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BrainCert is a cloud-based platform that presents a range of e-learning solutions, containing a virtual classroom, online testing, and a course marketplace. The platform acknowledges instructors to form and deliver live or recorded online courses, accompanying interactive features like live chat and whiteboards. Students can take part in courses, take tests, and win certifications or degrees.

BrainCert further presents integrations with well-known e-learning tools, such as Moodle and WordPress, and further third-party services like PayPal and Zapier. The platform specifies diversified pricing plans, containing a free tier with restricted features and paid plans with more progressive facilities.

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BrainCert features
  • Virtual Classroom: A live classroom environment accompanying video conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboards, and chat.
  • Course Marketplace: A program for instructors to market their courses online, accompanying the capability to set costing, course narration, and course finishing certificates.
  • Online Testing: Generate and deliver online exams, quizzes, and surveys with automated evaluation and reporting.
  • Content Management: A tool for establishing and controlling multimedia content, containing videos, presentations, and PDFs.
  • Integrations: BrainCert integrates with well-known learning control systems like Moodle and WordPress and further third-party services like PayPal and Zapier.
BrainCert alternatives

  1. Moodle: Moodle is a well-known open-source learning management system (LMS) that approves educators to generate and deliver online courses. Moodle presents a range of features, containing course supervision, quizzes and assessments, and collaborative tools.
  2. Blackboard: Blackboard is a comprehensive LMS that suggests an expansive range of features, containing course production and control, virtual classrooms, testing and assessment, and student engagement tools.
  3. Canvas: Canvas is a cloud-based LMS that specifies a range of features for the online course production and delivery, including video conferencing, course analytics, and mobile access.
  4. Adobe Connect: Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that may be used for online learning and training. It suggests features like virtual classrooms, screen sharing, and collaboration tools.
  5. WizIQ: WizIQ is an e-learning program that proposes features like live and self-paced learning, course production and management, experiment and evaluation, and data.

Who is BrainCert For?
BrainCert is used by a range of individuals, institutions, and organizations to construct and deliver online courses and testing. Some of the usual users of BrainCert involve:

  1. Educators and trainers who want to deliver online courses to their students and trainees.
  2. Businesses and organizations that want to support employee training and growth.
  3. Educational institutions, like universities and schools, want to suggest online courses and testing.
  4. Individuals who want to build and market their own online courses.
  5. Non-profit organizations that want to support educational resources and training in their communities.

BrainCert pricing
There are two pricing plans provided by BrainCert i.e., Annually and Monthly with different categorizations. They are:

  1. Annually:
  •   Basic- This plan has a pricing of $39.00/month.
  •   Pro- Pro plan costs $99.00/month.
  •   Elite- This is the last and final plan and has a pricing of $239.00/month.
  1. Monthly:
  •   Basic- This plan has a pricing of $49.00/month.
  •   Pro- Pro plan costs $124.00/month.
  •   Elite- This is the last and final plan and has a pricing of $279.00/month.

How to use BrainCert?

  1. Sign up for an account: Visit the BrainCert site and sign up for an account.
  2. Design a course or join a course: If you’re an instructor, you can build your own course utilizing BrainCert’s course production tools.
  3. Build up your virtual classroom: If you’re delivering a live course, you can start your virtual classroom by organizing a meeting and inviting your students.
  4. Create tests and assessments: BrainCert determines tools to generate and deliver online tests and assessments, that may be automatically ranked and reported.
  5. Manage your course content: You can use BrainCert’s content management tools to design and control multimedia content, like videos, presentations, and PDFs.
  6. Path student progress and efficiency: BrainCert supplies analytics and reporting tools to ease you track student progress and performance.
  7. Collaborate with students: BrainCert determines collaboration tools like group projects and assignments to help students work together and learn from one another.


BrainCert virtual classroom software

BrainCert’s virtual classroom program is an inclusive platform that specifies tools for giving live online classes, training sessions, and webinars. The virtual classroom presents video conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboards, and interactive tools to ease real-time communication and collaboration between instructors and students. The virtual classroom is created to be convenient, accompanying no software downloads required, and is approachable from desktop and mobile devices.

BrainCert online course platform

BrainCert’s online course platform supports tools for building and delivering self-paced courses and further live online classes. The program presents features like multimedia content establishment and management, online testing and assessments, student progress pursuing, and collaboration tools. Instructors can use the platform to generate and market their own courses through BrainCert’s course marketplace, or they can deliver courses confidentially to their own students.

BrainCert course authoring tools

BrainCert suggests course authoring tools that approve instructors and content creators to promote and control multimedia content for their courses. The authoring tools further allow for the integration of third-party content, further the production of custom certificates and badges to recognize student accomplishment. With BrainCert’s course authoring tools, instructors can form engaging and interactive courses that reach the requirements of their students and trainees.

