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Clockify is a time-tracking software and productivity tool that allows individuals and teams to track their time on different tasks and projects. It offers features such as time tracking, project management, reporting, and invoicing. Freelancers, small businesses, and large organizations can use Clockify to monitor their productivity, analyze time usage, and generate reports for internal or billing purposes.  

 With Clockify, users can create projects and tasks, and then track their time on each task. They can start and stop the timer manually or use the built-in timer function to track time automatically. Clockify also offers integrations with various project management and communication tools such as Trello, Asana, and Slack, allowing users to track time directly from these platforms.

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Clockify features
  • Time Following: Clockify permits clients to track their time spent on assignments and ventures precisely. It offers a user-friendly interface with manual and programmed time-following alternatives, making it simple to begin and halt clocks as needed.
  • Project and Errand Administration: Clients can make ventures and assignments inside Clockify to organize their work. They can relegate errands to group individuals, set due dates, and track advance. This highlight makes a difference. People and groups remain organized and centered on their goals.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Clockify gives comprehensive reports and analytics to assist clients in picking up bits of knowledge into their time utilization. Clients can produce point-by-point reports on ventures, assignments, clients, and group exercises. The reports offer visual representations and customizable channels to analyze information effectively.
  • Integrations: Clockify coordinates with different well-known extended administration and communication devices, such as Trello, Asana, Jira, Slack, and more. This permits clients to track time specifically from these stages, disposing of the requirement for manual entry.
  • Collaboration and Group Administration: Clockify offers highlights for group collaboration and administration. Clients can welcome group individuals, relegate assignments, and screen advance.
Clockify Alternative and Comparison
There are several Clockify alternatives on the market. Here are some popular ones, along with a quick comparison. 

  •  Toggl: Toggl is a popular time-tracking tool with functionality similar to Clockify. It offers simple and intuitive time tracking, project management, and reporting capabilities. Toggl provides a clean and user-friendly interface and integrates with various third-party apps. It also offers features like billable plans, Pomodoro timers, timeline views, and more.
  •  Harvest: Harvest is another popular time tracking and billing tool. It offers time tracking, project management, expense tracking, and billing functionality. Harvest provides detailed reporting, integrates with popular project management tools, and offers a mobile app. It also offers features such as team scheduling, budget tracking, and resource management.  
  •  RescueTime: RescueTime is a time-tracking tool focused on helping individuals be more productive. It automatically tracks time spent on various apps and websites, providing insight into work patterns and distractions. RescueTime provides detailed reports and productivity assessments, goal setting, and overtime alerts. 
  •  Hubstaff: Hubstaff is a comprehensive time-tracking and team management tool. It offers time tracking, project management, employee monitoring, and payroll management features. Hubstaff provides screenshots and activity levels to monitor employee productivity, integrates with various project management tools, and provides detailed reports.

Clockify alternatives: Alternatives to Clockify:


  • Toggle
  •  Harvest 
  • RescueTime
  • Hubstaff 
  • Everhour
  •  TimeCamp
  • ClickUp 
  • Wrike Paymo 
  • TrackingTime

Clockify time tracking
As for Clockify’s time tracking features, it offers a variety of features for accurate and efficient time tracking. Users can manually start and stop timers, use the built-in timer, or enter the time manually. Clockify also allows users to categorize timestamps by projects, tasks, and clients, making it easy to track and analyze time spent on different activ
 Clockify offers both a free and a paid plan. 
  • Free Plan

Clockify's free plan offers basic time tracking features, including unlimited users, projects, and reports, but there are some limitations compared to the paid plan.

9.99 / month
  • Clockify Plus

Clockify Plus: Price: $9.99 per user per month (billed annually) or $12.49 per user per month (billed monthly). Features: Includes unlimited project and task tracking, advanced reporting and analysis, timeline, bulk editing, time estimates, and more.

Clockify vs. Toggl Track
let’s compare Clockify and Toggl Track:


  • Pricing: Both Clockify and Toggl Track offer free plans with fundamental highlights. In terms of paid plans, Clockify’s further arrangement begins at $9.99 per user/month, whereas Toggl Track offers distinctive estimating levels beginning at $10 per user/month. The particular estimating and highlights may shift, so it’s imperative to check the most recent data on their websites.


  • Features: Clockify and Toggl Track give comparable center highlights for a time following, extended administration, and detailing. Both offer integration with prevalent instruments, give point-by-point reports, and versatile apps for the following time on the go. In any case, particular highlights and client encounters may vary, so it’s fitting to survey each tool’s included set to decide which one adjusts superior to your needs.


  • User Interface: The client interface and plan of Clockify and Toggl Track may have different aesthetics and workflows. It’s trial adaptations or demos of both apparatuses to see which one you discover more naturally-friendlily.


  • Integrations: Both Clockify and Toggl Track offer integration with well-known venture administration, collaboration, and communication apparatuses. In any case, the particular integrative bolstered by each apparatus may shift, so it’s vital to check if they coordinate with the instruments you employ or arrange to utilize.


Clockify, a versatile time-tracking and productivity tool, caters to individuals and teams across freelancing, small business, and corporate settings. With features like project management, reporting, and seamless integrations, Clockify empowers users to monitor productivity, analyze time usage, and streamline billing processes with ease and efficiency.

Clockify free trial
Clockify provides a free plan with minimal time monitoring capabilities. They do not, however, provide a free trial for their expensive products. You may instantly subscribe to the paid version without a trial period to gain access to the additional features featured in their paid plans.


Clockify desktop app: Clockify is a program you can download and install on your PC. The desktop program allows you to track time without going to the web version. It allows you to set and stop timers, measure time offline, and sync your data when you connect to the internet. The desktop application is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Clockify integration: Clockify integrates with various popular project management, collaboration, and communication solutions. Among the significant integrations are:


  • Trello: Use Trello cards to track time and synchronize data between Clockify and Trello.


  • Clockify and Asana can sync data and track time straight from Asana tasks.


  • Jira: Log time on Jira problems and synchronize Clockify and Jira data.


  • Slack: Use Clockify to start and stop timers, measure time spent on Slack chats, and sync data between Clockify and Slack.


  • GitLab: Keep track of time spent on GitLab problems and merge requests, as well as sync data between Clockify and GitLab.


  • GitHub: Log time on problems and pull requests on GitHub and synchronize data between Clockify and GitHub.


Clockify project management: While Clockify’s primary focus is time monitoring, it also provides project management capabilities to assist users in organizing their work. You may create projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, and measure progress in Clockify. In addition, you may assign team members to projects and tasks, participate in project-related activities, and produce project-specific reports. While Clockify’s project management functions are not as robust as specialist project management programs, they are intended to complement its time-tracking capability.


Clockify mobile app: Clockify offers iOS and Android mobile apps that allow users to track time while on the go. The version of the mobile app allows users to start and stop timers, log time entries, monitor and manage projects and tasks, and access reports and statistics. The mobile app allows users to log their time and manage their projects from any location, giving them flexibility and convenience.

Clockify Reviews
Clockify has garnered mostly favorable feedback from users. It is lauded for its simplicity, ease of use, and the availability of a free plan with substantial features. Users like how they can manage time across projects and activities, produce reports, and link with other applications. However, some users have commented that the reporting options should be more comprehensive, and there may occasionally be some speed concerns.
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Clockify is a versatile time-tracking software and productivity tool that offers features for accurate time tracking, project management, reporting, and integration with other popular tools. It has received positive reviews for its ease of use, simplicity, and availability of a free plan.
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