organizing the tasks to increase sales such as which task should be your topmost priority. In order to pinpoint the sales teams to focus on the lost things, the data-driven dashboard helps you monitor from the scratch. This dashboard provides you with an analysis of ongoing assignments at any stage, be it sales department or project management, to run your business operate more efficiently. In short, it is an overview of an ongoing project that includes features like key metrics, insight access, workload view and customization.
  • Automation Workflow automation with Wrike CRM will help you cut out the busy work schedule and deliver things fast and smartly. Performing in the background, Wrike CRM alerts you to maintain pipelines, mitigate errors and scale progress efficiently. With Wrike CRM, you will be notified if any risk comes in the way by providing customized reminders, alerts and tags to your teams. For instance, if there is any risk in the report, your team will be instantly notified of some specific things and the automation machine starts assigning new resources and asking for approvals. Workflow is automatically generated to the following stage depending on the data report, priority prospect and risk so the team can separately focus on individual things to make everything right and flawless. To cut out the manual efforts, Wrike automation provides online brands with triggers and reminders to take the business forward and help the sales teams to leave repetitive work stress behind.
  • Kanban boards The Kanban board basically aligns tasks that need to be completed by providing a 360-degree view of prospects' engagements and the team's performance. Wrike CRM’s kanban board likewise shows the status of previous tasks and the planning of ongoing assignments in order. With this feature, your team can create a personalized workflow that portrays every individual team’s project stages such as how the designing team performs on its planned project, what things the marketing team schedules for its upcoming assignments, and how the web developers deploy their tasks accordingly. To enhance deliverability, the kanban board also finds out the bottlenecks and smoothes the workflow progress by offering in-built templates to assemble tasks in one place and fuel up project management.
  • Workflow customization Wrike CRM software helps you boost the progress of sales by providing customizable templates which let you work on editable things including requests, customer feedback, informative blogs, risk factors and more. To meet the team’s needs, you can add a personal touch in custom items like names, descriptions, files and other fields that you feel to change for enhancing intelligible workflow. Without coding experience, you can simply customize the automation process and configurable items such as adding contact details to the account if needed. Customization can be applied to track reports and insight-driven dashboards for individual teams. Wrike’s advanced customization mitigates risks and complexity as well as improves work efficiency by not wasting time on manual data entries and configuring the workspace according to the team’s preference.
  • Integration Wrike CRM integrations allow you to connect to the cloud and other applications to automate workflows. To say it in a simple way, integrating into other platforms helps your brand generate more leads and increase customer engagement. Wrike CRM API documentation aids you to merge with Adobe Cloud and other leading applications with ease by streamlining tasks for improving sales management and accelerating project control by creative teams. Through this feature, you can develop the brand’s integrity by establishing a robust integration between your brand and the software to level up business growth and project assessment.
Why should we pick it?
Wrike CRM has multiple reasons to win the game but it is time for you to choose the right one for immense business growth. 

Creative management 

Wrike always pays attention to creative things such as how positively your team organizes tasks, how you make better team collaboration and how creative templates help your team to boost integration.  Hence, establishing things through creative management tools attracts customers and enhances growth in the sales funnel. Everything you can customize, starting from organizing requests to reaching deadlines properly. 

customized templates 

  Wrike CRM comes with customizable templates that are easy to use and lessens administrative tasks. You can access various types of templates to give your business the shape of becoming successful. The incoming request template is used to assess requests at every level using insight and forms and then monitor the overall performance. Your team can utilize the creative brief templates to set out a goal and assemble all information that clarifies the task management from the scratch. Templates that are used for proofing and confirmation help you organize the tasks in order with Wrike’s nifty markup feature. 

Who it’s for?
Wrike CRM spreads its empire predominantly in the IT industry. Despite that, small startups also utilize this project control solution to upgrade business operations. Due to its, advanced functionalities, customizable tools and reliable customer service, it has been accepted in big enterprises too. Advertising firms, SaaS companies, digital marketing agencies and web developing organizations to increase their business growth chose Wrike CRM effectively. 
Wrike CRM Pricing
9.80 / month
  • Free plan
  • Team plan
  • Business plan
  • Enterprise plan:

Free plan: To start with Wrike's free pricing plan is a wise decision for teams as it provides features including board view, table view, web and mobile application, task management and more.Team plan: this plan helps to encourage growing teams and starts at $9.80 per month for one user. The features including unlimited tasks, unlimited personalised fields, 20 free collaborators, customized workflow automation, calendar view, dashboard, Gantt chart overview, analytics view, 2 GB storage view and more come under this plan along with free plan functionalities to help your help perform effectively. Business plan: Bestseller plan of Wrike CRM starts at $24.80 per month to provide teams with a customized platform so users can access all custom features under it. This plan includes innumerable functionalities such as DAM integration, automation for 200 actions, unlimited dashboards, Cross tagging, project blueprint, adobe creative cloud integration, 5 GB storage space along with team plan features. Enterprise plan: To make big teams in enterprises, the Wrike enterprise pricing plan is applied and it comes with all advanced features including password regulations, personalised user types, user audit reports, automation for 1000 actions, SAML-backed SSO, unlimited users and 10 GB storage along with business plan features. Pinnacle plan: this plan is not for simple workflow because whoever requires complex business functionalities to enhance growth above and beyond can go for this subscription. It comprises advanced tools and insights for standard work needs including features like locked spaces, job roles, Sharepoint and HTML proofing and approvals, 125 GB data storage along with enterprise plan functionalities.

Wrike CRM alternatives
Wrike vs Zoho: it offers e-commerce brands sales data reports, tracking sales team intelligence  and other services which help them perform on creating robust customer relationships. Features comprise slack integration, real-time data recording, workflow automation, task management, sales funnelling and many more but its user interface is not as simple as Wrike CRM. 

Wrike vs Salesforce: When Salesforce CRM comes with all remarkable features to help you upgrade sales productivity more efficiently, whereas Wrike CRM arrives as a customizable project management tool where you can work on multiple things as you prefer in less time and a lower budget. 

Wrike vs Pipedrive: It is mostly famous for prioritising the sales funnel and pipeline management along with offering efficient customer service and intuitive features. But it doesn’t provide any free pricing plan which makes it a Wrike CRM alternative. 


Features  Wrike  Zoho  Salesforce  PipeDrive
Automation  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes 
Integration  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes 
Customer support  24/7 live-chat support, phone   Chat, email and phone support  24/7 live, chat support  Chat and phone support 
segmentation  Yes  Yes  N/A  Yes 
Configuration Simple, flexible  and advanced  Tricky and confusing  Intuitive and simple  Simple but basic 


Wrike CRM
Wrike CRM

Wrike is primarily designed for managing and organizing tasks, projects, and collaboration within teams. It provides features like task tracking, project planning, document sharing, team communication, and workflow management.

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Wrike CRM reviews
  • Intuitive functionalities
  • Customization solutions
  • Amicable customer support
  • Overall recommendation
Wrike CRM pays attention to each direction, from customizing task management leads to closing deals for enhancing sales intelligence. Its comprehensible features help you focus on  customer engagement along with building a good relationship with prospects. An efficient and professional customer support team is always your back to keep you up to date with single information. Despite that, DAM integration, custom automation, creative templates, calendar view, dashboard, Gantt chart overview, insight-driven analytics, personalised email tracking, and other functionalities of Wrike CRM are at your convenience.
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