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About Jobvite
Jobvite is a cloud-based talent acquisition platform that eases companies to attract, engage, and hire top talent. It proposes a comprehensive series of recruitment marketing, applicant tracking, and analytics tools that enable recruiters to organize their hiring processes and create data-driven conclusions.

Jobvite’s recruitment marketing module allows recruiters to build and distribute job postings across numerous channels, counting social media, job boards, and employee referrals. Its applicant tracking system (ATS) determines a centralized database for managing candidate profiles, scheduling interviews, and communicating with accompanying applicants. Jobvite’s analytics tools provide real-time insights into recruitment performance, enabling recruiters to optimize their strategies and boost hiring outcomes.

With over 2,500 customers and 16 million job seekers in its network, Jobvite has become a leading player in the recruitment software market. Its convenient interface, customizable workflows, and robust integrations make it a well-known choice among recruiters looking to streamline their hiring processes and attract top talent.

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Jobvite features
  • Job posting management: Post job openings to numerous job boards and social media platforms with just one click.
  • Resume parsing: Automatically parsing resumes to extract appropriate information and create candidate profiles.
  • Candidate tracking: Tracking candidate progress through the recruitment pipeline and forming custom workflows to match company hiring processes.
  • Interview scheduling: Streamlining interview scheduling and communication accompanying candidates.
  • Collaborative hiring: Enabling team collaboration and feedback on candidates with notes, ratings, and feedback.
Jobvite alternatives
There are various alternatives to Jobvite in the recruitment software market, containing:

  • Greenhouse: A cloud-based ATS and recruiting software accompanying features like interview scheduling, candidate communication, and reporting and analytics.


  • Lever: A modern ATS that presents a range of features like sourcing tools, interview scheduling, and candidate relationship management.


  • Workday: A human capital management platform that contains recruitment, talent management, and workforce planning tools.


  • iCIMS: A cloud-based recruiting platform accompanying features like job posting management, resume parsing, and candidate screening.


  • SmartRecruiters: A cloud-based platform that offers recruiting and applicant tracking tools, further a marketplace of integrated third-party solutions.

Each of these alternatives has its unique features and benefits, so it’s important to evaluate them depending on your particular recruitment needs and budget.

Who is Jobvite For?
Jobvite is used by an off-course range of companies, from small trades to large enterprises, across miscellaneous industries like healthcare, finance, retail, and technology. Its consumers include recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals who are looking for a comprehensive talent acquisition solution. Jobvite’s platform is created to help companies attract and engage accompanying top talent, streamline their hiring processes, and form data-driven conclusions. With over 2,500 clients and 16 million job seekers in its network, Jobvite has become a well-known choice for companies looking to improve their recruitment outcomes and build a strong employer brand.
Jobvite offers flexible costing options for its platform depending on the size and needs of each company. Jobvite does not publicly disclose its pricing information, as they offer tailored solutions for each of its consumers. However, they offer a free demo and consultation to understand the particular needs of each organization and provide a personalized quote based on their requirements. Pricing for Jobvite’s solutions may include factors like the number of consumers, job postings, and integrations accompanying different HR tools. Companies can contact Jobvite’s sales team to discuss pricing options and learn more about their offerings.
Why Choose Jobvite?
Jobvite onboarding

Jobvite offers onboarding proficiencies through its Talent Acquisition Suite. The onboarding module helps companies create a streamlined and automated process for new hires, from offer letters to form completion and compliance documentation. It involves features like new hire checklists, custom workflows, and digital signature capabilities. Jobvite’s onboarding solution also integrates accompanying different HR tools to ensure a seamless transition for new employees. By utilizing Jobvite’s onboarding efficiencies, companies can improve their employee experience and guarantee that new hires are set up for success from day one.


Jobvite integrations

Jobvite offers a difference of integrations accompanying additional HR tools and software to create a comprehensive talent acquisition solution. Some of its integrations involve:

  • Background check providers like Checkr, Sterling, and HireRight.
  • HR information systems (HRIS) such as Workday, ADP, and BambooHR.
  • Payroll providers like ADP and Paychex.
  • Video interview platforms such as Spark Hire and HireVue.
  • Collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Assessment providers like Criteria and Harver.

