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About Docebo
Docebo is a comprehensive e-learning platform designed to power the delivery of learning experiences to corporate employees, partners, and customers.


The platform features a learning suite, learn LMS, shape content, learning impact, learn data,

and flow that enable users to create, deliver, track, and measure learning programs.


Docebo also offers features such as e-commerce, mobile learning, social learning, and gamification to help users maximize the impact of their learning programs.

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Docebo features
  • Docebo Course Authoring Tools: Docebo provides a range of course authoring tools to help create engaging learning content quickly. These tools include a drag-and-drop editor, video editor, asset library, and media library. Additionally, users can leverage Docebo’s extensive library of pre-built content to create engaging learning experiences.
  • Accessibility: Docebo offers accessibility features to ensure that users with disabilities can access the platform. This includes features such as keyboard navigation, high contrast mode, and support for screen readers.
  • SCORM, AICC, and xAPI: Docebo supports industry standard learning content formats- SCORM, AICC, and xAPI- allowing organizations to easily create, manage, and deliver learning content to their users.
  • Ecommerce LMS: Docebo's e-commerce LMS makes it easy to create, sell, and deliver online courses. It supports wire transfers as a payment method, allowing admins to manage E-commerce processes without constraints related to setting up and managing payment gateways.
  • Extended Enterprise: Docebo's extended enterprise feature allows organizations to create a single platform for both internal and external users. This makes it easier to manage access and learning content in one place.
  • Social Learning: Docebo's Social Learning feature allows users to interact with each other, share content, and collaborate in groups. It also allows users to access forums and online communities, allowing them to get feedback and support from their peers.
  • LMS Integrations: Docebo offers integrations with popular ecommerce vendors, such asShopify, and CMS systems, such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. This makes it easy to set up a professional and scalable storefront quickly. and additional external applications, such as webinar platforms and HR systems.
  • Docebo Integrations with HR Systems: Docebo offers integrations with leading HR systems such as Oracle, SAP, and Workday. These integrations help users manage employee data, such as skills and qualifications, in a centralized system. Users can also leverage the integrations to track employee performance and measure the impact of learning programs on the organization.
  • Docebo Mobile Learning App: Docebo provides a mobile learning app for iOS andAndroid devices to help users access learning content on the go. The app offers features such as course authoring tools, content library, and personalized learning paths to deliver engaging learning experiences to users. Additionally, the app supports offline learning, so users can access learning content even when they are not connected to the internet.
  • Docebo Analytics and Reporting: Docebo provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to help users measure the effectiveness of their learning programs. Theplatform offers a range of reports to track learner activity, learning progress, and performance. Additionally, users can also generate custom reports to gain deeper insights into the performance of their learning programs.
  • Docebo Gamification Features: Docebo offers a range of gamification features to help users create engaging learning experiences. These features include leaderboards, badges, rewards, and challenges to motivate and engage learners. Additionally, users can also customize the look and feel of the gamification elements to match their brand.
  • Docebo Compliance Training Solutions: Docebo helps organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements with its robust training solutions. The platform offers automated training plans, assessments, and reporting capabilities to ensure that employees are trained in compliance-related topics. Additionally, users can also leverage Docebo’s integrated learning analytics to track learner progress and ensure that employees receive the necessary training.
  • Docebo Certification Management: Docebo provides a certification management system to help users track employee certifications and manage the certification process. The system features a built-in test generator and a reporting dashboard to help users track certification progress. Additionally, users can also leverage Docebo’s integrated learning analytics to measure the impact of certification programs on the organization.
  • Docebo Training Program Customization: Docebo offers a range of customization options to help users tailor their learning programs to their unique needs. The platform allows users to customize their learning environment, content library, and user experience to match their branding. Additionally, users can also leverage Docebo’s integrated learning analytics to track learner progress and measure the impact of their learning programs.
Docebo alternatives
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  1. TalentLMS
  2. Absorb LMS
  3. Tovuti LMS

Who is Docebo for?
Docebo caters to a wide variety of users, including customers, partners, employees, and investors, by offering a cloud-based learning platform. Customers can create and manage content, deliver training, and measure the business impact of their programs with the help of an AI-based Learning Suite that includes a Learning Management System (LMS) and tools to measure the effectiveness of their learning programs.


Partners can make their learning programs profitable partnerships with Docebo’s platform. Employees can spark productivity with social learning and inject learning directly into the flow of work. Investors can link learning data to real business outcomes and connect learning across all business systems with 400+ integrations.


Over 2,000 of the world’s best brands trust Docebo to power their learning, and the company is a recognized industry leader. Docebo’s Learning Suite offers a single suite of integrated products to tackle any learning challenge and close the loop on enterprise learning for any audience.

