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Drip email marketing tool
A professional deal always stands on productive email communication like from grabbing viewers’ attention to converting them into potential customers. But if customer building takes all your time then how much you left for investing in product creation? Hence, as a powerful medium for more business expansion various email marketing tools have emerged as a boon to efficiently navigate your marketing strategies. Drip email marketing tool is one of them to drive more sales and gather extensive customer engagement for your eCommerce business. Hassle-free email marketing templates, social integration, advanced automation and many other features of Drip email marketing software help you get noticed everywhere and propel your conversion rate through multiple competent ways. 
Why Drip?
Easy-to-understand templates: Drip has various straightforward templates such as welcome series, birthday series, post-first purchase program, abandoned-cart series and so others which are efficiently welcoming new subscribers and also help potential customers to keep coming back in a consistent manner. If you can now craft your email newsletters according to your preference then why exert yourself to send emails one by one? Pre-set design and enthralling visual editors of Drip email marketing help you turn heads effectively and you can shine your brand strategies through its efficient creative emailing templates.   


Comprehensible features:  Embedded forms and popups,  A/B testing, concise landing page, effective integration, customized segmentation and dynamic automation are counted on as Drip email marketing features which can constructively support your back to bend over backwards to ensure business growth. Whether to introduce newcomers or look after faithful customers, Drip email automation has never backed off from showing love and care to the audience.  


Value for money: It’s tough to find someone like Drip email marketing because it offers a simple and quite flexible pricing range for all kinds of digital stores out there. It claims that they don’t charge any hidden money and the subscription only depends on how big your customer email list and sending density are. Drip has set a standard and comprehensive pricing range by accumulating all advanced features and appreciable services under one roof to make the whole email automation uncomplicated. 

Trigger unengaged contact: Drip’s abandoned cart template creates automation and urges consumers to immediately react and this works effectively if someone leaves anything in the cart and forgets to proceed further, then email automation helps thoughtful shoppers to complete the process. Customers are often indecisive about buying and then triggered emails open doors for the brand to convince their customers till they head out.   


Customer support: Drip’s customer service pilots are way too amicable as well as professional to deal with your difficulties. It has been growing successfully holding a notable rating for customer satisfaction and almost 99.9% of customers are showing support towards Drip email marketing as they have quite impressed with Drip’s individualized customer service through live chat, email or arranged one-on-one meets with Drip experts. 


ECRM technology: Many trusted organizations have accepted Drip’s eCommerce CRM tool which collects subscribers’ data and insights by building customer relationships effectively. Customer marketing evolves the segregation of customers which includes finding potential customers, staying connected to actual customers and catering VIP offers to loyal customers. Drip assists eCommerce brands in maintaining long-lasting customer relationships by connecting them as regards business and knowing them in the true sense.

Top features of Drip email marketing tool
  • Creative email builders: To boost business revenue, creativity is the pillar which can build spirit in customers whether through eye-soothing visionary or persuasive text magic. Pre-made email layouts help your business to generate effective leads in a blink and with its easy-to-access visual editors you can modify your offerings on a large scale. Creating email newsletters has now become easy with Drip email marketing due to its point-and-click graphical editor which resolves all your requirements without any fuss of coding and the HTML builder assists you flex your preferred design to smooth the workflows even better.
  • Automation: Automation states how positively customers are with you. Drip in-built automation services such as welcome series, abandoned cart program, post-first buy series, post-report purchase service and win-back application help to urge customer participation. For an instance, If someone has shown interest and then forgot to subscribe, the abandoned cart automation series helps to recover lost attention through powerful imagery and other valuable services. Likewise, the welcome series and the post-repeat purchase program accordingly introduce new customers to the company and motivate real buyers to stick on to your eCommerce marketing through upgrading acquaintance with shoppers. Therefore, you can customize beyond your expectation if you miss your customers or want to turn your audience into loyal consumers.
  • Advanced Segmentation: if you’re kind of confused to figure out who is your actual MVPs then go forward with Drip email marketing software to precisely set your target audience with a dynamic and customizable segmentation program. Email sending program needs to be reached out to the right person so you first find out the right person who also are looking for the right service like you provide. Customer data which includes their age, location, interest, appearances and demographics help to refine the fit-in customer base and reduce the fear of failed attempts.
  • Integration: Drip brings up the authentic and easy-to-perform integration feature which encourages the audience to immense brand acknowledgement. Drip drivers aid you sync Facebook users to experience greater ROI and impressive conversion. A wide range of

Drip offers a range of features to help businesses automate their email marketing, engage with customers, and drive sales. It aims to provide the tools necessary to create targeted and highly relevant email campaigns, increase customer engagement, and drive conversions.

Drip email marketing pricing
19.00 / month
  • 14 days Free trial

Basic plan: Drip minimum pricing range starts at $19 per month , Highest plan : $39 to $1899 , Personalized subscription: a customized pricing facility .

Drip alternatives
  • Drip vs ActiveCampaign ActiveCampaign though has a huge fan base due to its professional email marketing features which are acceptable to multiple industries like B2B, B2C and eCommerce. But someone who is looking for a clutter-free interface will never go with ActiveCampaign as its features have been too tech-based and complex for all whereas Drip has been made only for eCommerce brands so Drip’s integration, workflow, automation and other services are extremely easy-to-use for your brand’s growth. Additionally, Drip’s hyper-segmentation feature is more admissible than ActiveCampaign to enhance customer retention and involvement.
  • Drip vs Klaviyo: Integration, automation and visual templates of Klaviyo are not as easy as Drip because the customer says. Drip’s intelligible visual editors, in-built automation and customized segmentation empower email marketing from every aspect. Unlike Klaviyo, the Drip email marketing tool has 100% committed to eCommerce organizations and its pricing is also flexible to give you budget clarity.
  • Drip vs Mailchimp: Mailchimp as a Drip alternative provides ease of graphical editors and dynamic email templates but with its expensive premium plans you can regret it later. Drip’s uncomplicated automation and potential segments help boost rates of converting emails and Drip’s indispensable customer network and promising deliverability will bear you fruits.
  • Drip vs privy: Drip email campaigns are strong-built with e-comm marketing strategies to thrive in digital businesses, however, privy by serving ‘popups’ has made it a perfect Drip alternative. Robust email automation, personalized segmentation and competitive pricing of Drip Campaign software help you choose your loyal customers over any other email marketing tool. Privy also lacked in areas like standard segmentation, good-natured customer support and a leading automation program.

Features  Drip  ActiveCampaign Mailchimps  Klaviyo Privy


Pricing  $19/month $9/month Free monthly plan Free monthly plan $15/month
A/B split test  Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Automation  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Integration  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Customer support  Email, live chat and phone support  Email, live chat and phone Email, chat and phone  Email. Chat and phone  Email, chat and phone 
Segmentation  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
Templates  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 

Drip email review
  • Amicable interface
  • Dynamic segments
  • Customer support
  • Recommendation
Review Form
Email marketing tools should be techy and comprised with necessary marketing features to upgrade business growth, likewise Drip campaign is an effective way to communicate with existing customers and increase lead-generation to engage a new audience through email sending. Drip with its advanced features such as updated segmentation, competitive automation and flawless visual templates and services like friendly customer experts, comprehensible layout and online intelligence helps you make your company the highest revenue e-commerce brand. Drip campaigns are easy to control and the customers also are happy with the short but informative form of an email drip campaign. 
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