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About Duke LMS
Duke LMS, the comprehensive Learning Management System, empowers organizations and educational institutions to effectively manage, deliver, and track their online learning programs. With its extensive array of features, including Duke LMS student engagement tools, Duke LMS mobile learning support, and Duke LMS virtual classroom technology, Duke LMS ensures a seamless learning experience.
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Duke LMS features
  • Employees can register for course offerings using the LMS by logging into Duke@Work and clicking on the MyLearning link under the MyCareer section. This feature makes registering for courses easy and convenient.
  • The Duke LMS also offers the ability to launch online content, such as webinars, online modules, and other learning materials. This feature is particularly useful for employees who have limited access to classroom-based training.
  • You as a user can also view and maintain a transcript of your progress in courses, as well as any certifications or qualifications you may have earned. This feature is valuable for tracking your development and achievements.
  • The Duke LMS provides support for health-related training and certification, workplace safety training, finance, SAP, and research-related training. This support is provided by DUHS Clinical Education and Professional Development, Duke Occupational and Environmental Safety Office, Office of Education for Research Administration and Finance, and Duke Health Technology Solutions Service Desk.
  • The LMS also offers support for professional development, manager and leader development, and computer classes specifically offered by Duke Learning and Organization Development. This support is provided by Duke Learning and Organizational Development.
  • Users experiencing technical issues with the platform can access support from the Duke Health Technology Solutions Helpdesk at [email protected].
  • Finally, the LMS offers a variety of resources for career planning, networking, resume writing, preparing for job interviews, job references, and recommended reading. These resources are provided by the Career Resource Center.
Who is Duke LMS for?
Duke LMS e-Learning platform is a versatile e-learning platform, enabling organizations and educators to deliver top-notch online courses and training programs to a broad audience. Its array of resources and tools facilitates the creation of interactive and engaging online courses.


If you need a learning management system with features to enable your employees to identify their learning needs, sign up for courses, access online content, and maintain a transcript. Which is designed to streamline the process of managing online courses, offering multimedia content, assessments, and quizzes to create a more immersive learning experience. 


With interactive tools like virtual classrooms, discussion forums, and chats, the LMS enhances student engagement and collaboration. Duke Learning management system will be an ideal choice for you.

There are four different pricing models for Duke LMS:

Duke LMS offers four different pricing models. The first model is on a per-user basis, which costs $3 per user per month. The second model is on a per-course basis, costing $150 per course. The third model is on a per-month basis, charging $500 per month. The final model is an enterprise model, and its pricing can be obtained by contacting Duke LMS.

3.00 / month
  • Single User

Per-User: $3/user/month

150.00 / month
  • Single Course

Per-Course: $150/course

500.00 / month
  • Per Month

Per-Month: $500/month

Why Choose Duke LMS?
Duke LMS streamlines the process of managing with Duke LMS online course management, offering an intuitive interface for instructors and administrators to create and organize their courses. So that they can easily incorporate multimedia content, assessments, and quizzes, making course delivery more impactful.


Duke LMS fosters student engagement with its range of interactive tools, such as discussion forums, virtual classrooms, and chats. This encourages students to communicate and collaborate with one another and their instructors in real time.


With mobile learning support, Duke LMS allows students to continue their studies on the go, from any device, including smartphones and tablets. This enhances accessibility and flexibility in learning.


Duke LMS provides in-depth Duke LMS analytics and reporting features, giving organizations and educators valuable insights into student progress and performance. Detailed reports on course completion rates, student engagement metrics, and assessment results enable them to make informed decisions.


Duke LMS revolutionizes virtual learning with its cutting-edge virtual classroom technology. Featuring virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, and audio and video conferencing, it creates a dynamic and immersive learning environment for students.


Duke LMS seamlessly integrates with other software and platforms, such as CRM systems, student information systems, and e-commerce platforms, to streamline workflows and increase efficiency.


The platform prioritizes Duke LMS accessibility and universal design, providing support for assistive technologies, such as screen readers and magnifiers, to ensure all students can participate in online courses, regardless of their abilities.


