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A powerful learning management platform LearnDash LMS for WordPress. It has been designed and crafted by the top minds in e-learning specifically for educators and offers a range of features to create professional and engaging courses with flexible pricing models and customizable designs. It is trusted by leading brands in e-learning and has been recognized as an award-winning solution.
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LearnDash features
  • The Drag and Drop Course Builder feature enables course creators to easily design attractive courses that aligns with your brand, even if you don't have no coding knowledge. One can customize their course's layout, design, and structure through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Users can save time and jumpstart their next course by duplicating content from one course to another using the Course Cloning feature.
  • Creating a course has never been easier and faster with the Course Creation Wizard feature. Users can create a course in under a minute by pasting a video playlist URL.
  • Distractions are minimized with the Focus Mode feature, which hides content that may lead students to navigate away from the course.
  • The Video Progression feature ensures that learners watch the complete video before moving on to the next section.
  • Instant feedback and communication are possible with the Automated Notifications feature, which notifies users when they achieve a specific score or complete an action.
  • Learning Paths allows learners to test out of courses in a controlled environment.
  • Students who perform well in quizzes or complete courses can earn Badges and LearnDash certification management.
  • The Profile Dashboard feature makes it easy for learners to view their course progress, quiz scores, and earned points in one place.
  • Once installed, users are guided through an onboarding process to maximize the plugin's potential with the Onboarding Wizard feature.
  • Users can manage submitted assignments, approve, comment, and award points using the Assignment Management feature.
  • The Advanced Quizzing feature provides eight different question types, custom messages, a flexible question display, and more.
  • Flexible Prerequisites allow users to restrict access to courses, lessons, and quizzes based on a set of prerequisites.
  • Dynamic Content Delivery enables users to drip-feed lessons or set linear and open progression through their course.
  • Users can quickly and easily set up a course and price it for one-time purchases with the One-Time Purchases feature.
  • Users can sell courses through recurring fees at their desired intervals using the Subscriptions feature.
  • Payment Gateways provide users with a built-in payment system or integration with WooCommerce for a full shopping cart experience.
  • Users can sell memberships through Groups to allow access to their course library using the Memberships feature.
  • The course Bundles feature allows users to run promotions and deals for course bundles that add value for students.
  • Stripe Integration provides users with a seamless checkout experience by allowing them to skip the shopping cart.
  • The Drag and Drop Course Builder feature enables users to move around course design elements easily in an intuitive backend
  • LearnDash is extendible with thorough developer docs, hooks and filters, and REST API which helps create robust custom functionality.
  • LearnDash is compatible with any WordPress-reviewed theme, or users can get started with templates built specifically for LearnDash.
  • LearnDash supports various media, such as images, videos, audio, SWF files, HTML5, SCORM, xAPI, and more (SCORM and xAPI require a 3rd party paid add-on).
  • LearnDash integrates with the most popular apps for running a business. LearnDash integrations with e-commerce platforms is easy
  • With over 100+ developers who created add-ons to extend the flexibility of the WordPress course, LearnDash has a Marketplace.
  • LearnDash offers a demo course that allows users to experience the features without any commitment to purchase. Additionally, they offer a 15-day money-back guarantee.
  • With LearnDash training program customization custom templates built using the Kadence theme are designed to maximize course design with the Templates feature.
  • The Import/Export Tool allows users to transfer content between two LearnDash courses easily.
  • H5P content can be added to any LearnDash lesson page using a third-party plugin.
  • With additional plugins, LearnDash is a SCORM-compliant Learning Management System
  • Users can link forums to their LearnDash courses using the LearnDash bbPress integration
Who uses LearnDash?
LearnDash course management for instructors, educators, organizations, and businesses use LearnDash to create engaging and professional courses that keep students interested through certificates, quizzes, and assignments. LearnDash is trusted by leading brands such as Yoast, Bitesize Bio, Gretchen Rubin, and Carey Nieuwhof, making it a suitable option for anyone looking to create an online course.


LearnDash offers customizable templates and seamless integrations with other WordPress themes and page builders, making it easy for organizations to create a branded learning experience. Additionally, LearnDash is used for creating training courses, onboarding materials, continuing education, and certifications.

LearnDash offers three packages: LearnDash Cloud, LearnDash LMS Plugin, and ProPanel. 


LearnDash Cloud is a full website solution that includes LearnDash LMS Plugin, ProPanel, and iThemes Security Pro. With this package, you get customizable templates and customization tools to build courses that match your brand. It also includes hosting with lightning-fast speeds and site backups. The cost of LearnDash Cloud is $24/month when paid annually and $29/month when paid monthly. 


