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As a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS), TalentLMS e-learning software. TalentLMS is a platform and Learning Management System platform that provides top-notch online training and training experience solutions with a range of features.
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TalentLMS features
  • Course Management: You can effortlessly create courses using different types of media like videos, presentations, and documents, and support industry standards like SCORM, cmi5, and xAPI.
  • Assessments Engine: Allows you to design diverse assessments, including multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, ordering, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions.
  • Surveys Engine: Their surveys engine empowers you to conduct surveys and gather insights into their learners and training.
  • Learning Paths: With learning paths, you can design learning paths and restrict the order of course completion or content viewing.
  • Files Repository: This feature allows you to store and organize files in your customers' accounts, share them with selected users, and reuse them as needed.
  • Blended Learning: Supports instructor-led training, either in-person or online via videoconferencing for you.
  • Gamification: TalentLMS gamification features enhance the learner engagement experience with badges, points, levels, rewards, and leaderboards for your customers.
  • Certifications: This lets you design custom certificates with or without expiration dates and automate recertification.
  • Rich Communication Tools: Offers private messages, calendars, and discussion forums to keep learners on track and engaged.
  • Video Conference Support: Integrates with video conferencing tools or apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and GoToTraining. Making it hassle-freely free.
  • E-commerce: you can sell individual courses or offer them via subscription, with support for discounts, coupons, and payment gateways for your customers.
  • Enterprise-Ready Reporting: Provides extensive reporting on all activities in the account, including a timeline of system actions and a report builder. So that you can keep a track of all the data.
  • Branching: Allows you to create multiple sub-accounts or branches, each with its own private you, courses, and branding without making the process confusing.
  • User Types and Extensible Profiles: Fine-tunes roles and permissions for different users. You can add custom info fields to your user profiles or courses. Customizing makes the procedure easy to keep track of.
  • Mass Actions: Offers a variety of mass actions to simplify administrative tasks. You don't need to repeat the monotonous process and focus on more important tasks at hand.
  • API: Provides a Rest-API for communicating with the learning portal and accessing data.
  • Single Sign-On: Supports LDAP and SAML2 and integrates with identity management systems.
  • Integrations: Integrates natively with BambooHR, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Shopify, and more, and supports integration with over 2K apps via Zapier.
  • Security: Offers secure communication channels and the ability to enforce strong passwords, add watermarks on videos, and more. Making the process of communication private, safe, and secure for you.
  • GDPR-Friendly: Enables easy compliance with GDPR.
  • Course Store: Provides a course store to buy hundreds of pre-made courses from eLearning providers.
TalentLMS alternatives

  1. Docebo 
  2. SAP Litmos 
  3. Pathgather

Who is TalentLMS for?
TalentLMS is the ideal choice for organizations looking to provide their learners with a personalized and engaging online learning experience. You can empower your business with their all-featured learning management system and see the results for yourself.
TalentLMS offers pricing plans to cater to businesses of all sizes. The Standard plans are perfect for up to 5 users with access to 10 courses and unlimited email support. Get the Starter + TalentLibrary^TM plan for just $69/month (annual billing) or $89/month (monthly billing), with unlimited courses, unlimited email support, and a customizable homepage. Upgrade to the Basic + TalentLibrary^TM plan for $149/month (annual billing) or $189/month (monthly billing) to enjoy all features of the Starter plan plus SAML 2.0, LDAP and OpenID Connect support, a custom domain, and SSL encryption.


Go for the Most Popular Plus + TalentLibrary^TM plan at $279/month (annual billing) or $369/month (monthly billing) to access custom reports, 3 branches, and support for up to 500 users. Or, get the Premium + TalentLibrary^TM plan for $459/month (annual billing) or $569/month (monthly billing) to receive priority email support, live chat support, 15 branches, and support for up to 1000 users.


For businesses with more than 1000 users, TalentLMS offers custom plans. The Active plans cater to businesses with a fluctuating user base. Get the Starter Active + TalentLibrary^TM plan for $149/month (annual billing) or $179/month (monthly billing) to enjoy unlimited courses, unlimited email support, 40 active users/month, and unlimited registered users. Upgrade to the Basic Active + TalentLibrary^TM plan for $269/month (annual billing) or $339/month (monthly billing) to access all features of the Starter plan plus SAML 2.0, LDAP, and OpenID Connect support, a custom domain, SSL encryption, 1 branch, and 100 active users/month.


