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Assembla is a cloud-based project management and software growth platform that presents a range of tools to help teams collaborate on projects. It specifies features like issue pursuing, task management, version control, team communication, time pursuing, and more.

Assembla presents various integrations accompanying well-known development tools like GitHub, Bitbucket, and Slack, composing it easy for teams to link their existent workflows and tools. Its user interface is straightforward and convenient, which helps teams quickly get started and stay systematized.

One of the unique features of Assembly is its capability to provide private and secure spaces for each project, guaranteeing that sensitive information is observed confidentially. Assembla further presents flexible costing plans, building it suitable for both small and large teams.

Assembla features

  • Issue tracking: Assembla determines a strong issue-tracking system that approves teams to track and control bugs, feature requests, and different issues.
  • Task supervision: Assembla presents a task management system that authorizes teams to form and control tasks and subtasks, appoint them to team members, and set time limits and path progress.
  • Version control: Assembla determines version control tools that allow teams to control their code and different digital assets. It supports well-known version control systems like Git, SVN, and Perforce.
  • Team communication: Assembla presents various communication tools, containing chat, comments, and notifications, that help teams to stay connected and knowledgeable.
  • Time tracking: Assembla determines time tracking tools that allow teams to path the time spent on particular tasks and projects, helping them to control their workload and resources more skilfully.

How to use Assembla?

  • Create an Assembla account: To get started, form an Assembla account by visiting the Assembla site and signing up for an account.
  • Create a new space: Once you have built an account, you can form a new space for your project.
  • Build your project: Once you have built a new space, you can start your project by including team members, building tasks, and configuring your project’s settings
  • Manage your project: With your project build-up, you can start supervising your tasks, issues, and code.
  • Collaborate with your team: Assembla creates it smooth for teams to collaborate by determining various communication tools, containing chat, comments, and notifications.
  • Monitor your project’s progress: Assembla supplies various reports and dashboards that help you path your project’s progress, containing burn-down charts, velocity charts, and more.

Who uses Assembla?
Assembla is used by an off-course range of organizations, containing software development companies, IT teams, project managers, and freelancers. It is specifically well-known among agile development teams who require control of complex software development projects with multiple team members. Assembla is also used by companies of all sizes, from small startups to big enterprises. The platform is created to be adaptable and customizable, authorizing consumers to tailor it to their particular project management and software development requirements.

Assembla is a web-based project management and version control system primarily focused on software development teams. It offers a range of tools and features designed to enhance collaboration, task tracking, and code management.

Assembla pricing
12.00 / month
  • Assembla cloud starter
  • Assembla cloud pro
  • Assembla cloud enterprise

Assembla cloud starter- This plan is for startups and small teams on their way to becoming the next big enterprise at a pricing of $12 per user/month , Assembla cloud pro- This plan offered is for security, compliance and performance for your enterprise, in the cloud at a cost of $19 per user/month with a minimum of 5 users. , Assembla cloud enterprise- This is a customized plan per user/month with a 12-month term.