LearnDash LMS Plugin is a WordPress plugin that you install on your site. It comes with 1 site, 10 sites, and unlimited options, and the cost is $199/year, $399/year, and $799/year, respectively. 


ProPanel is LearnDash analytics and reporting add-on that gives the site owner insight into how their students are progressing. It costs $49/year and is available as an add-on for LearnDash LMS Plugin and LearnDash Cloud.

Why Choose LearnDash?
Trust and credibility: Companies and organizations such as Yoast (the popular WordPress SEO plugin), Bitesize Bio (which brings bioscientists together to share experience, wisdom, and insight), Gretchen Rubin (writer, podcaster, and motivational influencer), and Carey Nieuwhof (author, entrepreneur, leader and coach) use LearnDash.


Templates that go with your brand: Choose from an extensive range of templates designed to align with your brand and create professional courses with features such as drip-feed content, embedded videos, and required lessons or prerequisites to keep learners on track. LearnDash seamlessly integrates with WordPress themes and page builders, as well as the LearnDash course creation tools you already know and love.


High interaction with increase in engagement options: LearnDash helps keep students engaged and ensures maximum learning outcomes by providing certificates, quizzes, and assignments. If assistance is needed, VIP support is offered and a demo of their system can be taken on their website.


The LearnDash mobile learning app: it helps users learn and access course material from any mobile device. It offers a range of features, including course creation, tracking of learning progress, access to online resources, and interactive activities. It is an ideal tool for providing learners with on-the-go learning opportunities and can supplement traditional learning.


The top minds in e-learning crafted LearnDash specifically for educators, ensuring users get the most out of their courses. Connect the tools you already know and love without breaking your site as LearnDash works with any WordPress theme or page builder. 


LearnDash LMS for WordPress stands out as a robust learning management platform, meticulously crafted by leading minds in e-learning for educators. This powerful tool offers a suite of features enabling the creation of professional and engaging courses, coupled with flexible pricing models and customizable designs. Trusted by prominent brands in e-learning, LearnDash has garnered recognition as an award-winning solution. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities, LearnDash empowers educators to deliver top-notch online learning experiences.

LearnDash comparisons

LearnDash Vs LearnWorlds

LearnDash features a drag-and-drop course builder that enables users to create courses without needing coding skills. Learnworlds also has a drag-and-drop course builder, but it is not as intuitive as LearnDash.


Users can set access to courses, lessons, and quizzes based on prerequisites with LearnDash, but Learnworlds lacks this feature.


In LearnDash, learners must watch an entire video before moving forward, while Learnworlds does not have this requirement.


Instant feedback and communication are sent to learners in LearnDash when they achieve a specific score or perform a particular action, which is not offered in Learnworlds.


LearnDash has a built-in payment system, and it also integrates with WooCommerce for a complete shopping cart experience. On the other hand, Learnworlds only provides integration with Stripe.

LearnDash Vs Teachable 


The pricing for LearnDash involves a one-time purchase fee, granting users access to their courses. Teachable presents a tiered pricing system, allowing users to select between a monthly or yearly subscription, with the latter offering a discount.


LearnDash offers a drag-and-drop course builder for creating beautiful courses that match users’ brand without requiring any coding skills, while Teachable offers a course creation wizard that lets users create a new course in less than a minute by pasting in a video playlist URL.


LearnDash has a built-in payment system and integrates with WooCommerce to provide a full shopping cart experience, while Teachable integrates with Stripe to offer a seamless checkout.


LearnDash provides customer support through contact us, request help, experts, documentation, and a Facebook Community. On the other hand, Teachable offers customer support through live chat, email, and phone support.


LearnDash integrates with the most popular business applications, with over 100+ developers creating add-ons to expand its flexibility. Teachable integrates with several third-party apps such as Zapier, MailChimp, and ConvertKit.

LearnDash reviews
LearnDash receives positive feedback from its users who find it to be a great tool for learning. They report an easy-to-use interface and straightforward lessons. The tracking feature for progress and the option to revisit lessons as needed are also appreciated. Users also commend the excellent customer support and helpfulness of the community. Overall, they express high satisfaction with LearnDash and recommend it to others.
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In conclusion, LearnDash LMS for WordPress is a powerful learning management platform that has been designed specifically for educators, organizations, and businesses to create engaging and professional courses that keep students interested and achieve maximum learning outcomes.


With its customizable templates, seamless integrations with WordPress themes and page builders, LearnDash gamification features and a mobile learning app, LearnDash has gained the trust of leading brands and recognized as an award-winning solution. Users appreciate the top-notch customer support, interaction options, and easy-to-use interface, making LearnDash an ideal choice for anyone looking to create an online course.

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