The pricing model of the tool isn’t disclosed by the Docebo team. To access this, you’ll need to request them post signing up. 
Why Choose Docebo?
Easy to Use Interface: Docebo’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for customers to browse, preview and purchase training content catalogs. This makes buying easy and convenient for customers. 


Secure Payments: Docebo offers wire transfers as a payment method, allowing admins to manage E-commerce processes without constraints related to setting up and managing payment gateways. This ensures high levels of security and flexibility for customers, making them feel reassured that their information is safe. 


Professional Storefront: Docebo provides customers with a professional and scalable storefront up and running quickly. This enables customers to get selling right away by using a Docebo storefront or leveraging their integrations with popular ecommerce vendors, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla. 


Subscription-Based Business Model: Docebo allows customers to compose and sell bundles of courses through subscription plans. Customers can manage different plans for different groups of customers, based on either the number of named learners (licenses) or on the number of enrollments to courses (seats). 


Popular Worldwide Gateways: Docebo supports top payment gateways like, Paypal, Adyen, Cybersource, Stripe, and Alipay for customers’ ecommerce initiatives. This allows customers to expand their business internationally by collecting payments through popular worldwide gateways.


Docebo is an all-encompassing e-learning platform tailored for corporate environments, aiming to facilitate the delivery of impactful learning experiences to employees, partners, and customers. With a robust set of components including a learning suite, learn LMS, shape content, learning impact, learn data, and flow, Docebo empowers users to seamlessly create, deliver, track, and measure learning programs. The platform goes beyond basic functionalities, incorporating advanced features like e-commerce, mobile learning, social learning, and gamification, providing users with tools to enhance and maximize the effectiveness of their learning initiatives.

Docebo comparisons

Docebo vs TalentLMS

Docebo is a well-established and noteworthy LMS product that is widely used by enterprises and corporations due to its comprehensive suite of LMS tools. On the other hand, TalentLMS is a relatively emerging favorite in the industry that is gaining popularity for its user-friendly and intuitive platform.


One significant difference between these two LMS platforms is their pricing model. Docebo offers a Free Trial and a Subscription-based pricing model, while TalentLMS offers all three: Free Trial, Freemium, and Subscription-based pricing models. Additionally, Docebo does not offer a freemium version like TalentLMS. Freemium model allows users to use the platform for free with limited features and functionality, whereas the subscription model unlocks additional features and tools.


Another distinguishing factor is the training flexibility offered by Docebo. The platform enables clients to offer both online and offline training, with the ILT classroom training feature that allows the user to offer an online course alongside in-person training. In contrast, Talentlms does not allow for in-person training, but instructors can lead in-person classes or webinars for long-distance training.


Regarding mobile applications, TalentLMS outshines Docebo in terms of functionality. Users have given Talent LMS’s mobile application more than a 4-star rating, while Docebo’s mobile application has only received a one-star rating. This implies that Talent LMS has invested significantly in developing a user-friendly and intuitive mobile application, providing an optimal learning experience for mobile learners.


Lastly, while Docebo offers premium consulting and integration services, Talentlms does not. This may be an important factor for organizations that require expert assistance in implementing and integrating an LMS platform with their existing systems.

Docebo vs Absorb LMS 


Docebo offers a suite of learning tools to cover the entire enterprise learning lifecycle, while Absorb LMS only offers an LMS. 

Docebo leverages and offers Shape, which is an AI-powered tool to create engaging learning content in minutes, while Absorb LMS does not have this feature.

Docebo offers 400+ integrations to connect learning across all business systems, while Absorb does but they are limited to only basic integrations. 

Docebo reviews
Users highly praise and appreciate Docebo’s suite of integrated learning products, which helps them create and manage content, deliver training, and measure the business impact of their programs. Industry leaders, such as Josh Bersin and Michael Rochelle, have recognized Docebo’s ability to deliver on all the promises of a modern, integrated, enterprise learning solution.


Docebo’s customers have reported significant increases in learner engagement, with some experiencing up to 300%. They  highlight the platform’s effectiveness in customer training, partner training, employee training, and more. Docebo also provides customers with access to Docebo University, the Docebo Community, onboarding resources, product support, and product updates, which users appreciate.


They highly value the platform’s intuitive, AI-powered learning suite, which is cloud-based, mobile-ready, social-enabled, and gamified. With over 400 integrations, Docebo can connect learning across all business systems, enabling users to achieve their learning goals seamlessly. 

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In conclusion, Docebo Enterprise LMS is a cloud-based learning management system designed to assist organizations in managing, delivering, and tracking learning experiences for corporate employees and partners. It offers an extensive range of features that enable organizations to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning experience for their users. These features include Accessibility, Ecommerce LMS, Extended Enterprise, LMS Integrations, Docebo mobile learning app, Social Learning, SCORM, AICC, and xAPI. With these features, organizations can easily access, manage, and deliver training content, ultimately measuring the business impact of their learning programs.
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