Job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor.

Jobvite’s integrations allow recruiters to seamlessly accomplish their recruitment process and data across numerous platforms, improving efficiency and reducing manual work. By integrating accompanying added HR tools, Jobvite determines a more comprehensive solution to support the entire recruitment and hiring process.


Jobvite's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a cloud-based platform created to help companies streamline their recruiting processes. It presents features like job posting management, resume parsing, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, and communication tools for recruiters to engage accompanying applicants.

Jobvite Comparison
Jobvite vs Greenhouse

Jobvite and Greenhouse are both popular recruiting software solutions accompanying similar features and capabilities. However, there are a few key differences to consider when comparing the two together:

  1. Pricing: Jobvite offers adaptable pricing alternatives, while Greenhouse tends to be more high-priced, with plans starting at a higher price point.
  2. Customization: Jobvite admits to more customization, while Greenhouse has a more standardized approach.
  3. Integrations: Jobvite offers more integrations accompanying third-party tools, while Greenhouse has a more restricted selection.
  4. User experience: Greenhouse is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, while Jobvite’s interface may be seen as slightly less polished.

Ultimately, the choice between Jobvite and Greenhouse will depend on the particular needs and preferences of each organization. Both platforms offer robust recruitment capabilities and can help organize the hiring process, but it’s important to evaluate each solution depending on factors such as pricing, customization, and user experience.

Jobvite vs Workday

Jobvite and Workday are both HR software solutions, but they have various areas of focus. Jobvite is generally focused on talent acquisition and recruiting, while Workday offers a more extensive range of HR management capabilities, containing talent management, HR analytics, payroll, and benefits management.

Some differences between Jobvite and Workday contain:

  • Focus: Jobvite is focused only on talent acquisition and recruiting, while Workday offers a broader range of HR management proficiencies.
  • Customization: Jobvite proposes more customization for recruitment workflows and processes, while Workday has a more standardized approach.
  • Integrations: Jobvite offers more integrations with third-party tools, while Workday has its ecosystem of integrated products.
  • User experience: Workday is known for its convenient interface and intuitive design, while Jobvite may demand more training and customization to get started.

Ultimately, the choice between Jobvite and Workday will depend on the particular needs and priorities of each organization. If talent acquisition is a top priority, Jobvite may be the better choice, while organizations looking for a more extensive HR management solution may prefer Workday.

Jobvite Reviews
Jobvite has mainly positive reviews from its consumers. Customers praise its user-friendly interface, robust features, and integrations accompanying other HR tools. Users appreciate the platform’s ability to organize the recruiting process, improve collaboration among hiring teams, and provide data-driven insights to optimize recruitment strategies. Some consumers have stated occasional technical issues and slow consumer support, but overall, Jobvite has a good reputation among its customers for delivering an effective and customizable solution for talent acquisition.
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Jobvite is a comprehensive talent acquisition platform that presents a range of features to help organizations streamline their recruitment processes. Its ATS capabilities provide an easy-to-use and customizable solution for tracking candidates and managing job postings. Additionally, its onboarding module helps organizations create a streamlined as well as automated process for new hires. Jobvite’s flexible pricing choices and integrations accompanying third-party tools make it a well-known choice for companies of all sizes and industries. While there are a few dissimilarities between Jobvite and additional recruiting software solutions, it remains a strong option for companies looking to improve their talent acquisition processes.
Alternative Software

Zenefits is a cloud-based human resources (HR) software platform founded in 2013, designed to assist businesses in managing their HR and benefits administration processes. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of HR tools, including payroll management, time and attendance tracking, employee onboarding, and compliance management.

SuccessFactors HR

SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human resource management software designed to help businesses automate and streamline their HR processes. It offers a comprehensive range of features, including employee management, performance evaluation, goal setting, talent management, compensation management, and analytics.


SmartRecruiters is a cloud-based talent acquisition platform that offers a suite of tools designed to streamline the hiring process. The platform aims to simplify recruitment by providing features such as job posting, candidate screening, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and onboarding.

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