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Lessonly, developed by Seismic, is a training and coaching software that offers a variety of features to help teams and individuals achieve success. Users can hone their skills and learn faster with on-demand practice exercises, and personalized coaching allows for professional growth and real results.


Teams can ramp up quickly, achieving speed-to-productivity in as few as 10 days, and Lessonly provides a one-stop-shop solution for seamless enablement. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and use the program.


Lessonly’s employee onboarding solution helps new hires quickly and efficiently learn the necessary skills to perform their jobs well. Lessonsly’s sales training platform teaches sales teams effective selling techniques to close more deals. It also provides Lessonly customer service training tools

to help reps resolve issues more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.

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Lessonly features
  • Learning Management: This feature allows users to create, deliver, and track effective training content, so they can ensure that their employees are up to date with the most relevant information and skills. It includes features such as course and lesson authoring, drag & drop content creation, interactive assessments, personalized learning paths, automated reminders, and progress tracking.
  • Performance Support: This feature provides the tools and resources needed to support employees in their day-to-day job tasks. It includes features such as job aids, on-the-job coaching, content search and personalization, and data-driven insights.
  • LiveDocs: This feature allows users to efficiently update and personalize content at scale. It uses dynamic content automation to ensure that users have access to up-to-date content and can quickly create and send personalized content.
  • Seismic Knowledge: This feature helps users quickly find answers to their questions. It provides access to a searchable library of content, allowing users to easily locate the information they need.
  • Integrations: This feature allows users to unify their entire enablement tech stack. It allows users to integrate their CRM, email tools, collaboration software, content authoring, and hundreds of other applications to streamline and simplify their work.
  • Platform: This feature provides a powerful, scalable platform that is intuitive and nimble enough for small teams, but also meets the requirements of the world’s largest enterprises. It includes features such as extensibility, intelligence, and data-backed behavior.
  • Seismic in Action: This feature allows users to see the Seismic Enablement Cloud in action without scheduling a demo. It helps sales and marketing teams deal with day-to-day business problems.
  • Blog: This feature provides insights from the Seismic 2023 Value of Enablement Report. It covers topics such as the benefits of enablement and how sales enablement can make a user’s job easier.
  • Infographic: This feature provides information about tool fatigue and why organizations should embrace the power of one enablement platform.
  • Lessonly training analytics and reporting: The software's training analytics and reporting features give managers insights into employee performance and where improvement is needed. Lessonly's integrations with other business software save time and increase efficiency by integrating the training solution with tools already in use. Its mobile app ensures employees can access their training content anytime, anywhere.
  • Lessonly's customer support team is available 24/7 to help businesses or employees with any questions or problems. The platform is flexible and scalable, allowing businesses to tailor the training solution to fit their specific needs. The team training and performance management solutions help businesses manage their teams effectively and improve employee productivity and retention.
Lessonly alternatives

  • WalkMe: WalkMe is a cloud-based digital adoption platform that helps organizations quickly and easily create interactive, step-by-step guidance for employees. It is designed to help users identify, understand, and complete tasks, as well as to improve the user experience (UX).


  • Guru: Guru is an AI-powered knowledge management platform that allows teams to capture, share, and collaborate on knowledge. It provides a centralized repository of knowledge that can be quickly accessed and updated to stay up-to-date.


  • Whatfix: Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that helps organizations create interactive, step-by-step walkthroughs for their employees. It is designed to quickly onboard new employees, simplify complex processes, and improve user experience.

Who is Lessonly for?
The target audience for Lessonly is teams and individuals who want to improve performance and accelerate readiness. It is ideal for companies looking to ramp up quickly, hone skills, and grow professionally.


Lessonly is not limited to specific industries; it provides training software for various industries, including healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. Lessonly’s gamification features for training make learning fun and engaging, and its eLearning platform makes creating and delivering online courses easy.


Lessonly integrations with other business software allow managers to track employee progress and performance. Lessonly remote employee training is a highly effective solution for organizations looking to provide their remote workforce with comprehensive and engaging training programs.

Lessonly doesn’t disclose their pricing model right away, rather the customer can book their demo session and get a customised pricing for themselves.
Why Choose Lessonly?
Anyone should use Lessonly for the following reasons: to improve performance and accelerate readiness, ramp up quickly and learn 2.3x faster, personalize coaching and achieve real results, deliver seamless enablement with a one-stop-shop solution, and use an easy-to-use user interface.