Duke LMS supports teachers and instructors with a plethora of resources and support, including training and support materials, instructional design resources, and a community of educators and experts. This helps them deliver high-quality, engaging online courses and enhance their skills and knowledge. 


Overall, the Duke LMS is an essential tool for any Duke University employee seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge, and advance their career.

Duke LMS
Duke LMS

Duke LMS, a robust Learning Management System, empowers organizations and educational institutions in efficiently overseeing, delivering, and monitoring online learning programs. Packed with features like student engagement tools, mobile learning support, and virtual classroom technology, Duke LMS ensures a seamless and effective learning experience for all users.

Duke LMS comparisons

Duke Learning management system vs Blackboard learning management system 


  • User Interface: Duke LMS has a modern, easy-to-use interface with intuitive navigation and a customizable layout. Blackboard has a more traditional layout and navigation. 


  • Content Management: Duke LMS allows users to easily manage course content, giving instructors the ability to quickly create, edit, and delete content. Blackboard provides a robust content management system but it can be time-consuming to set up. 


  • Course Building Tools: Duke LMS provides a wealth of course-building tools such as drag-and-drop course builders, quizzes, and discussion forums. Blackboard also has an array of course-building tools but they are not as user-friendly as Duke LMS’s. 


  • Mobile App: Duke LMS offers a mobile app that allows users to access courses and content on the go. Blackboard does not have an app and instead offers a mobile-friendly website. 


  • Duke LMS Integrations with other softwares capabilities: Duke LMS offers a wide range of integrations with third-party applications, making it easy to access external resources. Blackboard provides some integration capabilities but not to the same extent as Duke LMS. 

Duke Learning management system vs Canvas Learning management system 


  • Price: Duke LMS is a subscription-based service, whereas Canvas LMS is free for educational institutions. 


  • Features: Duke LMS has more advanced features such as an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder, multimedia support, and advanced analytics. Canvas LMS, on the other hand, has basic features such as course and student management tools, quizzes, and a grade book. 


  • Support: Duke LMS provides 24/7 support and customer service, while Canvas LMS provides limited support and customer service. 


  • User Interface: Duke LMS has a user-friendly interface with easy navigation and a modern look, while Canvas LMS has a interface which is not very user-friendly and difficult to navigate also making it hard to find its features. 


  • Security: Duke LMS provides strong security with built-in protections against malware, while Canvas LMS has basic security measures.

Duke LMS Reviews
The users of Duke LMS generally have a positive opinion of the platform. Many appreciate its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate and find the relevant course materials. Additionally, users praise the wide range of features offered, such as the ability to post assignments, take quizzes and tests, and monitor student progress. Other features that are commonly praised include the ability to access course material from anywhere with an internet connection, real-time collaboration tools, and the interactive chat feature.


Many users also appreciate the platform’s emphasis on providing an organized learning environment. For example, users can easily view all of their courses in one place, as well as review and access course materials quickly and easily. Additionally, the platform’s ability to create and manage online discussion boards and track grades is often applauded by users.


The main benefit that users of Duke LMS often cite is the ability to access course materials on their own time and at their own pace. This makes it easy for students to access course materials when it is convenient for them, and to review and practice at their own pace. Additionally, the platform’s ability to track student progress is often praised, as it allows users to quickly monitor their progress and make necessary adjustments to their study habits.

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In conclusion, the Duke Learning Management System is a powerful and versatile platform that offers a range of features to facilitate employee learning and development. With its intuitive interface, mobile learning support, in-depth analytics, and reporting, cutting-edge virtual classroom technology, and support for assistive technologies, it provides a dynamic and immersive learning environment for all students, regardless of their abilities.


The Duke LMS also offers valuable resources and support for teachers and instructors, enabling them to deliver high-quality, engaging online courses and enhance their skills and knowledge. By utilizing Duke LMS teacher and instructor resources, educators can enhance the online learning experience for their students. Overall, the Duke LMS is an essential tool for any Duke University employee, streamlining the process of managing online courses and providing a valuable resource for career planning and job search.

Alternative Software

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