Get the Plus Active + TalentLibrary^TM plan for $389/month (annual billing) or $489/month (monthly billing) to access custom reports, 3 branches, and 250 active users/month. Go for the Premium Active + TalentLibrary^TM plan for $519/month (annual billing) or $649/month (monthly billing) to receive priority email support, live chat support, 15 branches, 500 active users/month, and a dedicated success manager.


For businesses with more than 500 active users/month, TalentLMS offers custom plans. All the packages mentioned are different and offer different features and support for different numbers of users.

Why Choose TalentLMS?
TalentLMS offers white-labelling features that provide you with the ability to personalize your online training platform to meet the specific needs of your organization. Your own domain name and logo will create a professional and unique appearance, adding an extra touch of credibility to your platform. Customizable communication emails will keep your learners informed and engaged with relevant and tailored information.


Tailoring the system to your precise requirements will provide you with the perfect solution for your training needs. The look and feel of your account can be enhanced with ready-made themes or custom CSS/JavaScript, making it visually appealing and easy to navigate. A public website on top of your learning portal and private pages that are only available to logged-in users will give your learners easy and convenient access to your content.


Monitoring progress is also made easier with TalentLMS, as you have access to extensive reporting, including a timeline of all system actions and a report builder for detailed insights. This helps you keep track of your learners’ progress and ensure the success of your training.


TalentLMS is a robust Learning Management System (LMS) that offers comprehensive e-learning software solutions. With a platform designed to provide top-notch online training experiences, TalentLMS encompasses a range of features for effective learning and training.

Hostinger comparisons

TalentLMS Vs Docebo 

TalentLMS online training solutions offer a user-friendly interface, modern and intuitive, that enables users to effortlessly access learning materials and complete tasks efficiently. Docebo, in contrast, presents a complex interface that may prove challenging for some users to navigate.

TalentLMS online training solutions deliver a wider range of features, including multiple language support, gamification, and group learning, making TalentLMS more versatile and suitable for diverse learning environments. The TalentLMS course builder allows for easy course creation and management.

TalentLMS online training solutions prove more affordable, offering flexible pricing plans to accommodate various budgets, and the TalentLMS certification management adds an extra layer of versatility to the platform. Docebo, in comparison, is more costly and may not be suitable for budget-conscious users.

TalentLMS online training solutions boast a comprehensive learning management system, with a vast array of features and tools that simplify the creation, delivery, and management of courses, including TalentLMS mobile learning support. Docebo, in comparison, features a limited set of options and may not be suitable for complex learning requirements.

TalentLMS online training solutions offer greater customization options, including TalentLMS analytics and reporting, which allow users to personalize their learning environment, including the look and feel, as well as their course content and learning materials. The TalentLMS integrations and plugins further enhance the versatility of the platform. Docebo’s limited customization options restrict the user’s ability to tailor their learning experience.

TalentLMS vs SAP Litmos 

Choose TalentLMS for its pay-as-you-go pricing model and avoid SAP Litmos’ subscription-based pricing model.

Customize your platform to your individual learning needs with TalentLMS and its extensive customization options, in contrast to SAP Litmos’ limited customization options.

Ensure higher security with TalentLMS, which offers features such as two-factor authentication and encryption, instead of SAP Litmos’ less robust security features.

Access a comprehensive feature set with TalentLMS, which includes tools like gamification, video streaming, and analytics, compared to SAP Litmos’ more basic features.

Enjoy a modern and intuitive user interface with TalentLMS, unlike SAP Litmos’ outdated and clunky user interface.

TalentLMS Reviews
Users praise TalentLMS as a simple, reliable platform that is easy to use with helpful staff ready to address concerns. They also appreciate TalentLMS’ Single Sign-On capability and ability to streamline and automate processes. Users also commend the platform for being intuitive, mobile-friendly, and never experiencing downtime.
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In conclusion, TalentLMS offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to deliver a personalized and engaging online learning experience to their learners. The platform comes packed with features that streamline and automate processes, making it a simple and reliable option for businesses. Its intuitive design, mobile-friendliness, and dedicated support team make TalentLMS a standout choice in the e-learning industry.
Alternative Software

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