Lessonly, developed by Seismic, is a top-tier training and coaching software. With features like on-demand practice, personalized coaching, and a user-friendly interface, it accelerates learning and ensures real results. Teams can achieve rapid productivity in just 10 days, thanks to its seamless enablement. Lessonly's tailored solutions cover employee onboarding, sales training, and customer service tools, making it a versatile and efficient platform for skill development and organizational success.

Lessonly comparisons

Lessonly vs WalkMe

Lessonly and WalkMe are both software programs that help organizations create training and onboarding material for their employees. The key differentiating factor between the two lies in how they approach the training process. 


Lessonly is designed to focus on improving employee performance and accelerating readiness with its training and coaching software. It helps teams ramp up productivity quickly, with on-demand practice exercises that allow people to hone their skills and learn 2.3 times faster. It also provides personalized coaching at scale, allowing professionals to achieve real results and promote personal growth. 


WalkMe, on the other hand, is designed to guide users through complex software processes and help them get up to speed quickly. It uses interactive guidance to simplify processes and create a personalized learning experience. It also offers analytics to measure user performance and identify areas for improvement.


The key differences between Lessonly and WalkMe can be summarized as follows:


Lessonly focuses on improving employee performance and accelerating readiness, whereas WalkMe focuses on guiding users through complex software processes and simplifying them. 


Lessonly offers on-demand practice exercises for people to hone their skills and learn 2.3 times faster, whereas WalkMe focuses on interactive guidance and personalized learning. 


Lessonly offers personalized coaching at scale to help professionals achieve real results and promote personal growth, whereas WalkMe provides analytics to measure user performance and identify areas for improvement.


Lessonly offers a one-stop shop for sales acceleration, whereas WalkMe enables users to create a personalized learning experience.


Lessonly is designed to focus on improving employee performance, whereas WalkMe is designed to guide users through complex software processes.

Lessonly vs Guru

Lessonly is part of Seismic, allowing for a one-stop-shop for sales acceleration. Guru is not part of a larger organization, so it does not provide the same level of integration and sales acceleration as Lessonly. 


Support: Lessonly provides 24/7 customer support and access to a customer community, LlamaNation, where users can access resources, swag, and prizes, and attend exclusive events. Guru does not offer the same level of support.


Scalability: Lessonly by Seismic offers better scalability as compared to Guru. It allows companies to quickly ramp up teams and reps in as few as 10 days, which accelerates speed-to-productivity.


Lessonly by Seismic offers a customer community, LlamaNation, where members have access to resources, swag, and exclusive events. Guru, on the other hand, does not have any specific customer community but does offer a customer success team that provides guidance and support.


Lessonly by Seismic offers a one-stop shop for sales acceleration, which includes training and coaching software to improve performance and accelerate readiness. Guru, on the other hand, offers a knowledge management platform with content curation, analytics, and automated support.


Lessonly by Seismic offers a comprehensive training and coaching solution, while Guru is focused solely on knowledge management. Lessonly by Seismic provides a wide range of tools to enable teams to practice and hone their skills, while Guru provides a knowledge base platform only.


In terms of integrations, Lessonly by Seismic offers integrations with Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, and many more. Guru, on the other hand, has integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Lessonly Reviews
Users of Lessonly have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with the program. They have praised the program’s user-friendly interface, its ability to help them quickly ramp up, and its personalized coaching feature. Many users have commented on how the program has helped them grow professionally and achieve real results.
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Lessonly employee onboarding solution is a web-based team training software designed for managers to train their teams effectively, regardless of the organization’s size. The software is highly recommended by users and offers an affordable solution, complete with a free trial.


Its features include creating and delivering training content, tracking employee progress, and measuring results. The software is user-friendly and can be customized to fit the specific needs of any organization.


Lessonly’s leadership training software helps leaders develop the skills needed for success. Its content creation tools make it easy for businesses to create custom training content and track employee progress and performance.


With Lessonly’s performance management tools, businesses can identify areas where employees need improvement and provide targeted feedback. Overall, Lessonly is an essential tool for any organization that wants to improve employee training and performance.

Alternative Software

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