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BYJU’s is a leading EdTech company that is revolutionizing the way students learn. With over 150 million learners from 120+ countries, BYJU’s is making education accessible and effective for students of all ages and backgrounds.


From Math to Coding, Reading to English, Music to Arts, and Media, BYJU’s has a wide range of subjects to choose from. With its cutting-edge technology, personalized approach, and world-class curriculum, BYJU’s is making education enjoyable and impactful for students. Moreover, the BYJU’S learning approach and methodology prioritize personalized learning and innovation.

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Byjus features
  • Personalized Learning: BYJU's provides personalized learning experiences through live 1-on-1 private tutoring and technology that adapts to each learner's needs. This approach ensures that students receive undivided attention and unmatched outcomes.
  • World-class Curriculum: BYJU's curriculum is designed by experts in the field and is based on proven pedagogy. This curriculum provides complete conceptual clarity and helps students develop a thorough understanding of the subject matter.
  • Live Tutoring: BYJU's offers live 1-on-1 private tutoring, which provides students with the undivided attention of a teacher. This allows students to ask questions and receive immediate feedback, which is crucial for their learning.
  • Multiple Device Support: BYJU's is accessible on multiple devices, making education accessible to students regardless of their location. This allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  • Trusted and Credible Platform: BYJU's is a trusted and credible platform for education, with over 20,000 teachers and 50+ investors from all over the world who support its mission of empowering students.
  • Engaging and Interactive Learning: BYJU's uses engaging videos and interactive hands-on learning experiences to make education enjoyable and impactful for students. This approach helps students retain information and develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
Byjus alternatives
The top 5 competitors in the online learning industry are: Coursera, Vedantu, Unacademy, Testbook, and upGrad. Each of these platforms offers exceptional services that cater to the diverse learning needs of students across the world.


Coursera, founded in 2012, is a trailblazer in the e-learning space. With over 47 million registered users and over 4,000 courses to choose from, it offers a wealth of knowledge from top universities and educational institutions globally. Whether you’re looking to dive into computer science, data science, business, or humanities, Coursera has got you covered.


Vedantu, established in 2014, is the go-to platform for live, interactive classes in India. With over 10 million registered students and 10,000+ teachers, it offers a personal and engaging learning experience in subjects ranging from mathematics and science to engineering and commerce.


Unacademy, founded in 2015, is a leading online learning platform in India with a vast repository of knowledge. With over 50 million registered users and 10,000+ courses, it covers a wide range of subjects, including competitive exams, school exams, and general knowledge.


Testbook, established in 2014, is the ultimate destination for test preparation in India. With over 10 million registered users and courses for over 50 competitive exams, it helps students achieve their academic and career goals.


upGrad, founded in 2015, provides postgraduate and executive programs in a variety of subjects, including data science, management, software engineering, and digital marketing. With over 2 million registered users and 200 programs, it collaborates with top universities and educational institutions to deliver exceptional learning experiences, taught by experienced industry professionals.

Who is Byjus For?
BYJU provides personalized and effective education that is accessible and enjoyable. Whether you are a student looking to improve your grades, or someone looking to explore new subjects, BYJU’s is the perfect platform for you.
Pricing of byju's learning app
BYJU’S pricing and subscription options make it accessible to a wide range of learners. 


  • For pre-k, there are 4 available options to choose from starting at $107.51
  • 3 options from $121.57 for Kindergarten
  • $109.88 for first grade with 3 options
  • 4 options from $86.57 for second grade and
  • 1 option from $103.04 for third grade. 

Why Choose Byjus?
With BYJU’s award-winning play-based learning platform, kids can safely and securely learn to read, spell, practice math, code, draw, and more in an engaging environment.


Both students and parents have praised BYJU’s, providing parents with the reassurance that their children receive interactive and engaging learning experiences tailored to their individual needs.


BYJU’S learning app for students is a great way for learners to access interactive content and video lessons. BYJU’S exam preparation materials are a useful resource for those looking to ace their exams. BYJU’S video lessons and interactive content offer an engaging learning experience for students.


Their innovative learning models have earned them recognition, including being named in the Time100 Most Influential Companies 2021, BCG Tech Challengers 2020, and the Bloomberg Businessweek 50 2020.


BYJU’s has received investments from trusted investors, including Mark Zuckerberg and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, demonstrating that it is a reputable source for learning.


BYJU’s offers students the best possible learning experience with innovative and interactive learning models, such as their award-winning play-based learning platform and personalized learning technology, tailored to individual needs.


BYJU's, a leading EdTech company, is revolutionizing education for over 150 million learners in 120+ countries. With subjects ranging from Math to Coding and a personalized, innovative approach, BYJU's makes learning enjoyable and impactful for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Byjus comparisons

BYJU’S vs Coursera 


BYJU’s and Coursera offer distinct online education experiences. BYJU’s focuses on K-12 education in India, providing engaging video lessons and interactive simulations in subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as competitive exam preparation.


