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About Wisenet LMS
Wisenet, an education management system, and learner relationship platform, helps training organizations manage their learners and programs by offering a comprehensive sales and marketing component for courses, student record management, integration with various vendor applications, automated workflows, document and messaging templates, compliance reporting, security measures, and Wisenet mobile learning support services.


Founded in 1997 in Cairns, Australia, by two industry professionals who recognized a gap in the world’s learner and education management systems, Wisenet has since evolved into a multi-national company with offices in Australia, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, and Europe, managing millions of enrolments.


Wisenet, now owned by Adapt IT, is a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. and a member of Volaris Group Inc., operates with core values such as learning, innovation, efficiency, flexibility, and transparency serving as the foundation for its operations.

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Wisenet features
  • With Sales and Marketing, you can manage your sales and marketing activities, including creating website services and online enrolment options, as well as track and monitor your learners' progress.
  • Manage your learners and enrolments with People and Enrolments, which offers a learner app and trainer portal to keep them engaged with their studies.
  • Easily manage finances, payments, and invoicing with the Finance and Payments feature, set up automated payments, and integrate with other software solutions.
  • Streamline processes with Automation and Integration, which allows you to automate and integrate your processes with Learn Cycle Workflows, and integrate with a variety of other services and applications.
  • Create eLearning courses and assess learners' progress with eLearning and Auto Grading, create tasks and notes for learners, assign tasks, and track their progress with Tasks and Notes.
  • Integrate with a variety of services and access the Wisenet API and Developer Resources with Wisenet integrations with other software Integrations and Add-Ons.
  • Create custom document templates, send and receive messages, share documents, and access a logbook to track progress with Documents and Messaging.
  • Ensure compliance and generate management reports with Wisenet reporting and analytics. Compliance and Reporting help you manage user access and security for your organization and provide support options for your training organization and students with Security and Support.
  • The Wisenet certification management system provides an efficient way to manage employee certifications. Finally, you can access a variety of learning resources, including webinars, customer support, data migration services, and more with Learning Resources.
Wisenet alternatives
The top five alternatives to Wisenet LMS are:


  1. Blackboard LMS
  2. Canvas
  3. Moodle
  4. Schoology
  5. Brightspace by D2L 

Who is Wisenet For?
Higher education organizations, corporate training institutions, and short course providers can streamline their operations and reduce resources and costs with Wisenet. The comprehensive learner management system empowers them to manage their learners and programs efficiently.  It is used by schools, and colleges to manage the entire student lifecycle, from enrolment to graduation. So if your organization falls into any of these categories with given objectives. Wisenet is for you. 
Wisenet offLagement System: Standard and Premium. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits that come with each one.

The Standard plan for $150/month and access all the features of the Starter plan, as well as onboarding services, contact forms, unlimited standard contact fields, custom contact fields, opportunities, conversations, document upload, tasks, dashboards, custom sales pipeline, bulk update opportunities, bulk email opportunities, convert inquiry to opportunity, sales API, and apply now QR codes.


The Premium plan, priced at $250/month, includes all the features of the Standard plan and even more. You’ll have the ability to publish courses/intakes, use application forms, view the completion progress bar, review submissions before submitting, apply as a new learner, return as a previous learner, sign digital signatures, upload terms and conditions documents, select application submission options, auto-accept and enroll in eLearning, use workplace/agent application links, customize application fields, choose from different payment currencies, use vouchers, save progress and continue later, and apply conditional logic.

Why Choose Wisenet?
Streamline Your Operations and Save with Wisenet:

Wisenet provides you with a comprehensive learner management system that simplifies your operations and offers a flexible and cooperative solution, saving you money in the process. Its accuracy and precision mitigate risk and guarantee that communication, records, and reports are always up-to-date. The Active Learner pricing model accommodates your business cycle by providing a flexible and cooperative solution.