BrainCert mobile learning app

BrainCert’s mobile learning app approves students to access their courses furthermore content on the go from their mobile devices. The app specifies a smooth and intuitive customer experience, authorizing students to view multimedia content, take quizzes and assessments, and communicate accompanying their instructors and classmates. The app likewise includes features like offline access, push notifications, and mobile-particular enhancements to develop the learning experience.

BrainCert gamification in e-learning

BrainCert’s gamification features in e-learning help to boost student engagement also motivation by utilizing game-like aspects in the learning experience. The gamification features are completely customizable, granting instructors to create challenges and rewards that are tailored to their particular learning objectives and student audience.

BrainCert analytics and reporting

BrainCert’s analytics and reporting tools acknowledge instructors to path student improvement and accomplishment, and to calculate the efficiency of their courses. The analytics and reporting features are completely customizable, approving instructors to build reports and dashboards that meet their distinguishing needs and targets.

BrainCert integrations with other learning management systems

BrainCert supplies integrations with different learning management systems (LMS) to support a more extensive and smoother e-learning experience. These integrations involve features like individual sign-on, user synchronism, and course content import/export. BrainCert upholds integrations with well-known LMS platforms like Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, and more, allowing instructors to use BrainCert’s leading features and tools as well as their existing LMS.

BrainCert certification and assessment management

BrainCert’s certification and assessment management features allow instructors to build and control online tests and assessments, and further issue custom certificates and badges to recognize student successes. These features ease to guarantee the integrity and genuineness of assessments and specify a real recognition of student achievement upon course fulfilment.

BrainCert virtual labs and simulations

BrainCert’s virtual labs and simulations support a reliable and immersive learning environment for students to use and apply their skills. The virtual labs and simulations determine hands-on practice and testing and allow for real-time response and assessment. These features ease to improve the learning experience and develop students for real-world applications of their abilities and knowledge.

BrainCert personalized learning experiences and recommendations

BrainCert’s personalized learning experiences and recommendations consume data analytics and artificial intelligence to give tailored learning knowledge to each student. The program tracks student growth and behaviour to create personalized instructions for content, activities, and evaluations that match the student’s individual learning requirements and priorities. These features help to advance the learning experience and develop student engagement and outcomes.

Why Choose BrainCert ?
Some additional features to pick BrainCert are:

  1. Certifications: The program presents the capability to establish and issue custom certificates for course accomplishment and achievement.
  2. Analytics: Path student progress and accomplishment with particularized reports and data.
  3. Collaboration: Allow students and instructors to collaborate on group projects and assignments.


BrainCert, a versatile cloud-based platform, offers a suite of e-learning solutions, including a virtual classroom, online testing, and a course marketplace. Instructors can easily create and deliver live or recorded courses with interactive features like live chat and whiteboards. Students engage in courses, take tests, and earn certifications or degrees. BrainCert integrates seamlessly with popular e-learning tools like Moodle and WordPress, as well as third-party services such as PayPal and Zapier. With diversified pricing plans, including a free tier and paid plans with advanced features, BrainCert provides a flexible and comprehensive solution for online learning.

BrainCert comparisons
BrainCert vs Adobe Connect

BrainCert is a more extensive e-learning platform that contains not only virtual classrooms but also course authoring tools, assessments, certifications, and integrations accompanying additional learning supervision systems. It has a convenient interface and involves progressive features like gamification and personalized learning experiences.

Adobe Connect, however, is mainly a virtual classroom program solution that supplies tools for live online classes, webinars, and meetings. It involves features like screen sharing, breakout rooms, and whiteboarding, although it is not as extensive as BrainCert in terms of course authoring, assessment, and certification features.

BrainCert vs WizIQ

BrainCert is an inclusive e-learning platform that involves virtual classroom software, course authoring tools, evaluations, certifications, and integrations accompanying other learning management systems. It has progressive features like gamification and personalized knowledge experiences and presents a convenient interface.

WizIQ is generally a virtual classroom software solution, with features like live online classes, webinars, and recording and playback performance. It likewise proposes some course authoring and evaluation tools, but it is not as inclusive as BrainCert in conditions of certification and gamification features.

BrainCert vs Canvas

BrainCert is a broad e-learning platform that contains virtual classroom software, course authoring tools, evaluations, certifications, and integrations accompanying different learning management systems. It further suggests progressive features like gamification and personalized learning knowledge and has a convenient interface.

Canvas, nevertheless, is generally a learning management system (LMS) that targets course administration, delivery, and assessment. It suggests features like content authoring, tasks, quizzes, and evaluating, but it does not have the same level of virtual classroom and certification features as BrainCert.

BrainCert reviews
BrainCert has earned commonly positive reviews from consumers, accompanying many citing the platform’s convenient interface, extensive features, and excellent client support. Customers enjoy the platform’s adaptability and ease of use, further the capability to integrate with additional learning management systems. Some customers have noted that the platform’s cost can be on the higher side, specifically for smaller institutions, but most agree that the program’s features and efficiencies justify the cost.
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Overall, BrainCert intends to determine a broad e-learning solution for individuals, educational organizations, and businesses looking to generate and deliver online courses and testing.
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