Coursera, a massive open online course platform, offers courses from top universities and organizations worldwide, covering a variety of subjects such as computer science, data science, business, and humanities. You can audit Coursera’s courses for free or purchase a certificate.


If you are a student in India looking to improve your understanding of school subjects, choose BYJU’s. If you want to further your education or career, Coursera might be the right choice for you.

Byju’s vs Vedantu


BYJU’s and Vedantu are two of the most sought-after online education platforms in India. Both offer comprehensive learning experiences, but there are some striking differences between them.


Niche: BYJU’s primarily focuses on K-12 education, providing video lessons and interactive simulations in subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology, along with competitive exam preparation. Vedantu, on the other hand, targets students from classes 6 to 12, with a strong emphasis on science and mathematics, and also offers entrance exam preparation.


Teaching Style: BYJU’s is known for its dynamic and interactive learning approach, with teachers who leverage technology to make education engaging and enjoyable. Vedantu offers personalized and interactive live classes, where students can ask questions and clarify their doubts in real time.


Course Offerings: BYJU’s offers a vast collection of video lessons and simulations, while Vedantu provides access to an extensive library of study materials and online resources.


Class Size: BYJU’s caters to a wider audience, with its video lessons accessible to anyone who has access to the platform. Vedantu, on the other hand, offers personalized and interactive live classes, typically with more intimate class size.


Pricing Model: BYJU’s charges a subscription fee for its courses, while Vedantu offers both free and paid courses. Vedantu’s pricing is more flexible and tailored, allowing students to pay only for the subjects they need.


In a nutshell, BYJU’s and Vedantu both provide valuable learning opportunities for students in India. However, their differences in the niche, teaching style, course offerings, class size, and pricing model make them suitable for different types of students and learning goals.

BYJUs Reviews
Users of BYJU’s have many positive things to say about the platform. They rave about the engaging video lessons and interactive simulations that make learning an enjoyable experience. They also appreciate the wide range of subjects offered, from mathematics and science to competitive exam preparation, and the availability of lessons in different languages.


Students and parents praise the quality of teaching by experienced teachers who utilize technology to deliver an effective and entertaining learning experience. They highlight the platform’s flexibility, which allows them to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.


BYJU’s users also appreciate the personalized support provided by features such as doubt clearance sessions and performance tracking. This helps them stay on track and achieve their learning goals. They also commend the cost-effectiveness of the platform, which is often more affordable than traditional coaching classes.


Parents trust BYJU’s to provide their children with an interactive and tailored learning experience that’s been highly rated by both students and parents.


In short, BYJU’s users have a lot of good things to say about the platform. They love the engaging video lessons, the expertise of the teachers, and the personalized support. They also appreciate the flexibility and affordability that make BYJU’s a popular choice for students and parents in India.

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BYJU’s is a leading EdTech company that’s transforming education for students worldwide. With over 150 million learners from 120+ countries, BYJU’s is making education accessible and enjoyable with its personalized, technology-driven approach.


BYJU’S teacher resources and support provide educators with the tools they need to help their students succeed. BYJU’S parent resources and involvement encourage parental engagement in their children’s education.


BYJU’S success stories and student achievements showcase the positive impact of their learning approach and methodology. BYJU’s offers a diverse range of subjects from Math to Music, and Arts to Media, with its award-winning play-based learning platform providing a safe and engaging environment for children to learn.


Students benefit from BYJU’s innovative and interactive learning models, which have earned recognition from prestigious organizations and received investments from trusted investors such as Mark Zuckerberg and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.


In conclusion, BYJU’s is a reputable and innovative EdTech company that’s successfully revolutionizing the way students learn, making education accessible and enjoyable worldwide.

Alternative Software

Discover Vado, the cloud-based LMS revolutionizing workforce development. With over 500 courses covering leadership, client service, compliance, and safety, Vado's unique "micro-learning" approach breaks training into bite-sized chunks for busy schedules. Customizable content ensures tailored learning experiences, while social features foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among peers. Elevate your workforce with Vado's dynamic and innovative platform.


Udemy stands as a prominent online learning platform, offering a diverse array of courses across various subjects. It serves as a valuable opportunity for individuals to acquire new skills, advance their careers, and broaden their knowledge on various topics. Boasting over 21,300 courses and a student base exceeding 50 million, Udemy stands as one of the largest and most comprehensive online learning platforms currently available.


Thinkific is an online platform empowering entrepreneurs, educators, and course creators to develop, market, and sell their online courses. Offering a suite of business tools, Thinkific facilitates easy course creation and customization, allowing users to align their courses with their brand. The platform also provides themes designed for effectively selling educational content.

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