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Sharpspring CRM

If once you gathered a wide range of prospects in your company database, you have to manage them wisely and connect to the customers deeply so you can get to know about their preferences. Customer relationship management tools make the way easy for you to know your customers well through different kinds of methods. Likewise, Sharpspring CRM sails its boat to provide online brands with immense support, whether it is to engage more and more audiences or to bring teams together for finalizing deals. This platform will assist e-commerce organizations to stay organized with their customers’ data by focusing on certain attributes such as sales funnel, pipeline view, automation strategies, workflow integration and more. 

Sharpspring CRM Top features

  • Email marketing: Through the email marketing feature of Sharpspring, your brand will reach out to every prospect’s email box and let them know about your service in detail. Manually composing emails and sending them to the contact list is now outdated and a waste of time, so to encourage sales teams Sharpspring CRM comes up with advanced email marketing through which the team can efficiently run email campaigns based on pre-formatted templates which save time and reach more audiences than one can think. Sending triggers and automated reminders are provided to awaken customers’ interest and if someone clicks on the program, Sharpspring CRM allows your team to assess the open and click-through rates efficiently.  
  • Marketing Automation: With this tool, Sharpspring CRM software helps your brand automate the business operation efficiently to enhance leads generation and conversion rate by assessing ROI and sales development process. Sharpspring CRM using this tool assists your team to set a targeted audience and tailor the marketing campaign straightly to them. You can effectively customize the marketing automation by adding and removing fields to filter out the best possible leads for your business. With the support of Sharpspring CRM, you can separately concentrate on the potential customers and their activities and according to that, personalize the campaigns that are automated to reach their expectations. The primary things that Sharpspring does in automation are to generate more leads, make conversions and expand marketing reach seamlessly.
  • Pipeline review: Sharpspring CRM brings a pipeline review feature that shows the opportunities at the time of managing deals. From focusing on the leads to closing deals, you will get an overview of how the sales team is performing in making the leads become potential customers. You can handle the deals and functions by using the drag-and-drop tool to move them from one place to another depending on their recent activities.  The Sharpspring pipeline is basically a data-driven timeline where the deals align along with the scheduled tasks.  
  •  Sales Intelligence: Your online brand cannot prosper without tracking sales and engagement over the period. Hence, focusing on missed follow-ups of the sales team and saving time are the reasons for building sale engagement features such as sales funnel, lead scoring tools, and more. Engaging more visitors and turning them into buyers are the objectives of sales intelligence which helps your brand find potential prospects by keeping track of the previous customers’ details. With a 360-degree customer view, your team can focus on the hot leads and where your sales can prosper and accordingly make a virtual connection with the prospects through scheduled meetings, calendar communication, and real-time insights. 
  • Integration: Sharspring CRM integrations help your brand connect with other software such as Pipedrive, Zoho, nimble, and more through API access to expand the area of your sales productivity. This feature will allow you to perform sales tracking through customizing fields, lead scoring, discovering opportunities, syncing leads, and more. The best part is, you don’t need to buy any third-party software or appoint a web developer to merge with other platforms because Sharpspring CRM has in-built integration features which let drive the operation seamlessly. 
  • Social media management: Team collaboration can be developed with Sharpspring CRM’s internal communicators such as ‘mark as read’ tags to let your teammates know about each other performances. For instance, if an individual in the team tracks the customers’ details including interaction and involvement, the whole thing is shared with the team so other professionals can proceed following up the lead for increasing business growth and improving better customer relationship management. Sharpspring CRM has come with an efficient feature through which you can add the social links of the contacts to the profile in the customer list. 

Why Should We Pick It?

There are various CRM tools out there, but for some specific reasons you may get attached to Sharspring, let’s find the whys of it.