Wisenet gives you the power to manage leads through the sales process, assess your success, and add agents and promotions for international learner opportunities. It presents an effortless way to manage course visibility on your website without needing IT intervention. The comprehensive online enrolment package collects personal and compliance information directly from the learners during the application process, and the option to add PayPal payments makes collecting course fees automated and easy.


Wisenet’s learner management system allows you to manage learner records, enrolments, and qualifications, including critical compliance information. The learner app grants learners access to their personal details, track course progress, and more, all with seamless single-sign-on authentication. The trainer portal provides trainers with a view of assigned courses, units, classes, and learners, the ability to update results, mark attendance, upload documents, and set tasks.


So why pick Wisenet? Choose Wisenet for a comprehensive, flexible, and cooperative solution that streamlines your operations, saves you money, minimizes risk, and simplifies the management of your learners and programs. Wisenet offers a unique cloud-based Learning Relationship Management platform with millions of enrolments under management, making it a wise choice for your education management needs.

Wisenet LMS
Wisenet LMS

Wisenet, established in 1997 in Cairns, Australia, addresses the global need for comprehensive education management systems. As a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. under Adapt IT, and a part of Volaris Group Inc., Wisenet offers a robust platform with features encompassing sales, marketing, student record management, vendor application integration, automated workflows, document and messaging templates, compliance reporting, and mobile learning support. With offices across Australia, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, and Europe, Wisenet manages millions of enrolments and upholds core values of learning, innovation, efficiency, flexibility, and transparency in its operations.

Wisenet comparisons

Wisenet vs Blackboard 

When comparing Wisenet LMS and Blackboard LMS, it’s important to consider various factors that can impact your learning program. Here are a few key points to consider:


User Experience: Wisenet LMS prioritizes ease of use for both instructors and students, while Blackboard LMS may require a learning curve for instructors unfamiliar with the platform.


Features and Functionality: Wisenet LMS offers a comprehensive set of features, including support for online courses, blended learning, and flipped classrooms. On the other hand, Blackboard LMS may not be as feature-rich and flexible in terms of course design.


Cost Structure: Wisenet LMS operates on a subscription-based model, with a monthly or annual fee, while Blackboard LMS requires a one-time license fee.


Support Availability: Wisenet LMS provides 24/7 customer support, while Blackboard LMS offers limited support options.


Implementation: Wisenet LMS can be up and running quickly and easily, while Blackboard LMS may require more time and effort to implement.

Wisenet vs Canvas


The comprehensive suite of tools provided by Wisenet LMS enables you to create, deliver, and track Wisenet online training solutions effectively, while Canvas LMS prioritizes offering an open and easy-to-use platform for creating, delivering, and managing online Wisenet course management. 


Wisenet’s advanced learning design feature outperforms Canvas’s basic layout capabilities.

Wisenet offers a more robust set of tools for creating assessments and testing, whereas Canvas provides a more limited set.


The advanced reporting and analytics capabilities offered by Wisenet LMS surpass those not offered by Canvas LMS.


Wisenet empowers you to customize the learning experience for your learners, including assigning personalized learning paths and customizing the user interface, while these options are not available in Canvas.

Wisenet Reviews
Customers of Wisenet LMS praise the system for its user-friendly interface, automation of important tasks, and friendly support team. They appreciate the user-friendly interface and the streamlining effect it has on the student journey. The helpful Wisenet team also receives positive feedback from customers. Overall, they find Wisenet LMS to be a valuable tool and are extremely satisfied with it.
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Empowering higher education organizations, corporate training institutions, and short Wisenet course management providers to manage their learners and programs with ease, Wisenet streamlines operations and saves resources, making it the perfect choice for organizations looking to optimize their learner management process. Whether it’s a school, college, or training institution, Wisenet provides the comprehensive tools needed to manage the entire student journey from enrolment to graduation. With Wisenet’s customizable interface, you can also have the freedom to choose the feel and look of it. So, for organizations seeking a reliable and effective learner management solution, Wisenet is the answer.
Alternative Software

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