Assembla software development project management
Assembla is a software development project management tool that eases teams to organize their workflows, collaborate effectively, and give superior projects on time. The platform determines several project administration features, containing issue following, task management, version control, team communication, time pursuing, and more. Assembla is created to be adaptable and customizable, approving teams to tailor it to their particular software development requirements.
Assembla team collaboration and communication
Assembla is a strong tool for team collaboration and communication. The platform presents various features that approve team members to work together finer, containing chat, comments, notifications, and real-time updates. Assembla also specifies various tools for task assignment, assigned work tracking, and improve reporting, which helps team members stay on top of their work and hold the project moving forward.
Assembla version control and code repository management
Assembla specifies a strong version control and code repository management solution. The platform upholds Git, SVN, and Perforce, which authorizes teams to control their code capably. Assembla further supplies several features to ease teams’ collaboration on code, containing code reviews, merge requests, and pull requests.
Assembla integrations with other development tools
Assembla presents integrations accompanying many well-known development tools that ease teams to organize their workflows and collaborate preferably. Assembla can be joined by accompanying forms like GitHub, Bitbucket, Jenkins, and Slack, which authorizes teams to work seamlessly and control their projects more efficiently.
Assembla project tracking and reporting
Assembla determines several project tracking and reporting tools to help teams observe their progress and achieve their project goals. The platform presents various reporting features, containing burn-down charts, velocity charts, and milestone pursuing, that help teams identify potential roadblocks and create data-driven conclusions.
Assembla workflow automation and custom forms
Assembla presents workflow automation and custom form features to help teams organize their processes and better their productivity. The program specifies various workflow automation tools that allow teams to automate their tasks, decrease manual efforts, and remove errors. Assembla also presents custom forms that may be created to collect particular data or information from team members. The custom form feature can be used to organize workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and simplify team collaboration.
Assembla mobile app for remote work and productivity
Assembla supports a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows remote work and boosts team productivity. The mobile app authorizes team members to access project information, and the path to their work, and collaborate with different team members on the go.
Assembla customizable task lists and calendars
Assembla determines customizable task lists and calendars to help teams control their work and stay organized. The program approves teams to form custom task lists, that may be tailored to their distinguishing project requirements. The customizable task lists and calendars make it smooth for teams to control their work, path their progress, and ensure that they fit their project time limits.
Assembla real-time updates and notifications
Assembla determines real-time updates and notifications that help teams stay up-to-date with their work and ensure that the project is progressing effortlessly. The platform presents various features that allow teams to receive updates and notifications, containing email notifications, push notifications, and in-app notifications. These notifications may be personalized to meet the requirements of individual team members, and they can be produced by differing events, like new tasks, changes to tasks, and updates to project milestones.
Assembla comparisons
  • Assembla vs Gitlab Assembla is a cloud-based platform that supplies an off-course range of project management features, like task management, milestone pursuing, and reporting. It further presents strong version control and code repository management tools, and further integrations with additional growth tools. Assembla is common for its convenient interface and customizable workflows.
  • GitLab, nevertheless, is an open-source platform that determines similar project management and version control features. However, GitLab has supervised code management and supports a range of progressive tools for source code management, continuous integration and deployment, and safety testing. GitLab also presents a self-hosted choice for companies that need more control over their data.
  • Assembla vs Basecamp Assembla is a platform specifically created for software development project management, and it supplies strong tools for version control, code repository management, and workflow automation. Assembla is popular for its adaptable pricing choices, customizable workflows, and convenient interface.
  • Basecamp, nevertheless, is a general-purpose project management platform particularly appropriate for an off-course range of industries and use cases. It specifies a range of project management tools, like task management, calendar views, and file sharing, further team communication and collaboration features. Basecamp is popular for its simplicity, ease of use, and minimal design.
Assembla task prioritization and deadline management
Assembla presents task prioritization and due date management features to help teams control their workloads and assure that they fit their project deadlines. The platform approves teams to prioritize their tasks depending on their importance and necessity, and it specifies various tools to help them control their deadlines, like milestone pursuit, calendar views, and reminders.
Assembla user-friendly interface and design
Assembla proposes a convenient interface and design that makes it smooth for teams to control their projects and collaborate efficiently. The platform determines a clean and instinctive interface that is effortless to navigate, even for non-technical consumers. Assembla’s design is also well customizable, approving teams to modify the platform to their particular needs and preferences. The convenient interface and design make it easier for teams to work more capably, collaborate finer, and give the finest projects on time.
Assembla data security and privacy measures
Assembla takes data security and privacy seriously and supplies various measures to protect its customers’ data. The platform manages advanced encryption to assure data is in transit and at rest, and it employs strict access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can access hypersensitive data. The platform is further compliant with miscellaneous data protection laws, like GDPR and CCPA, and it determines a Data Processing Addendum to guarantee that consumer data is processed in compliance with these laws.
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Overall, Assembla is an extensive project management tool that can ease teams organize their work, boost collaboration, and give superior projects on time.

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