  • User-friendly features: If features seem friendly, users easily get attracted to them. Sharpspring CRM has come up with advanced features which are easy to configure and have no complex design to stop your sales operation in the middle, Whether you access marketing automation functionalities to customize the sales process of each buyer or you focus on sales engagement for enhancing conversion, Sharpspring features are always there as you want them to be. 
  • Straightforward configuration: Sharpspring CRM login not only provides comprehensible features but their configuration is also that simple. Without facing the trouble of coding you can install the functionalities in your system and build a robust customer bonding with your brand. Though every department in your workspace performs separately but can collaborate with each other through a non-complex CRM platform. As the setup is quite straightforward and uncomplicated, you can positively automate workflows seamlessly.   
  • Analytics: Sharpspring CRM provides you with an overall picture of the customers’ data and sales performance through analytics. This data-driven metric of Sharpspring allows you to take initiatives based on the prospects’ information and sales intelligence. 
  • Customer support: Sharpspring community support is one of the reasons online brands choose it. The customer support team is 24/7 at your doorstep and provides you with all the necessary details including 100% free learning videos that you need to upgrade your business productivity. 

Who it is for?

Sharpspring helps agencies to grow through its effective sales automation, email marketing, and other valuable features. Marketing agencies, advertising companies, financial organizations, and many other SMBs run their business with the help of Sharpspring CRM because it tuneup their sales progress and helps them make decisions based on insight-driven robust analytics. Despite that, giant runners are also in the game to design their business campaign with Sharpspring’s creative templates and enhance scalability by winning more prospects. 
Sharpspring CRM
Sharpspring CRM

Sharspring CRM pays attention to making a robust team and customers connection by enhancing the importance of powerful features. Sharspring comes with multiple functionalities including chatbots, campaign monitoring, a sales dialer, sales automation, customized campaign and many more.

Sharpspring CRM Pricing

Sharpspring CRM subscription plans come with several advantages and features, let’s see what comes in the plans. 
  • First Plan: Sharpspring CRM's lowest pricing plan starts at $449 per month and it comes with 1000 contacts and unlimited user services along with unlimited training and limited features.
  • Second plan: For 10000 contacts, you can go ahead with this plan which starts at $999 per month and comes with unlimited user facilities and advanced features.
  • Third plan: Sharpspring CRM provides its most popular plan for $1449 per month which helps you with unlimited users, unlimited customer support and standard features.

Sharpspring CRM Alternatives

Sharpspring CRM being the showstopper successfully competes with other CRM tools due to its advanced features including dynamic integration, sales engagement, and marketing automation. 

  • Zoho CRM: it helps teams with pipeline review, data management, task management, sales report analytics, and other features which help companies to build strong relationships with customers. But the configuration of features is somehow tricky whereas Shapspring provides simple installation features. 
  • Copper: Copper CRM is known for its understandable features which help you upgrade sales automation efficiently, but Sharpspring CRM comes with committed customer help experts, and Copper CRM has lacked that. 
  • Pipedrive: prioritizing leads and filtering hot leads from the sales funnel is the main thing Pipedrive CRM does well. Additionally, it provides a cheaper pricing plan than Sharpspring CRM, but coming with a complex interface makes Pipedrive CRM a true competitor of Sharpspring.  


Features Sharspring Zoho Copper Pipedrive
Pricing $449/Monthly $14/Monthly $29/Monthly $12.50/Monthly
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support 24/7 live-chat support, phone Chat, email, and phone support 24/7 live, chat support Chat and phone support
segmentation Yes Yes N/A Yes
Configuration Simple, flexible  and advanced Tricky and confusing Intuitive and simple Simple but basic

Sharpspring CRM Reviews

  • Intuitive functionalities
  • Customization solutions
  • Amicable customer support
  • Overall recommendation
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Sharspring CRM pays attention to making a robust team and customers connection by enhancing the importance of powerful features. Sharspring comes with multiple functionalities including chatbots, campaign monitoring, a sales dialer, sales automation, customized campaign and many more. Chatbots help to generate leads by encouraging people in their inboxes and on the other side, in-built integration features make you relieved from using a third-party application. Sales automation works through email marketing which empowers sales teams to straightly connect to the customers and improves interaction. Despite that, efficient and amicable customer service always supports you by providing up-to-date information about the leads and prospects. Sharpspring CRM is also famous to SMBs and other big agencies for custom automation, creative templates, calendar view, dashboard, behavior-focused email, data-driven insights, personalized email tracking, and other functionalities.  

Sharpspring CRM Alternates Software

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